Replacing a gas meter: timing, procedure and rules for replacing a gas flow meter

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Have you noticed that quite a frivolous attitude can be traced to tasks such as replacing a gas meter? Advisers place self-replacement algorithms, find dubious options for saving on devices and materials.

Meanwhile, the replacement rules have a legislative basis, dictated by the life of the equipment. A person who is admitted to work must have proven qualifications: even a change of battery must be carried out by an employee of the gas service.

After a thorough study, we found out the requirements for the procedure, found laws that regulate the procedure, frequency and reasons that oblige owners of gas equipment to replace the meter. We also found out what documents should be provided to replace the gas meter with the service provider.

Russian law requirements

The main document is Decree No. 824, approved by the Russian government on September 19, 2013.

It amended the Rules for the provision of public utilities and dealt mainly with the requirements for the replacement of gas meters.

Reasons for substitution determined by law

According to the law, it is necessary to replace an existing gas meter with:

  • expiration of the period of operation specified in the technical passport of the product;
  • negative verification results.

Negative results include visible mechanical damage, recorded excess errors, breach of seals, lack of readable indicators.

Seal integrity violation
Detection of a meter malfunction in case of a damaged seal during the inspection is a reason for imposing penalties on the owner. In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the device and the integrity of the seal

The initiator of the verification may be the owner who noticed a malfunction of the device, or a gas service officer performing a scheduled or extraordinary audit.

Artist and frequency

Important issues also raised by the decree - after how many years do I need to change the gas meter, and who should replace it? Frequency should be determined by the flow meter passport. Most models life time is 20 years old. But there are exceptions.

For example, a product of the Betar brand is able to work correctly only for 12 years. Therefore, reconciliation with information from the manufacturer is required.

The dismantling of the old device, as well as the installation of the newly acquired, can be performed by an employee of the gas service serving the area of ​​residence. Also, representatives of a private licensed company can connect to the work. Self-replacement is prohibited.

Who should pay for the replacement?

According to the Order of the Ministry of Industry No. 1815 of July 2, 2015, payment for the replacement of the meter is assigned to the owner of the premises. Depending on the type of ownership, payers may be legal entities, individual entrepreneurs or individuals.

Cash wallet
You will have to pay the cost of the new meter, and all the manipulations performed by specialists. These are services for dismantling the old flowmeter and installing a newly acquired

Accordingly, these are owners of square meters in apartment buildings, owners of private households and owners of rights to commercial real estate.

The exception is municipal housing, in which accommodation is temporary for citizens. In this case, the owner is the local government. Therefore, all expenses are borne by the municipality. The only thing that residents should do if a flowmeter malfunction is detected is to apply to the housing and communal services service.

War veterans (veterans and rear officers), large families and unemployed pensioners can use the free service. At the local level, extended lists may operate, additional benefits may be provided. You can clarify this information with the municipal gas company or local government.

Why is it important to monitor the status of the counter?

If the owner of the device timely discovered its malfunction or violation of the integrity of the seal and on the same day notified the gas supplier, then during the replacement period, payment will be made according to the standards. The replacement period lasts from the date of notification until the day following the day of sealing a new / repaired meter.

The wizard checks the counter
During the inspection, the master will turn on the burner and follow the change in numbers. If the device does not respond, you will have to send it for verification and repair

A completely different situation when a gas officer detects a problem. In this case, the use of the standards will be applied to the period lasting from the moment of the last inspection to the installation of a fresh seal.

And, although the length of the period cannot be more than 6 months, the increase in fees is very significant - as you know, the standards are too high compared to the volume of real consumption.

Procedure for replacing equipment

The first stage of the algorithm for replacing the accounting device is to conclude an agreement with the company supplying gas to the area of ​​residence. Subject of the contract - a set of measures to change the device. Motive - a statement submitted by the owner of the premises.

List of documents to replace the counter
The list of documents is approved by law. A statement is written in free form on a blank sheet or on a letterhead of a specialized gas company

In large cities, private gas companies operate. They have the appropriate licenses, and their employees are certified and empowered to work with gas equipment. When contacting them to change the flow meter, you must request supporting documents.

First visit of a specialist

At the first visit after the conclusion of the contract, the master must confirm or deny the need to purchase and install a new device. There are often situations when, to restore operability, it is enough to install a new battery or perform inexpensive repairs.

If the device is really outdated or broken, then the specialist should inspect the installation site, evaluate the technical conditions and give detailed recommendations on choosing the right model. Based on these recommendations, the owner of the premises acquires an accounting device and prepares for the second visit of gas service employees.

Second visit - installation

For the second visit of the specialist, it is necessary to prepare documents relating to the newly acquired device, as well as make room for installation. Since the meter must be installed in a conspicuous place and in the free access area, it is worth removing all the obstruction.

This requirement is spelled out in SP 42-101-2003 - a set of rules for the design of gas distribution systems. It is necessary to follow it even after installation, during operation: the meter should be located where it is convenient to mount and maintain.

Visit of a gas service specialist
Before the visit of the installer, it is recommended to remove all unnecessary items from the installation area of ​​the gas meter: towels, kitchen utensils, cutlery

After completion of installation, gas workers are required to fill out an act of work performed, issue a document on the launch of the device. These documents must be saved with the technical data sheet of the device.

The procedure algorithm for living in an apartment is no different from the procedure for replacing a gas meter in a private house. The only addition for owners of private households is a gasification project.

The final replacement cost consists of the price of the new device and installation costs. The increase in average may be affected by:

  • the need to increase the length of the gas duct using additional pipes;
  • welding work;
  • purchase of parts and consumables.

More expensive will be a replacement made with a change in the position of the meter. For example, when moving the device into the zone of visibility.

Counter Sealing Rules

According to government regulation No. 549 of 2008, the right to install seals is vested only with suppliers. However, it is not the emergency dispatch departments responsible for installing the devices themselves that are responsible for this, but the authorized employees of the subscriber departments. Therefore, for sealing, you will have to write another statement.

It should indicate:

  • Name, passport details of the owner of the housing;
  • make and serial number of the device;
  • flow meter readings at the time of installation;
  • date of the next verification.

The application must be accompanied by the technical passport of the new device, an act of installation, a document on the commissioning of the equipment.

Technical certificate
The product data sheet should be stored until disposal of the device. The document is included in the list of mandatory for each verification

If the installation was performed by a representative of a third-party licensed company, then documents must be presented confirming the qualifications and the right of the representative of this company to work.

Installation Quality Control

Work should be carried out taking into account safety rules:

  1. The distance from the meter to the gas equipment cannot be less than one meter.
  2. Outside the home, the appliance can be installed under a moisture-proof canopy or inside a metal cabinet.
  3. The standard placement height is 160 cm. Any deviations must be confirmed by the technical data sheet of the product.
  4. Within a radius of 2 meters there should be no heating appliances.
  5. The device should be in the zone of visibility and quick access.
  6. The distance between the counter and the wall should be more than 5 cm.This provides natural ventilation and slows down the formation of corrosion on metal parts.
  7. Upon completion of installation, a leak check is mandatory. Previously, it was carried out by applying a soap solution. Now representatives of gas companies increasingly prefer electronic sensors.

Knowing how to install gas meter in an apartment or house, it is easy to control the actions of specialists. In addition, an informed host will be able to correctly formulate emerging issues and receive comprehensive advice.

Gas leak test
The easiest way to check the tightness of the gas pipe connection is to apply soapy water to the joints. If it starts to foam very much, then the connection is not tight enough and you need to redo everything

After installation, you should follow the further operation of the device: while maintaining the previous volume of consumption, the new device should record approximately the same flow rate as the old one. If the readings vary widely - this is an occasion for re-contacting the gas workers.

Choosing the Right Model

The choice of specialists is based on the size of the room, the features of the arrangement of gas equipment, the number of devices connected to the metering device. Masters take into account the diameter of the thread, the throughput of the flowmeter.

The user is advised to pay attention to the balance of price and service life, as well as the date of manufacture. Too long a release date will significantly reduce the time until the next verification, since this period is determined by it, and not by the date of purchase or installation.

Right counter
When choosing a meter, a real specialist will definitely pay attention to the direction of gas passage for which it is intended. The photo shows the right counter. The left has a mirrored input and output

It will not be superfluous to clarify the design features, as this affects the frequency of verification. So, compact rotary models must be inspected every five years. Membrane are subjected to professional examination with a frequency of once every 10 years. Turbine devices often used in the industrial sector - once every 8 years.

The model chosen by the owner independently, in any case, will be checked for compliance with all requirements. Therefore, before buying it is worth consulting with gas specialists.

The details of the choice of gas meters are described in more detail in this stuff.

Replacing the device’s battery

The need to change the battery is usually signaled by a blank screen. In some cases, part of the numbers becomes poorly distinguishable or “disappears”. Sometimes users notice a flickering screen, which can also be a sign of a faulty battery.

Gas meter battery
Most models are equipped with a soldered battery. To make a replacement, the master first unsolders the contacts of the old battery, and then with the help of a soldering iron fixes the new

In this case, you will also have to turn to the help of the gas service, since independent opening of the device is prohibited. Moreover, most batteries are closed with a seal.

Repair or replacement?

In some situations, replacing equipment may be more profitable than verification and repair work. If the device breaks down, you will have to pay for dismantling, examination and, if it is not possible to restore the correct operation, a new flowmeter and its installation.

At the same time, all the time spent on these manipulations, gas fees will be calculated based on regional standards.

Therefore, many users who suspect a cardinal breakdown of the device prefer to immediately install a new counter. The old one is either disposed of or, after a successful repair, stored as a spare until the end of its life.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The meter is replaced when it breaks and at the end of its life.The initiator may be the owner or representative of the gas service. When choosing a device, it is worth listening to the opinion of a professional, since only he can take into account all the technical subtleties.

Installation should also be entrusted to specialists. Something like this is their visit during installation:

After completion of work, the gas service employee must draw up two acts: on the replacement and on putting the device into operation. After this, it remains only to put a seal and monitor the condition of the new flow meter.

Do you have something to share with other owners of flowmeters? Write using the form below. It is also possible to attach photos, scans of data sheets, write comments and ask questions of interest. Exchange of opinions - the opportunity to get useful tips, join.

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