Gas pipe plug: varieties, selection tips and installation details

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It is necessary to plug the gas pipe, because no one is living in the house temporarily or a trip with the family for a long vacation is expected. It is for such purposes that a gas pipe plug is suitable, thanks to this element you will definitely not have gas leaks, and no one can turn on a boiler or a gas stove in your house without your knowledge.

When choosing a product to block the gas pipeline, look not only at plugs made of metal, other locking mechanisms from various raw materials are also suitable. It should be noted that plugs are best chosen from the same material as the pipes or at least from such raw materials so that they do not conflict with each other.

Next, we will talk about the types of plugs for gas pipes, the features of their choice and the installation procedure.

Types of gas pipe plugs

There are other reasons when you have to put a plug on the gas pipeline for a while. For example: water got into the gas pipe, the column broke, the gas stove is out of order or there is a gas leak somewhere.

Then first decide how and with what you can plug the main gas pipe, which plug is suitable for the process.

Flanged Steel End Caps
Metal plugs are suitable for gas pipes - these are the most common products today. Please note that metal products are made from different types of raw materials. There are plugs made of brass, steel, etc.

To this end, each tenant and homeowner does not hurt to know what types of plugs are and how to select them. There are certain criteria for choosing a locking product. First things first, pay attention to the material. It is important that both the pipe and the plug contact each other by the type of raw material from which they are made.

Material separation

Construction supermarkets have a large number of locking products. They are made from various raw materials. What material is better to choose a cap for gas pipeswhen there is no experience at all in this matter? To solve the problem, you need to know the characteristics of different products. They are presented below.

Chrome Plated Plugs differ from metal in that they do not rust even after prolonged use. After all, the chrome coating effectively protects them from the constant effects of water and other factors. The only drawback of such products is their high price.

Rubber plugs or corks also do not rust under any external influences. They are also quite plastic, because they cannot achieve high tightness with them. They are not often used to plug gas pipelines. They are more effective for sewer communications and water networks.

Plastic locking material. PVC is only suitable for pipes made of plastic. They have one big minus: when the plugs of this material are heated, they lose their shape. That is why they are undesirable to use for gas supply.

Temporary plastic plug
Temporary plastic plugs are placed on gas pipes when it is necessary to replace or repair a gas stove, gas column, etc. Moreover, the repair will not last long

For gas pipes fit metal caps - These are the most common products today. Please note that metal products are made from different types of raw materials. There are plugs made of brass, steel, etc. If the question is: how and with what can a gas pipe be plugged, then a metal plug will do just the best, because it is durable and has a long service life. The only negative: such plugs are subject to corrosion.

Those made of brass will serve better than others, because brass is not subject to corrosion, but the price will be higher. I would also like to remind about the installation of metal products. The process is energy intensive and requires an additional tool.

Design classification of plugs

If you need a plug for a gas pipe in a house or apartment, then pay attention to its design. You can accidentally buy a fitting, and then do not know how to connect it to the pipe, for example, if there is no special equipment, tool.

Gas meter
For pipe routing, fittings are often used that connect pipelines, corner pipes and appliances to the main gas pipe. It is convenient to wear threaded plugs on the fittings, the design is very reliable if you follow all the rules of installation work

Consider all important product specifications when choosing. In particular, what method is used to fasten the plug to the pipe.

According to this classification, stubs can be divided into the following types:

  • threaded products. Typically, these plugs are made of PVC and metal. The threaded fitting is put on the pipe tightly, and then holds firmly. For closer contact, use a yellow Teflon tape, then the gas will not poison. The main condition for the process of fixing the fitting is the coincidence of the thread on the plug and pipe;
  • pneumatic plugs - these products are applicable only for water supply and sewer pipes. Their principle of operation is simple: the part is installed using a pump, which presses the plug with a stream of air. The pneumatic plug during the action of air currents becomes larger in size and due to this closes the pipe;
  • crimp plugs - convenient in that they are fixed by crimping without welding and threading. They are able to withstand high pressure in the pipe, and extend the life of the pipeline;
  • elliptical fitting - made of metal, installation of the product occurs by welding. Most often, this plug is used to permanently shut off the gas flow in gas pipes;
  • flange fittings - made of rubber, metal, plugs are fastened with bolts or rivets. Flange products are used more often as a temporary locking mechanism, because the product can easily be mounted on a pipe, and just as easy to dismantle.

Since the production of plugs is a relatively inexpensive process, they are sold quite cheaply when compared with taps, valves, etc.Because of this, fittings are used more often than other locking mechanisms when carrying gas pipes in an apartment and other repair work.

Selection of plugs for the gas pipeline

What can be plugs on gas pipes has already been described above, now let's figure out what rules need to be followed when choosing products. What is guided in general? Just come to the building market and buy the most expensive stub - this is stupid. After all, the product, first of all, must fit the size of the gas pipe.

Threaded plug
And the most convenient option for blocking the gas supply will be threaded. Such a plug can be removed at any time or left for a long time, it will serve for a long time with proper operation

The size should be chosen based on the diameter of the pipeline. If you buy a threaded fitting, then take into account the thread pitch, so, without problems, it will turn out to connect the purchased product with a gas pipe.

Also pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. For gas pipes, only reliable products are mandatory. If this is not a temporary plug, it is better to take an elliptical fitting to weld it with a welding machine to the pipe forever.
  2. To temporarily stop the gas supply, you can choose a pneumatic plug or flange.
  3. It is important to pay attention to the material from which the locking device is made. Naturally, it is best if the plug is metal with a chrome finish or even made of brass. The service life of such products is longer than all others.

Well, it is not necessary to talk about what form to put the plug, because only gas pipes are used for gas pipelines.

Procedure for installing plugs on a gas pipeline

Installation of plugs can only be done by specialists who have permission to work with gas equipment. A person must know all the instructions, follow safety rules.

Sometimes the installation of a shutoff plug on a gas pipe can be carried out independently. In the event that the local gas service master shuts off the gas in the pipeline. Often this can be done independently, but, again, with the permission of gorgaz.

Welder cuts pipe
When working with gas, be sure to follow all safety rules, conduct welding work in overalls and a welding mask to protect your eyes

Do not smoke cigarettes or light a fire during the installation process. According to safety rules for work with gas should use gloves, special glasses. In no case should you set fire to matches, and indeed in the room there should not be open fire. It does not hurt to organize airing.

Before starting any work, you will have to find where the device for measuring gas flow is located in the house - counter. It is near the counter and there is a main valvewhich can shut off the gas in the room.

The valve, as a rule, looks remarkable, it has a large rectangular handle. It is located on one of the pipes that are connected to the meter. And there are only two pipes. One of these pipes supplies gas to your home.

It happens that complex meters are used in an apartment building, here you have to find your measuring instrument and turn off the gas in your apartment. It is important not to confuse the valve, and not to shut off the gas to one of the neighbors.

Gas meter
To stop the gas supply, the handle is left perpendicular to the pipe. And in the open position, the valve is parallel to the gas pipe

So, shutting off the gas to your house or apartment, this is only the first part of the work, you still have to free the pipe that you want to plug from other pipes or gas devices. Here you can use a special adjustable wrench with which you will unwind the pipe.

Further, we recommend the following actions:

  1. To release the pipe, you need not even one key, but two.One should hold one nut, and the second - gradually unscrew the other until the pipe is released from the device connected to it.
  2. You may just need to cut the pipe, depending on what cases you are going to install a plug. For safety reasons, make sure once again that there are no leaks and smell of gas, or that you have closed the valve.
  3. Next, clean the pipe, rub it thoroughly on top with a hard steel washcloth, remove any dirt or grease on the screw joints, if any. Pay special attention to the thread, make sure that there is nothing superfluous on it.
  4. If you are going to put an eternal plug - elliptical, then you only need to weld it to the pipe and that's it, and then check with a soap foam if there are any gas leaks. Eliminate if any.
  5. Install the threaded plug in such a way - prepare a teflon tape so that there is not even the smallest gap between the thread of the plug and the thread of the pipe. Wrap it on the pipe thread, make turns only clockwise. Then, when twisting the thread, the cushioning material is not unwound.
  6. It is advisable to use plugs from the same material as the pipe. For a steel pipe, brass and chrome plugs are also suitable. In the end, it remains to take the plug and screw it to the gas pipe.

Note that you should not screw the closure very tightly - this will not give a more reliable tightness to the connection.

On the contrary, the plug can only fail, then a gas leak will occur, which is life threatening.

The master unscrews the gas pipe
When performing gas work, follow all safety precautions. Do not leave tools, equipment after work wherever. Put everything in place

Only after cleaning and the end of all work can you turn on the gas supply valve again. Be sure to check with a foamy detergent that everything turned out airtight and if there is a gas leak at the connections between the plug and pipe. If everything is in order, no bubbles will form at the junction.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

According to the established requirements, gas work is carried out with utmost care, air pollution should not exceed 1 percent by volume.

In the next video, we will talk about how to properly cut the gas pipe and what problems you may encounter:

The choice of a plug is not the most difficult task, it will be more difficult to install the product on a gas pipe. After all, you must follow all safety measures and do not forget to close the gas valve before the installation process. It will be more correct if you still turn to specialists.

You are familiar with this problem, then please share your experience in installing plugs on gas pipes. If you have questions, ask them in the box below.

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