How much does it cost to connect gas to a private house: the price of organizing gas supply

Vasily Borutsky
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Author: Marat Kovalev
Last update: March 2020

Planning to connect to a centralized gas supply system? This is a justified decision, because the cost of main methane in Russia is cheaper than any other fuel. However, gas pipelines should still be brought into the house from the nearest highway, which, you see, can be a rather expensive undertaking.

We will help you deal with the nuances of organizing gas supplies and tell you how to calculate the demand for natural gas and how to find out how much it costs to connect a gas to a private house. Detailed examples of calculations and possible costs during commissioning are discussed in our article.

Preliminary calculations will allow you to plan your expenses and outline an action plan for introducing gas into your home in the future. The formulas below in the article, along with visual photo instructions and thematic videos, will help you independently calculate the cost of connection and find out whether it will really be beneficial to use gas supply in your case.

The nuances of gasification of the cottage

According to the terms of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation for No. 1314 dated December 30, 2013effective since March 2014, the homeowner is not obliged to independently decide on the connection of his estate to the gas pipeline.

Coordination of the passage of the gas pipeline through the lands of other owners, preparation of technical specifications and the resolution of other "gas" issues have become completely the prerogative of the gas distribution organization (abbreviated as GRT).

It is OblGas or RayGas that are obliged to bring the gas pipeline to the borders of the applicant’s section on the application form.

Gas pipeline to the site
If the gas pipeline is further than 200 meters from the household, the cost of gasification will be quite high

The technical conditions for connecting gas to a private house, as well as the price of gasification, are part of the contract with the gas distribution companies.

Before, before the judgment №1314, TU was a separate document that served as a justification for the design and construction of the gas pipeline.Now the technical conditions are just an appendix to the gasification agreement, i.e. not an independent document.

Note that the technical conditions provided by the homeowner in a two-week period are preliminary.

Providing them with a gas distribution organization only reports on the permissibility of gasification and it is impossible to use these data for the gas pipeline. However, preliminary technical specifications are necessary only for industrial consumers with methane consumption over 300 m3/ h

Categories of gasified facilities

According to Decree No. 1314 of the Government of Russia, homeowners need to find out how much it costs now hold gas in their homes through an appeal to the regional gas distribution service.

First of all, household expenses for technological connection depend on the volume of gasification work. In this regard, three categories of capital objects are defined.

The first category of objects. The first category consists of private households with a total natural gas consumption of not more than 5 m3/ h

Small enterprises are equated to them, the technological equipment of which consumes no more than 15 m3/ h mixture of propane and butane. Those. the lowest gas connection fee is charged for cottages with an area of ​​less than 300 m2 and small enterprises from the household sector.

Gas pipeline connection
Installation work on the gas line is completed at the site boundary. Gas routing
pipes on the household consuming equipment on its territory are carried out under a separate project

Possible scope of work gas connection to the first category household is limited:

  • the greatest distance from the main gas distributor to gas-consuming equipment is less than 200 m;
  • gas pressure in the gas supply source - up to 0.3 MPa.

In addition, the laying of the inlet gas pipelines is carried out without the construction of reduction (pressure reduction) points of the main natural gas.

Gas connection fee for objects of the first category is 20,000-50,000 rubles (Clause 8 of the Appendix to the Order of the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation No. 101-e / 3 dated 04/28/2014). The exact price is determined by the local distribution unit according to the conditions in the given territory, but cannot exceed 50,000 rubles.

The second category of objects. Among the objects of the second category are households, the connection of which requires distribution gas pipelines and / or the creation of main gas reduction points. Their estimated gas consumption is higher than the norm of the objects of the first category, a higher gas supply pressure is required (i.e. 0.6 MPa and more), etc.

Gas reduction point
Compliance with the cost of connection in the first category is observed if the pipeline is commissioned
low pressure gas main. If gas reduction is needed, the connection price will exceed 50 thousand rubles.

In the private housing sector, facilities falling under the second category usually have an area of ​​over 300 m2. For their gasification, standardized tariff rates are used, calculated according to the methodology developed by the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation (Appendix to Order No. 101-e / 3 of 04/28/2014).

Note that the applicants of consumption of natural or artificial gas from 300 m3/ h and above, it is required to coordinate gas connections with the gas distribution system, which has a technological connection with the gas pipeline of the contractor.

The approval of the tariffs for connecting gas to households of the second category is carried out by the local executive authority of the REC (i.e. the regional energy commission).

The third category of objects. The objects of capital construction of the third category include farms that need an individual gasification project. For them, the amount is determined by the design estimates, previously passed the examination.

The amount of gasification costs for households of the third category is established by the REC relating to the location of the economy connected to the main gas.

Gas wiring on the site
The prices for the gas pipeline through the section from the border entry vary for different companies.
However, it is worth considering the need for numerous approvals of the gas project. With an experienced implementing company, full gasification will happen faster

The following conditions are considered characteristic features of applicants' facilities in need of gasification:

  • planned consumption of natural gas from 500 m3/ h;
  • work on connecting to the gas pipeline requires the removal of the pipeline through the forest fund, along rocky soils, swamps and water obstacles;
  • gas pipeline installation work requires passage through obstacles that force the use of horizontal directional drilling.

Those. According to Government Decision No. 1314 there are practically no rigid prices for technological connection of applicants to the gas network. The cost of gasification works depends on a number of conditions that determine its size in the framework of the relevant methods of the FTS of the Russian Federation.

Calculation of maximum hourly gas consumption

Owners of private farmsteads may well be guided by the norm of gas consumption of 5 m3/ h (the first category of gasified farms) - this volume for domestic use is most often enough.

However, it is possible to independently calculate the estimated gas consumption of the heating equipment using the formula:

B = q103/ nP·1,163·8000,


  • B - natural gas consumption by household equipment, m3/ h;
  • q - the performance of gas-consuming equipment for heat, kW;
  • nP - Efficiency of gas consuming equipment (usually 90-92%);
  • 1,163 - the value of the conversion factor kW to kcal;
  • 8000 - calorific value of natural gas (lower), kcal / nm3.

Using this formula, we consider the peak consumption of heating equipment. For example, the heated area of ​​the cottage is 120 m2 and for its heating it is planned to use a 12 kW boiler with an efficiency of 90%.

We consider:

B = 12 · 1000 / 0.9 · 1.163 · 8000 = 12000: 8373.6 = 1.5 m3/ h (with rounding)

The thermal power of other household appliances must be determined from the data sheets. A gas four-burner stove with an oven, for example, usually has 10 kW of power.

Then its peak gas consumption will be (efficiency is not taken into account):

B = 10 · 1000 / 1.163 · 8000 = 10000: 9304 = 1.1 m3/ h (with rounding)

Having calculated the maximum consumption of natural gas per hour of each consumer in the house and summing it up, we obtain the value of the required gas consumption per hour (MWRH) for the entire household.

Calculation of the cost of connecting gas

Work on connecting natural gasand they are divided into two groups of tasks - bringing the gas pipeline from the gas distribution network to the applicant’s section and withdrawing the gas pipeline from the section to the consuming equipment.

However, the gas distribution organization (if it is permissible to connect the household to the gas main) is only responsible for laying the gas pipeline to the border of the site.

The internal section of the gas pipeline is designed and created for a fee, and not necessarily the same company that was involved in bringing the gas pipes to the site.

Plastic gas pipeline
Pvc pipes marked with a yellow strip can be used in the construction of low-pressure gas pipelines
pressure. The only way they communicate is underground

The amount required to bring the gas pipeline to the site for households of the first category will not exceed 50,000 rubles. For other categories, the cost of gas pipeline withdrawal is determined by calculating standardized tariff rates according to the formulas specified in chapter III of the appendix to Order of the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation No. 101-e / 3y.

As for how much it costs lay a pipeline for gas supply for the plot, the size of the total cost depends entirely on the regional and territorial location of the household.

For example, the approximate composition and amount of the estimates for installing a gas pipeline from a border outlet to gas consumers inside a house in the Moscow Region are as follows:

  • Preparation of the design geo-basis (plan for the topography of the site), its approval by government departments - 20,000-35,000 rubles.
  • Gas supply project development - 35 000-55 000 rubles. Its price depends on the pressure in the supply gas pipeline, on the number of gas consuming equipment.
  • Project approval gas supply - 15,000-30,000 rubles. This amount contains payment on accounts of enterprises and services, whose approval is mandatory. For example, 5,000 rubles are paid to the regional architecture of the MSC, 5,000 rubles to the MOESK (electric power), 4,000 rubles to Mosoblgaz. and so forth
  • Project Registration and its technical supervision in Mosoblgaz will amount to 5% of the total amount of work on installing the gas pipeline.

Next are construction and installation works on a finished and coordinated project that determines their cost. For example, for a cottage with an area not exceeding 300 m2 the price of these works may be 165,000-250,000 rubles. depending on the complexity of the device and the connection of the system.

The cost of putting the pipeline into operation

The actual construction of gas communications on the site does not mean the end of costs. The pipeline still needs commissioning, otherwise it cannot be used.

For the commissioning of the gas pipeline at the site, you need:

  • control and executive shooting (preparation, registration) - 15 000-35 000 rub. The shorter the pipeline, the cheaper the CIS;
  • inspection of ventilation ducts and chimneys in the form of an act - approximately 5 000 rub.;
  • boiler grounding (protocol and outline sketch) - order 5 000 rub.;
  • inspection of isolating compounds in the form of an act - 7 000 rub. for each;
  • verification of executive technical documentation - 4 000 rub.;
  • call of Mosoblgaz inspectors - approximately 3 000 rub.;
  • preparation of a gas inlet service contract - until 2 000 rub;
  • re-approval of the project will cost a maximum of 4 000 rub.

At the end of works on the operational commissioning of the gas pipeline, it is necessary to draw up the technical documentation in the RES of the local gas service, sign it in the trust of the gas economy and submit it to the archive.

Next, make a record on the gas insert and initial start-up. For the Moscow Region, the cost of ITD and the launch of the gas pipeline will be about 35 000-5 0000 rubles.

Gas connection price in Russian regions

The cost of gasification of the site in many ways connected with his whereabouts. The largest amount for connecting to the gas network will have to pay homeowners in the Moscow region - 400 000-700 000 rubles. (most expensive within the borders of Moscow).

For owners of suburban cottages in the Leningrad Region, gas will cost less than in the metropolitan area - in the region of 300,000 rubles.

GNB gas pipeline
If the applicant wishes to lay a gas pipeline under rivers, highways, etc. - it is possible. But application
horizontal directional drilling will increase the cost of gasification of home ownership

Gasification is the cheapest in the European regions of the Russian Federation, where the commissioning of a gas pipeline to a section can be carried out for 70,000-120,000 rubles. And in the Nizhny Novgorod region, the connection of a home gas network with a natural gas pipeline costs about 150,000-200,000 rubles.

In the regions in eastern Russia, the gas pipeline network is poorly developed, since there are much fewer industrial centers there than in the western regions. For example, in the Novosibirsk region, the costs of private homeowners for gasification will be at least 200,000 rubles.

The most difficult situation is with gas pipelines in areas in the Far East, where there are extremely few gas pipelines. Local owners of the plots, even those belonging to the first category of applicants, will spend an average of 200,000-250,000 rubles. to supply gas to your cottage.

Central gas pipeline accessory

Most of gas pipelines low pressure in Russia is owned by local gas distribution companies, i.e. state enterprises responsible for gas supply and gasification in this region. But the closest gas pipeline to a site in need of natural gas may not be state, but departmental or private communications.

Gas distribution unit
Costs for the reduction unit, and even more so for the gas fuel distribution complex for one
households will be extremely large. It is more rational to agree on their installation with neighbors in a fold

For example, in relatively remote settlements from gas centers, gas pipelines often belong to local residents on the basis of a partnership agreement. Also in summer cottages - gas pipelines in them, like other local infrastructure, are private, owned by summer cottages.

Negotiations on connecting to such gas networks will have to be with their owners, and state tariffs will most likely not suit them.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video # 1. A guide for a homeowner on how to gasify his plot:

Video # 2. The successive stages of connecting the gas pipeline to a private household:

To find out the actual situation with the gasification of your site, you do not need to drag time. By contacting your local gas distribution organization, you can establish the very possibility of connection, determine its cost. Still, heating a house with natural gas is cheaper than wood or coal.

Do you want to talk about how much it cost you to connect the main gas to a private house, or tell us how much time it took to get permits from the administration? Please write comments in the block below. Here you can ask questions or point out flaws in the article.

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Visitors Comments
  1. Kirill

    I remember solving this issue when it was necessary to connect gas to a country house. Turned to the GRO. It turned out that my site belongs to the second category of households. According to calculations, everything came together about 130 thousand rubles. The company coped with the work pretty quickly, and there were no problems registering the project. The cost was lower than expected and can not be compared with Moscow prices.

  2. Valery

    It's time to connect to the main pipe ... Air. To the house about 20 m. The price of 50,000 was announced. It seems very expensive ....

    • This is still very cheap. We counted 200 thousand 🙁 Prices are exorbitant, because monopolists. Moreover, our gas pipeline passes very close to the site, while others in the village go further, but everyone considered the price the same. Just robbery in broad daylight. We decided that we would manage: it would be much cheaper to deliver a potbelly stove, and Gazprom would live without our money.

  3. Natalya

    Robbery at me. They issued technical conditions for the gas connection in the center of the village in the Samara region. And all around me are gasified. The amount of 811 000 rubles !!! At our place, there are 2 million each with plots. I was not even upset, I began to laugh right in the office. The amount is simply really unrealistic. They managed to make a plan with a length of 470 meters from the other end of the village, and even through other people's sections, where I need to coordinate the holding of this gas pipeline. And next to me is a bunch of gas pipes. I’m sitting and thinking: either to sell this house in order to carry out gas, or to heat electricity for 13 years for this money?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. Here you need to act legally competently, without emotion! Although the amount of 811 thousand rubles. to connect gas to a house where all the neighbors are gasified nearby - it looks like a joke, a very expensive joke. There are two options:

      1.Or there really is no way to tie into the current trunk (taking into account the current throughput and consumers);
      2. Either the GRO wants to connect you at an inflated rate, plus provide the ability to connect new homes.

      Therefore, you need to take the current connection project with an inflated cost in order to “think”. With these documents, you can contact the FAS with a complaint about the GRO, which offer a project with an overestimated connection amount. And then proceed according to circumstances, depending on the answer. But often the GroW comes back to reality after a complaint to the FAS.

      • Nikolay

        Is it possible to reduce the cost of connecting gas (input into the house) from 300,000 (without equipment) at least 2 times? Moscow region. And how to do it?

        • Expert
          Vasily Borutsky

          Hello. If you consider the calculated cost to be a violation of the pricing procedure, please contact the MO Committee on Prices and Tariffs ( You, it turns out, have a problem with introducing an internal gas pipeline, which is included in the preferential price only in the form of acceptance, insertion and start-up (if you fall under category 1).

          As for maintaining a gas pipeline around the site, you need to look at the regional level if you can get any financial support from the state. For example, there is a compensation program for the disabled, single parents, combatants, WWII veterans, in different regions it is being implemented on different scales. Also, I find it difficult to say exactly about now, but before, loans were issued by some banks at a preferential rate (again, do not flatter yourself with a generous word - preferential, as a rule, the percentage difference is not large).

          Unfortunately, nothing more can help.

  4. Svetlana

    Our gas pipeline passes through the site, now they are doing the technical specifications, the amount is 63,000 rubles (connection to the line no further than 200m). I wonder how much more will need to be laid out so that gas is in the house? Are there no discounts for those in whose sections the gas pipe goes?

  5. pensrab

    A vigorous country, or rather, rulers, well, they’re not looking at anything, do whatever you like. What kind of competition is this: some thieves are all around, you won’t get anything done - mutual responsibility. Is it really impossible to indicate how much one welding seam costs, installing and inserting a meter, connecting a boiler, designing and so on? You can evaluate each operation so that a person can calculate it himself. Do nothing without overpayment! And where to get the money? At work, no one overpays the employee, but rather all the time they are confused. So so where to get to feed everyone who wants to profit?

  6. Sophia

    Well, also me the price. They gave me technical conditions in the amount of 22 million. There are also pennies. For a house of 150 sq.m and gas consumption for the boiler 2.9 cubic meters per hour. I didn’t laugh at all. I stuttered)). The pipe is 50 m. But they decided to pull me from 12 km from me. The first technical conditions were given for 800 tr and it seems to everyone like that. Everyone was outraged. This is Moscow. Zelenograd 20 km from MKAD. And in Ufa, I stretched 100 meters along the street and into the house for just 120 tr for 3 months.

  7. Sergei

    Heh, we counted 36,000,000 for 800 m of pipe to the house. And this is 5 km from the Gazprom skyscraper.

    • For that kind of money, you can buy several palaces ALREADY with gas)))

  8. Athanasius

    I am connected to the gas. Moscow region. Gas pipe 30 meters. Already, the cost of connection, which cannot be calculated in advance, exceeds three hundred thousand rubles. These are three annual pensions. Therefore, I think that something is wrong with our Mosoblgaz or our state. In my opinion, this should not be in a civilized country.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. Unfortunately, the indicated payment for technological connection of gas-using equipment for category 1 does not include the costs of activities within the boundaries of a land plot owned by the right of ownership or on any other legal basis to an individual or legal entity, as well as category 1 does not include trenchless layout. Therefore, the indicated value, unfortunately, can be legally justified.

      • Tatyana

        Hello, could you tell me if the maximum hourly flow rate is taken into account when calculating for gas?

        • Expert
          Vasily Borutsky

          Hello.To obtain the technical specifications it is necessary to spend the maximum hourly consumption if the resource consumption is planned according to preliminary estimates of 5 cubic meters. meters / hour and above.

    • Michael

      Len.region, Agalatovo. Connection to the gas pipeline available in SNT is still “inexpensive”, only 500,000 ₽. GAZPROM handsome.

  9. Oksana

    Good afternoon. Help is needed. I’ll try to describe the situation: we live in the private sector of Nizhny Tagil, Kaluzhskaya 226. After launching the gasification program in Nizhny Tagil, heating problems started: either there is no pressure, then water, then the temperature does not correspond. We decided to carry gas to the house. Concluded an agreement in 2017. We paid everything under the contract, the project, conducting pipes around the site, bought a boiler and all other equipment, collected all the certificates. In total, it cost about 150 thousand rubles. The contract expired on December 28, 2018. It was extended until June 28, 2019. Now we are told that the administration does not give a gas connection point and we need to wait no one knows how much. Perhaps someday this point will appear. It turns out that by participating in the program of gasification of the private sector of Nizhny Tagil, we simply threw out the money and no one owes us anything. Perhaps your editors can help me.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello, Oksana. In Nizhny Tagil, everything is very ambiguous. As far as I know, their gasification program has successfully failed and in general this mechanism has not been established.

      But there are some laws, for example: Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 No. 1314 (as amended on February 21, 2019) “On the approval of the rules for connecting (technological connection) of capital construction facilities to networks ...”:

      The Contractor is obliged:

      a) carry out actions to create (reconstruct) the gas distribution network to the connection points provided for by the connection agreement, as well as to prepare the gas distribution network to connect the applicant’s capital construction facilities and start gas no later than the connection day established by the agreement on connection;

      b) monitor the fulfillment by the applicant of the technical conditions for accession. The implementation of these actions is completed by the preparation and signing by both parties of the act on the readiness of gas consumption networks and gas-using equipment of the capital construction facility for connection (technological connection) in a standard form approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 15, 2017 N 713 “On approval of standard document forms, necessary for the connection (technological connection) of capital construction projects to the gas distribution network, and on amendments to Rules for connection (technological connection) of capital construction facilities to gas distribution networks ”;

      c) carry out actions on connection (technological connection) no later than the day of connection (technological connection) established by the agreement on connection (but not earlier than the signing of the readiness act specified in subparagraph “b” of this paragraph), if this obligation is in accordance with the connection agreement assigned to the performer;

      d) at the request of the applicant, no later than 10 days from the date of receipt of the request, send the applicant information on the progress of the connection (technological connection);

      e) not later than 20 working days before the date of connection (technological connection) specified in the connection agreement, notify the applicant of the expiration of the connection agreement.

      GAZEKS, of course, observes that the administration does not provide connection points - it is the task of the gas supplying organization to calculate the number of entries. And it was GAZEKS who made such a flaw.

      Here it is necessary to read your contract with them, and then go to complain about the fulfillment of the contract to the prosecutor's office, court, Rospotrebnadzor and so on.Only initially demand from GAZEKS the gas pipeline scheme according to the private sector gasification plan developed by him, and in addition, a motivated written refusal to connect, drawn up according to all the rules, with reasons. Only now can you do this near the end of the current new treaty.

      • Denis

        What is the responsibility for this?

        • Expert
          Vasily Borutsky

          Hello Denis. You should watch the features of the signed contract. It should indicate the penalty and the conditions for its payment.

          “According to Art. 330 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a forfeit (fine, penalty) is the amount of money determined by law or an agreement that the debtor is obliged to pay to the creditor in case of failure to fulfill or improper performance of the obligation, in particular in case of delay in performance. The creditor does not have the right to demand the payment of the penalty if the debtor is not liable for non-performance or improper performance of the obligation. ”

      • Hello. My site is located in the Udmurt Republic. An ordinary cottage no more than 150m2 with a consumption of no more than 5 m3. This belongs to group 1, and we were made as if gas would come from a medium-pressure line. And the calculation is already underway in the second group. Amounts reach 600 000 rubles. What to do, tell me?

  10. Good evening. I live in Belev, Tula region. We have along the street air to the house, together with the courtyard about 50 mdom on 45 sq.m. I wonder how much it will cost me?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello Olga!

      You may have heard that in May 2019, the Tula Region launched a state gasification program for housing and communal services, industrial and other organizations (Decree of the Government of the Tula Region No. 40 dated February 01, 2019). The program is phased and will last until 2023. As part of the state program, it is planned to allocate subsidies in the amount of 344.55 million rubles for gasification, including for private households.

      In 2019, in the city of Belev, subsidies cover houses on ul. Semichastnoy and part of the houses on the street. Central. Information on facilities for 2020-2023. not yet available. The subsidized gasification is carried out by Gazprom-Gas Distribution of Tula. For more information about the state program, as well as tariffs, please call. 8 (4872) 25-24-00 - this is a single reference number or on the website in the section "Services" - "Gasification". The site describes in detail all the stages of conducting gas to a private house, published a list of documents for applying for gasification.

      • Pavel

        Hello! I live in a house with 4 owners. A gas pipe fits the beginning of the house and cuts are made to a neighbor. I came to gazeks to ask how much it would cost. I was told that to bring the pipe (10 m according to the drawing that I was shown on the computer) to the beginning of my site will cost about 152 thousand rubles. And then you still need to make layering (they did not tell me how much it costs). Is the price too high, tell me?

  11. “The fee for connecting the gas pipeline for the facilities of the first category is 20,000-50,000 rubles (clause 8 of the appendix to Order of the Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation No. 101-e / 3 of 04/28/2014). The exact price is determined by the local distribution unit according to the conditions in the given territory, but cannot exceed 50,000 rubles. ”

    Maybe I don’t understand something, but on the MosOblGaz website The price is indicated “from 62,000 rubles.”.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. You have not read paragraph 26 (22):

      Starting from 2015, the indicated minimum and maximum levels of payment for technological connection are indexed annually at the forecast average annual inflation rate determined by the forecast of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the same period for which the payment for technological connection is established. The specified fee for technological connection of gas-powered equipment does not include the costs of activities within the boundaries of a land plot belonging to the right of ownership or on any other legal basis to an individual or legal entity.

  12. Konstantin

    My pipe goes 5-10 meters from the fence, counted 47500 ₽. Although it should be written from 20 000 to 50 000 ₽. It turns out they take to the maximum. And it is said that it costs 47 500 ₽ without work.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Starting from 2015, the indicated minimum and maximum levels of payment for technological connection are indexed annually at the forecast average annual inflation rate determined by the forecast of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation for the same period for which the payment for technological connection is established. The specified fee for technological connection of gas-powered equipment does not include the costs of activities within the boundaries of a land plot belonging to the right of ownership or on any other legal basis to an individual or legal entity.

      This is to the fact that without work, as I understand it, you are hinting that it will turn out above 50 thousand. And also it should be added that the indicated fee for the technological connection of gas-using equipment for category 1 does not include the costs of activities within the boundaries of a land plot belonging to the right of ownership or on any other legal basis to an individual or legal entity. And if you have a trenchless supply, you generally will not fall under the exemption. They take to the maximum always and economically justify with ease. Gas is an expensive pleasure.

  13. Alexander

    I read your fantastic comments and can not believe it. House in the Moscow region. Gas pipe at the entrance to the site. Connecting about a million. I’ll never connect this gas, which sticks out at my gate. And you write that you are 50 thousand expensive 🙁

    • Denis

      What does it mean to connect? What, who connects to what? There is a heating system that one registers per million. There are gas stoves of 500 thousand and gold toilets.

  14. Alexander Borisovich

    When a bandit robbed you, he has to hide and hide. If they find it, they will put it in prison. At least it should be. However, if bandits seize power, they do not need to hide. They simply assign each citizen how much to pay. That’s how I see Gazprom. Given that this is a state campaign, claims must be brought to the Kremlin and they are presented, but they will not be heard there and will not be heard until the people vote for them. Only in elections can the people make it clear to them who is the boss in the country.

  15. Magikon

    Dear friends, can we launch a direct appeal of Russian citizens to the president, so that he at least a little besieged the fattening Millers, Sechin and other comrades? How much can you endure? We pay hundreds of thousands for rubbish, but all the Gazprom ones get their salaries in millions, billions!

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. On the Internet, find a site, file a petition and ask her to support her friends, acquaintances and simply agree with your position. Collecting a coalition here will be problematic.

  16. In the Klinsky district, a home connection in the amount of 2.5 million was counted. They’re pulling in for the second year, and now they demand an additional surcharge. Nightmare. And not any clearance ...

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. And you get a bypass branch and one house is not gasified? Just if not one, you can try the collective application.

  17. Tatyana

    Good afternoon! Tell me please! I have a disabled child. We are building a country house in the Moscow region. There is gas in the village. Will there be any discount on gas connection, connection in connection with our status?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. You should clarify this issue at the regional level and precisely in social protection. Unfortunately, there is no such federal law, it remains to hope for the support of local services. But disabled people get a discount on utility bills. By the way, still visit social security, for children with disabilities there are many different types of assistance.

  18. Yulia

    How much will the connection cost be if the gas pipe on our site and 6-8 meters to the house. And then they say 100 thousand.But it cannot be like that - 100,000 for several meters, and even gas is flowing through our section !?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      I already wrote above about if you do not agree with the cost of the connection project. You have a direct road to the FAS, write a complaint and you will have a revision of the price tag.

      If you are in the first category, then here is “without the need to carry out measures for laying gas pipelines in a trenchless way” and “the construction of gas reduction points (if necessary)”. Maybe you have one of these options?

  19. Good morning. Tell me, how much will the outlet device for a gas boiler cost (gas is brought into the house, a gas stove is connected) and do you need any special permissions?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. In your case, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with article, which is already on our resource. Here is a detailed description of the chimneys for gas boilers (installation tips and regulations).

      You should also understand that depending on the combustion chamber (open or closed), the design of the chimney will be selected (photo attached).

      With regard to special permits, the design of the chimney must be approved by gas engineers and a fire inspector. In fact, an ordinary bureaucracy, nothing unusual.

      Attached photos:
  20. What do you think, at what price will it cost to connect to gas, up to a plot of 520 meters?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. There is no data other than those voiced in the article. The cost of connection depends on many factors and it is best for you to apply for calculations in the GRO. Still, + - 100-300 thousand, which we can voice - a significant difference in the calculations.

  21. Boris Dmitrievich

    Good afternoon! From the village LOO Krasnodar Territory I want to spend gas in a private house. A pipe with gas was drawn from a neighbor; she paid for the entire installation from a distribution station. With her, the question is clear. But from her pipe to the border of the plot of 90 meters - tentatively voiced the figure of 250,000 p. and on the site with all the consequences - 350 000 p. isn't it too much? For documents at prices in the Krasnodar Territory, especially in Sochi, where there is no Soviet power, can not be found.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. And then the Soviet government ..? Keep the linkThis is kind of information about your gas company. Explore.

  22. Good afternoon! I have this situation - a neighbor has his own gas pipeline 10 meters from my house! For what price will I agree with him to give me permission to cut into his gas pipeline? The city of Kemerovo.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello, Ivan. I advise you to negotiate for free 🙂 But seriously - ask him, the price is negotiable. You can divide the prices for bringing pipes to its section in half, if you can not decide.

  23. Natalya

    Good afternoon. I plan to start the gasification of a residential building. In an interview with people involved in gasification, information was heard that when connecting gas, a document on ownership of a residential building is required. If there is a situational plan for the house, is it really necessary to register it?

    The house is only rebuilt, there is no interior decoration yet.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. The interior decoration does not matter here. Here is a list of documents for the gasification of a private house:

      - a request for the issuance of technical specifications indicating the planned launch date of the gas pipeline and the estimated gas consumption;
      - copies of certificates of ownership of the land and building;
      - copy of identity card;
      - calculations of the maximum fuel consumption (when using more than 5 m3 per hour);
      - plan of the site and the adjacent territory;
      - consent of the owner (if the documents are submitted by the tenant);
      - power of attorney (when submitting documentation by a representative).

  24. Elena

    Hello. Maybe you can advise something ... an agreement was signed to connect gas to the house from 04/05/2019.To date, 11/20/2019, no work has yet been carried out. Information was published in the newspaper on Kirov that from October 22, 2019, the payment for connecting gas changes in the Kirov region, and will be about 15 thousand rubles, I paid 23 thousand rubles (an advance payment of 50% of the amount of 47 thousand rubles). I did not find links in the internet to a specific order. Can I claim a change in the amount in the contract?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. By the terms of the contract, the amount has already been determined and approved by signatures, so that it will not be recalculated. As for the news, in the region you have such good news even on the official website. But on the board of the regional tariff service, the last meeting on Gazprom was in August of 2018. Fresh information on the issue is not in the ORS, nor at the office. Gazprom Kirov website.

      But you can create an electronic call to ORS hereor call (8332) 64-90-06, as well as contact your Gazprom for an official comment here.

      As for the fact that they have delayed the connection terms, then you need to read the contract, a penalty may be provided for violation of the connection terms.

  25. Galina

    Hello! Question to the expert. Today, employees of BTI Sergiev-Posad arrived to make a survey on my application for technological connection in the village. Gorshkovo, Dmitrov district, Moscow region. In the process, it turned out that the branch of the proposed low pressure gas pipeline to my house crosses the high pressure gas pipeline VD 250 ST.

    The essence of the question for you: can this circumstance cause a refusal to TP? Thank.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. Check out SP 62.13330.2011. But in your place you should wait for the conclusion on the technical specifications.

  26. Yulia

    Odintsovo district, counted 5 million for gas 150 meters from the house. They said that the high pressure pipe and it is necessary to build a GR cabinet. What for us Nord Stream, if inside the gas is just space money? This is what kind of pipe and welding work it takes so much ...

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. Do you want to throw gas directly to you through high pressure? 🙂 In fact, you still do not have gas 150 m from the house. You have a high-pressure gas pipeline and a network will be built from it in n-meters to your home.

      Clarified the planned gasification of your street? No in the near future?

      You can also join a non-profit partnership with your neighbors and divide the payment into those who want to spend their gas.

  27. Denis

    Hello. I applied for a gasification to a lady. Sverdlovsk region Talitsky rn p Trinity. House 100 sq.m. The contract came and TU issue price 450 000 TR Gas a hundred meters from the house (110 m). What can be done? I am shocked by the price. A disabled child lives.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello Denis. As for 110 m. Indeed, the price for connecting gas for the 1st category of consumers consists of annual indexed rates with an initial rate of 50 thousand rubles. According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 N 1314:

      The first category applicants are applicants whose maximum gas consumption for gas-powered equipment does not exceed 20 cubic meters. meters per hour inclusive, taking into account the gas flow rate of gas-powered equipment previously connected at the point of connection of the capital construction facility, provided that the distance from the gas-powered equipment to the gas distribution network of the gas distribution organization to which the application is submitted with a design working pressure of not more than 0.3 MPa measured in a straight line (the smallest distance) is not more than 200 meters and the connection (technological connection) measures themselves require the construction of connecting pipe to the point of connection of gas pipelines (without the need to carry out measures for laying gas pipelines in a trenchless way) and the installation of gas reduction points (if necessary), unless the payment for technological connection is established on an individual project“.

      That is, if you fit the established parameters - you are an applicant of category 1 and then such amounts are unlawful. You can safely complain about them to higher authorities.But, I'm afraid that everything is more complicated there.

      As for a disabled child, the federal benefits for such categories established by the RF do not apply. But it was found that in the regions, local authorities can make such discounts based on the regional budget. Especially for you, I found the law in Sverdlovsk:

      The Law of the Sverdlovsk Region dated October 29, 2007 No. 126-OZ “On the provision of state social assistance, material assistance and the provision of social guarantees to certain categories of citizens in the Sverdlovsk Region” provides for social guarantees to certain categories of citizens in the form of partial compensation for the costs of connecting (technological connection) residential premises to gas networks or exemption from expenses for connection (technological connection) of residential premises to gas networks“.

      Search the law on the Internet, read and use. Everything is described in detail there. Good luck to you.

  28. Sergei

    Good day. Please tell me at the approximate price of gas connection (air passes along the border of the site), as well as the cost of putting into the house (about 15 meters from the border) with all the dopa (project, approval, chimney, etc.) Region connection Samara . Thanks in advance.

  29. Denis

    Hello! Tell me, is it possible to bring gas to the site without a project? At the moment there is a building on the site, but we are going to build a new house in 2 years. Those. Now we want to reserve power and bring gas to the border of the site, and at the construction stage we will already form a project, etc.

  30. Alexander

    Good evening. Are there any benefits for the gasification of a private house in KP “Istra Village” rural settlement Sokolovskoye Solnechnogorsk district of Moscow region for parents of a disabled child? Thank.

  31. Sergei

    pipe laying, calculations and projects cannot cost so much money! It does not take much mind to make a project of laying a pipe to the house, this is not a spaceship! The work of a welder cannot cost 100 times more than a mason or a turner! This is a robbery!