Gas pipes are changed in the house: the nuances of replacing gas pipes in an apartment building

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Theoretically, this is very good when the utility services in the house change gas pipes to new ones. You get reliable, modern communications and pay nothing for it. At first glance, solid pluses, right? But in order for the process to proceed normally and not end with damage to personal property, you need to carefully prepare for it.

We found out how the repair / replacement of gas pipes takes place in an apartment building and we will tell you in detail everything that will help you calmly survive repair activities.

What are the reasons for changing the gas pipeline?

The official program, developed by government bodies, provides for major repairs and free replacement of gas pipes in multi-apartment buildings of old construction.

The reason for the work may be:

  • fixed gas leak (in this case, the equipment changes in the apartment where the problem was discovered);
  • visually noticeable damage to the outer coating of the pipes, which can lead to a violation of the integrity of the gas pipeline (a change in the area of ​​the weld joint, thinning of the walls above normal);
  • the expiration of the service life of communications (relevant for houses built more than 50 years ago).

Municipal gas services report that the replacement of gas supply equipment is part of the planned procedures and is carried out in accordance with the approved schedule. During the repair period, each owner of the apartment at a clearly defined time agrees to provide free access to their home.

It is strictly forbidden to interfere with the work of the masters, since they do not work with the personal equipment of each tenant, but with public property communications that are on the balance sheet of the communal enterprise.

Gasman shuts off gas
If the owner, for personal reasons, refuses to let workers into his territory, it is not possible to completely replace the riser at the entrance. Then the masters shut off the gas supply to the problem housing until they clarify the situation or obtain permission to enter the apartment through the court

Usually, in anticipation of the start of repair activities, residents are notified through announcements or by phone call. Additionally, relevant information is posted on the website of the gas service organization. The text clearly indicates the date and time of the work.

Regulations and rules of work

The current legislation says that only employees of a gas supplying company are entitled to carry out gas communications repairs. A preliminary check is carried out to determine the scope of work. Masters go around all apartments, inspect communications and make notes on the level of wear of networks and locking elements. Based on this information, a decision is made regarding the procurement of materials and the upcoming scope of work.

When leaving the facility, the team is provided with a prescription sheet, which clearly indicates the list of planned activities. All masters carry with them company identity cards with a photograph and a hologram.

Community Service Calls Apartment
Residents in apartment buildings are forbidden to independently mount / dismantle gas supply communications. If such a case is detected, an administrative fine is imposed on the apartment

The work is carried out at public expense in accordance with current regulatory requirements. Old pipes are removed and heavy-duty new ones are installed in their place. They are selected depending on the level of pressure in the city network. At the same time, all valves are changing. Residents are not charged for this.

Material Requirements

The contractor buys everything necessary to replace gas communications on his own. To ensure the proper level of fire safety, three types of pipes are suitable:

  • steel;
  • copper;
  • polypropylene.

These materials have the necessary physical characteristics and a high level of strength. In the process of connecting to a single network, they ensure proper tightness of the seam and completely eliminate the leakage of blue fuel from the system. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Allow safe use of the gas network for domestic purposes.

Steel pipes have some additional requirements. According to SNiP, for organizing the supply of domestic gas to apartments of multi-storey buildings, products from low-carbon calm steel of the St2, St3 and St4 grades capable of withstanding powerful hydraulic shocks are suitable. These properties must be confirmed by special certificates. Read more about gas pipes here.

The master puts a steel gas pipeline
Subject to building codes, basic installation requirements and operating rules, steel gas pipes will last reliably from 30 to 40 years. Repair of a steel gas pipeline may be required only as a last resort

All fitting elements must clearly meet the requirements of current GOSTs.

The following types of parts of factory origin are suitable for work:

  • cast iron couplings, elbows and tees with cylindrical thread;
  • steel locknuts and trunks with cylindrical thread;
  • metal transitions and plugs.

For the overhaul of gas networks in apartment buildings, shut-off valves made of malleable gray cast iron, alloy and carbon steel, brass and bronze can be used. Choosing the right option depends on the ambient temperature and gas pressure level.

Polypropylene pipes for gas
In networks where the gas pressure does not exceed 1.2 MPa, polypropylene pipes with a diameter of 20 to 400 mm can be installed. Such communications are very durable and can last up to 80 years.

Masters of gas services are required to strictly follow the requirements of regulatory acts governing measures for the overhaul and replacement of equipment. In the event of improper performance of work, problems or leakage, all responsibility lies entirely with the contractor.

How do gas pipes change?

Typically, the process of replacing pipes in a multi-story building lasts from 3-4 days to a week.At this time, the owners of the apartments are in the house and provide the masters with the opportunity to access the communications. Before starting work, the employees of the repair company turn off the gas supply and only then proceed to replace the pipes.

At the first stage, old communications are cut off using special equipment. The gas pipeline is purged for 2-5 minutes to completely remove gas residues.

The master unscrews the gas pipe
To cut pipes, gas workers use special tools and devices. Work is carried out in strict accordance with regulatory requirements and safety rules.

At the next stage, the masters begin to prepare a place for installing new communications. The edges of the outgoing pipes are thoroughly cleaned of dirt and corrosive manifestations.

If products with a wall thickness of more than 4 mm are used for installation, special slopes are made in the edge region. Such processing makes it possible to achieve rapid melting of steel.

Welder processes a gas pipe
The connection of new communication elements with the main gas pipeline is carried out by gas or electric welding. The docking area remains visible and is not covered by decor elements so that it can be checked for leaks at any time

Next, the burner is moved counterclockwise, leading to areas that are not yet welded. When the connection is completed, the seam is carefully examined. After processing, it should not be scale and metal spray. Burns, cracks and undercuts are strictly excluded on the pipe surface.

If defects are found, gas workers should replace the pipe again. Any violation of the integrity of communication products leads to leakage, jeopardizes the operation of the gas pipeline as a whole, and threatens the safety of apartment owners.

Landlady and gasman
At the end of the repair activities, the apartment owners sign an act with a list of changes made to the system. This procedure should be treated carefully and thoroughly check each item. Signature will mean full acceptance of work and agreement with the quality of their implementation

According to the rules for the technical operation of household networks, after replacing the pipes, a safety check is carried out. Concentrated soap emulsion gas workers process the weld zones and evaluate their tightness.

Then inspect for stubs, gas taps and assess the serviceability of connecting communications in each apartment. If no problems have been identified on the site, gas is released through the new communication system.

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Some tips for residents

Access to gas pipes to be replaced should be convenient and free. Furniture or fragments of the interior that block the approach to communications are dismantled by the owner of the premises on his own.

This moment often causes the greatest number of complaints. The owners of real estate who have made major repairs in the kitchen do not want to disassemble kitchen sets, move household appliances, or disturb the decoration of walls and ceilings. However, this cannot be avoided if gas pipe repairs in an apartment building are already planned.

The master makes welding a gas pipe
During the period of work from the kitchen, it is better to remove most of the breakable items and small household appliances. This will prevent accidental damage to property during repair activities.

To minimize the negative aspects associated with the replacement of gas communications, you need to properly prepare the room for the visit of the masters. It’s best to close the front of the cabinets with something tight so that workers do not accidentally scratch the doors. If a glass hob is installed in the kitchen, it must be protected especially carefully.

Rugs, table and chairs are worth while making. The same applies to fragile decor items, vases and table lamps.Of course, this is not very convenient, but in this way you will reliably protect your property from any surprises.

Leaving the brigade unattended for a long time is not advisable. The owner who constantly appears in the doorway will force the masters not to delay the process and do their work much more accurately.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

A gas leak is one of the most compelling reasons to replace a gas supply line. Why should not you use the services of amateurs?

How to check communication networks to determine the need for overhaul:

How to repair intra-house gas supply communications in Moscow. All the details and nuances of professional work:

Planned replacement of gas pipes in an apartment building is an excellent government initiative. It makes it possible to increase the safety of gas use in everyday life and allows to improve the quality of living conditions of citizens living in houses of the old construction.

If you have recently made repairs and are worried about the safety of your property, just carefully prepare for the arrival of the masters and provide them convenient access to the place of work. Then the event will be held without any problems and will not cause significant inconvenience.

And if you already had to deal with the replacement of gas pipes in the house, please tell other visitors to our site about this. Perhaps there are nuances of replacing equipment that we did not mention in this material? Share them with our readers - leave comments in the block below.

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    I consider the replacement of gas pipes in apartments to be absolutely pointless as a way of earning money on the population. In street conditions, I admit the possibility of replacement, and there is practically no wear of pipes. Inside the pipe without oxidizing agent (oxygen), the outside is dry and painted. Gas shutoff valves are practically not used, maybe once a year when leaving on vacation.

    Annoying ... Would replace the sewer pipes, it is overripe 100 years ago. No, gas is changing. I try not to swear, it seems to work out ... Well, you understand ...

  2. Pavel

    I did not understand what kind of program. We take 30 thousand from an apartment. For a year now the house has been living without gas. 160 apartments!