Standards for the distance from the gas meter to other devices: features of the arrangement of gas flow meters

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Millions of consumers think about saving thanks to a gas meter, but realize that the costs of buying, installing and possible repairs are also high. Do you recognize yourself among them? Do you want the gas meter to pay off in 2-3 years? Everything is simple.

If you do not resort to unauthorized actions, there will be no penalty. If you keep the distance from the gas meter within normal limits, it will work correctly. If you buy a quality device, you will not need a replacement.

We have provided information on installing a gas meter, including exact distance standards. The master will do everything for you, but you should still control the installation. Read the article and you will understand why. Your convenience depends on it.

General nuances of installing gas meters

About gas meter installations contact several different organizations. Their employees do their part, and subscribers only need to choose the most suitable accommodation option. Gas meters are mounted strictly according to the rules, it is impossible to act alone.

They are installed by gas distribution companies and licensed organization employees. Self-assembly is more likely to result in equipment damage or explosion.

In the case of a successful installation, the control authorities still will not seal the device, and they will also write a large fine for the person who put others at risk. Thus, they will comply with paragraph 5.5.2 Decree No. 170 State Committee of the Russian Federation for Construction and Housing.

Gas distribution company employees
Prepare in advance for the reception of gas workers so that you do not have to reconcile the date and time, do not forget to also check their documents

Gas meters are installed on the basis of standards Federal Law No. 261which entered into force on 06/29/2015 and obligate the use of a gas meter in rooms with individual heating devices.

The owners of such premises and just those who wish have several options for handling:

  • distribution organizations;
  • subscriber departments of interregiongases;
  • specialized companies.

Choose gas meters subscribers themselves from the list of models that are certified by the state. Modifications of devices can be two-sided, as well as right- and left-handed, the latter of which cannot be established everywhere.

The location of the gas meter in the room

The gas master will not install the meter on a pipe with a surface temperature above +60 ° C or below -20 ° C. The installer may require the homeowner to move the stove, even if it is at a safe distance. Disputes between the parties often arise on this ground, but it can be resolved simply by moving the plate forward. The same requirements apply to environmental conditions, although there are no rooms with such temperatures in residential buildings.

The gasman will begin to mount the meter when there are no technical obstacles, and from that moment the owners should control the process.

Gasman works with equipment
The complexity of the installation and its price, not least depend on the configuration of the room, a successful layout, among other things, will save time and eliminate the need for urgent rearrangements

The device is mounted only in an accessible place, regardless of the opinions of residents. In turn, nothing prevents the owners from ordering installation in a half-empty kitchen, and then closing the counter in the hanging furniture.

There will be no wrongdoing in such actions, because the representative of the supplier will be able to see the evidence. In this sense, owners sometimes cause inconvenience to themselves. To take the indicators yourself or to allow the inspector, you will have to move objects over or over again or get everything out of the kitchen cabinet. Therefore, in the future, do not have to carry gas meterIt’s better to immediately place it in an accessible place.

Do not agree to an additional waste of time if the master is against installing the meter on a bent pipe section. The performance of the device does not depend on its shape.

The location of the meter affects the convenience and appearance of the room. The device is embedded in the pipe as the consumer wants - vertically or horizontally.

The wizard will determine the installation location and indicate the cost of work. The price is affected by:

  • meter flexible hose;
  • the number of gaskets and adapters;
  • price of parts.

The legislation contains mutually exclusive norms regarding the party that is responsible for the material support of the installation. Legally, it comes down to the fact that the service is paid by the consumer. He still has a choice: to buy parts from a gasman or to purchase on his own. The second option will cost less by 30%.

Nevertheless, there are categories of citizens who are entitled to the free installation of gas flow meters. Read more in this stuff.

Parts for mounting a gas meter
A set of mounting parts can be bought a little more expensive than 600 rubles - gaskets, thrust nuts, connecting pipes usually go in a set

A specialist company wizard will set the counter only if there is a project. The document indicates the location in the room, the height and distance from gas and electrical devices. The gas service of the distribution organization will certify the project. The gas workers will then come home, seal the counter and issue a commissioning certificate.

Distance from gas meter to various objects

Norms were determined for reasons of safety and functionality of the device. During installation, gas masters comply with SP 42-101-2003 - General Provisions for the Design and Construction of Gas Distribution Systems from Metal and Polyethylene Pipes.

So, based on paragraph 6.49 of these rules, you can install the gas meter outside areas with increased release of moisture or heat. These include the stove and the space above it, the boiler, the sink. At the same time, the minimum distance from the meter to the gas boiler and stove has a clear frame.

In terms of correct readings it does not matter if the gas device is nearby or electric.If heat or moisture comes from it, attention is also paid to temperature and humidity. Exact standards apply only to gas equipment.

For installation, only places with good natural ventilation, and forced in this case will only be a plus. Areas with stagnant air are definitely not suitable. The quality of the latter is determined by sensations.

Air conditions deteriorate in remote places of rooms, areas beyond partitions, niches. Options are not suitable at a considerable distance from the window and ventilation or with obstacles in their direction.

Kitchen stove
Ideally, the space above the stove is left free: the universal rule says about 60–70 cm of supply over the hob, while counters can be placed at the level of 40–60 cm above and above

During the work, installers use the information in the passports of the meters. Manufacturers indicate their recommendations and general requirements for gas meter models, minimum and maximum distances. Gas workers do not always rely on technical data, but act on the situation.

If the manufacturer has not provided the requirements for the intervals at all, the installer must observe the following universal parameters:

  1. The height of the installation norm is 160 cm. In the rules, this indicator is recommendatory, and not mandatory.
  2. The wall margin must be maintained at least 3, and preferably 5 cm. The gap between the counter and the vertical surface is sometimes called corrosive and is provided in case of damage to the meter, at least 5 cm.
  3. The interval to the nearest gas-using device should not be left less than 80 cm. We are talking about gas-fired heating appliances and the same household stoves. The category includes heat generators, boilers, flow and capacitive water heaters.

Some types of equipment are separated by at least 1 m. For example, heating and cooking and simple heating stoves, cooking boilers, restaurant stoves.

The distance is not measured from any point and in any direction. The radius from the gas meter is taken into account. To put it scientifically, it is necessary to install in such a way that along all three axes a minimum distance is maintained from the nearest points on the meter not yet installed to the same on the devices. Then there will be no errors at intervals.

Interval for gas meter
The picture shows the principles of placing a gas meter relative to appliances, lines are drawn down and along the wall and the same distance should be observed towards the kitchen

Leave at least 5 cm between the side edges of the stove and the gas meter; a three times greater distance is made from the gas meter to the gas boiler or column. The level of placement is selected not lower than 40 cm above the upper edge of the plate and not closer than 15 cm from the upper or lower edge of the water heater.

Additional aspects when installing the counter

At the same level with the meter, a gas leak detector is also installed. Before and after the meter on the pipe mounted locking crane mechanisms like ball or any other. Cranes will allow you to quickly remove the gas meter for inspection or replacement.

At the end of the work, the joints and nodes on the pipe with a meter are checked for leaks. It is worth doing this immediately so as not to call the wizard again. Gas workers of distribution companies themselves check the equipment - they look for leaks and leaks.

All connections and joints on the branch with the counter are then covered with soapy water. The installation of the gas meter is considered successful, and the equipment is working if no bubbles appear during the gas supply.

Outdoor gas meter installation

Installation from the side of the street is not an easy procedure, so you will have to make this reservation in advance. The answer will be given in the gas service, and it all depends on the specific situation and the feasibility of the task in principle. In general, there are no obstacles.

Street counter
Gas meter on the facade: in general, this option is considered acceptable, but it is no longer possible to mount the gas meter on individual supports

The meter body will need corrosion protection, otherwise other damage to the device will occur. The problem of weather protection is solved with a visor.

In front of the gas inlet to the meter, you cannot do without a mesh barrier that prevents dirt from entering the meter. Sometimes the gas meter is placed in a cabinet on the facade and thus solve 2 problems at once.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Which is better, buy a new gas meter or check the one that is:

What you should pay attention to when installing a gas meter:

In one room you can install several gas meters at once. The only problem is that sometimes this cannot be done without permutations. The consumer will do the right thing if during installation he will express his point of view, but still he will listen to the master with the opposite opinion.

In a poorly ventilated place or at a great distance from the window, the gas meter is most likely not installed, but theoretically the device can be moved to the street.

Tell us about your experience installing gas meters, have you had any problems installing equipment? What did you do in specific situations, what actions did you take to solve the problems that arose? Share your experience, ask questions in the form below.

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