Where to call if there is no gas in the apartment: reasons for disconnection + procedure for the absence of gas

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Comfort for modern people now plays a big role in life. When you turn off the water, gas, it starts to annoy: there is nothing to wash the accumulated dishes or nothing to cook food on. Let us dwell on the second problem in more detail. What to do when there is no natural fuel, where to call if there is no gas in the apartment, because it is not always possible to find out from the neighbors about the problem.

Do not worry right away, as gas suppliers can make emergency outages. When carrying out unplanned work, gas service employees sometimes do not notify consumers of a shutdown.

The reasons for the termination of the supply of the resource are various. In addition to breakdowns, they turn off the gas and for late payment, then you should not call the gas service. The non-payer will first have to pay off the debts, including: the calculated fine, fines. Then pay the amount due for reconnecting to the gas line and other costs. We will further consider all cases that may be, tell you where to go in the absence of gas in the house.

Reasons for a gas outage in the apartment

Blue fuel is by far the most popular source for both space heating and cooking. Due to the affordable price, maximum convenience in using these raw materials, no one will refuse a resource on their own initiative.

What to do when gas is missing in your apartment, and this was a complete surprise. First you should protect yourself, cover everything gas taps in the rooms, and then find out the cause, because the sources of problems can be different.

The gas stove does not light
When you do not have gas supply in the apartment for more than two days, then you have every right to file a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor. Of course, if this outage is not connected with debts for a natural resource

The most common reasons for turning off the gas:

  • emergency situations on gas pipelines, various damage to a gas pipeline or other components of gas pipeline systems;
  • damage to gas pipes, taps in apartments, high-rise buildings.Gas leak detected by gas services or users;
  • if in the apartment of one of the inhabitants of the house there is a malfunction of the gas appliance or a gas leak, then they can block the entire house;
  • gas is shut off due to car accidents, near gas pipelines, when there is reason to suspect that the pipe was damaged;
  • gas supply is interrupted for a time when new users are connected to the mains.

Every resident of an apartment building should know what if they turn off the gasthen all safety precautions should be followed.

First turn off all the valves in your apartment, then, if possible, notify your neighbors that the gas supply to the house has been stopped so that they also turn off all gas appliances. After that, you can find out what happened, what is the reason for stopping the gas supply.

Gas workers are looking for a breakdown
When workers are notified by consumers about all kinds of breakdowns in the apartment or on the landing of gas appliances, other devices, they arrive within a few hours to troubleshoot. Depending on the breakdown, they have the right to turn off gas for all residents of the house for no more than two days

Gas service specialists can turn off the gas supply only for good reasons, for this reason it should be treated with understanding to their work. After all, any cause of a breakdown in the gas system requires special attention.

Gas shutdown procedure

The characteristics of gas are known even to schoolchildren; it is a volatile substance. In the gas main, it is always under pressure, because without pressure it will not be supplied to consumers. Natural gas leaks sometimes due to wear hoses, pipes, valves, taps. As a result, you can hear an unpleasant odor.

More information about the service life of gas pipes can be found in this stuff.

And there is another characteristic feature of household fuel - the ability to accumulate in a confined space. According to its characteristics, gas is lighter than air, because at first it accumulates at the top, which can end badly if you do not immediately pay attention to the characteristic smell in the apartment.

The woman opened the window to air
Turning off the gas supply in an apartment building will be legitimate only when repairs are being carried out. Most often, employees of the company notify residents of the house about this

Natural gas is a highly flammable substance, and the burning of a large amount of natural resource takes place at lightning speed with a very high temperature. The strength of the shock wave from a spark in a room with a lot of gas can even tear down the walls of a house, bring down ceilings, not to mention the windows and doors.

The leakage of natural fuel is often a source of various troubles: from the destruction of housing, to the death of people. And that's not all, being in an apartment with a lot of gas can cause poisoning.

The process does not occur immediately, a person first loses consciousness. This is because the house lacks oxygen. If no one is near, then this will lead to sad consequences - death.

Woman shuts off gas
Turning off the gas supply in an apartment building will be legitimate only when repairs are being carried out. Most often, employees of the company notify residents of the house about this

Backdraft is also an important feature that must be taken into account in critical situations when gas has filled the entire room and a fire has occurred in a clogged room. In this case, the gas does not have a natural outlet, because all windows and doors are closed. When the door is opened, the fire can escape to another room, which is life threatening.

To prevent the sad consequences described above, before calling somewhere when you turn off the gas in the house, do the following:

  1. Close all burners, turn off the boiler, column.
  2. Close all gas valves in the house.
  3. Warn your neighbors about a gas outage in the house.
  4. Let them also shut off gas taps in themselves, turn off the gas appliances.
  5. If the smell of gas is heard somewhere, open the windows and doors to ventilate.
  6. Do not use lighters, do not light a fire, do not turn on the light.

Only after carrying out these safe measures, call the gas service: 04, clarify the situation, why there is no gas in your house.

Pipe pressure dropped
If the gas pressure in the pipe drops and gas does not enter the apartment, you need to notify about this not only the gas service 04, but also all the neighbors living in the house

According to the rules, gas network workers must eliminate all causes of breakdowns of gas equipment and pipes within two days. And the company must come to the challenge as soon as possible.

Where to call in the absence of gas?

So, when you take all safety measures, in case gas is allowed into the house and no one is at home. Everything will be turned off, and you don’t have to worry that natural fuel will fill the room.

Go to the next point - find out the reason for the lack of gas. To do this, call the gas service by phone: 04 (from a landline phone).

The service operator should know why there is no gas supply in your area when gas supplies to the house resume. He will advise you, provide the necessary information.

Gas service machine
Calls to the emergency gas service are free. In the case when there is no SIM card on the mobile or it is blocked, you can call 112

If you will call from a mobile phone, the gas service number will be slightly different from the fixed 04, 104 should be called from a mobile phone.

Everyone who has gas in the house, apartment, have a certain responsibility for all the risks associated with natural fuels. When leaving home, you should always check the taps, valves, so that there are no leaks anywhere. If you hear the smell of gas in the apartment or on the landing, you must definitely contact the gas service.

Gas turned off for non-payment - tips

A situation was previously discussed when gas supply was absent for some time due to breakdowns or planned activities. And what to do when the gas was turned off due to non-payment, and the consumer probably knows that he has debts? Indeed, at present, gas services have the right to turn off the supply of natural resources even when consumers have two months of debt.

In this situation, suppliers are obliged to notify customers that they are either obligated to pay debts or that they will be turned off the gas. Moreover, the notification is sent by registered mail by mail 20 calendar days before the date of disconnection.

Sometimes consumers do not receive such letters, and do not know why they stopped supplying blue fuel to the house. Ignorance will not free the consumer from paying for gas services. Therefore, one should always monitor for debts, check whether all payments have been received by gas workers.

Cold baby sleeps dressed
If the gas supply was turned off for debts, then residents have the right to contact the gas service and ask for installments, referring to the fact that children live in the house, it’s cold without heating

When disputes arise, you need to visit the subscription department of the gas service. If there are debts, ask for a respite. With one call to the gas service: 04 the problem cannot be solved.

Fuel suppliers will go to a meeting if the debtor writes a statement stating the reason for the non-payment of services, promises to pay for the gas supply by a certain deadline. Also, the debtor has the right to send a letter of complaint to Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Justice in case the gorgaz does not pay attention to its statement-petition for deferral of debt repayment. You can read more about where to complain about the gas service. here.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video posted below allows you to better reveal the topic of stopping gas supply to the house. The video shows an example when gas workers turned off the gas in an apartment building, and how residents come out of this situation:

Many examples are known when gas workers turn off the gas supply for one reason or another.Therefore, the question of where to call if there is no gas worries many consumers. If the apartment does not temporarily have gas supply, at the beginning you need to turn off all the valves, and then call the gas service 04 and clarify the situation.

In no case can you independently search for a common gas valve to an apartment building, and turn it on without the knowledge of gas supply service employees.

If the gas supply was turned off in your house for various reasons and you have already encountered this problem, then share how you resolved the issue. Perhaps you have any other additions to our information? Leave your comments below in the block.

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    With landline phones, everything was simpler and more understandable. 01 - ambulance, 02 - police, 03 - fire, 04 - gas service. From a mobile, it is probably better to call through 112.