Disposal of gas stoves: how to get rid of an old gas stove for free

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A variety of household appliances provides comfort in everyday life. Modern ovens have wide functionality, which allows you to quickly, easily cook the most complex dish. However, when changing the model, the owners face a serious problem. You can’t just take the device to a landfill, and the disposal of gas stoves, at first glance, seems like a rather complicated procedure.

In this article, we will talk about how to quickly and profitably get rid of the old stove, and also we will figure out where to take out the old stove, who it can come in handy for, whether you need to turn it over for processing or you can simply send it to a landfill.

Features of the disposal of used equipment

Before throwing away used household appliances, it is important to understand the features of their disposal.

Gas stoves are considered appliances increased danger not only during operation, therefore, only trained specialists can deal with their disposal. The dismantling of the stove begins with a fence, analysis of the air for gas.

Disconnecting the old kitchen equipment, connecting the new one is carried out only by gas management personnel. This must be taken care of in advance by ordering the disposal of household appliances.

Turn off the old gas stove
Disconnection, connection of gas appliances, including stoves for cooking, is carried out only by qualified employees of the gas economy with the preparation of relevant documents

After disconnecting the stove from the gas pipe, you can contact the organization that will deal with the disposal or take the stove yourself to the scrap metal collection point. The procedure for the correct shutdown of the gas stove is registered in our article.

To assess the income, it is worthwhile to specify in advance the cost of the metal, the conditions for receiving gas stoves. Some organizations offer a metal fence at home. The service is relevant for those who plan to hand over more than 50 kg of scrap. The weight of the gas stove is just suitable for the above conditions.

In the process of utilization of the furnace, the following steps pass:

  1. Security - gas stoves are not in vain belong to devices of increased danger. Gas accumulated in them can cause an explosion or poisoning. Therefore, before starting work, specialists measure the gas level (when it accumulates inside the device), bleed it. The process is carried out in accordance with safety standards.
  2. Disassembly. After removing gas residues, the furnace is disassembled into components. The metal case is subject to pressing, after which it takes up very little space. Compressed scrap is sent to the nearest metallurgical plant, where it is to be remelted, used in the future to create new things. The glass door is thoroughly cleaned of dirt. In the future, it will be sent to a glass factory, where it will be crushed, remelted. Plastic elements are passed through a special crushing machine, the finished powder is used to produce new plastic products.
  3. Recycling all elements It is carried out at the profile enterprises where recyclables are delivered.

In the process of disposal, the old gas stove gets a new life, does not pollute nature.

Disposal of gas stoves
Proper utilization of failed gas stoves provides economic benefits, reduces the consumption of exhaustible minerals, and preserves nature

The process of utilization of a gas stove involves disassembling the device to separate various materials: glass, metal, plastic. After the extraction of all parts suitable for processing, the amount of waste that is sent to the landfill is only 7%.

In addition to reducing the level of environmental pollution, the competent disposal of a household gas stove provides resources for the production of new products.

Why can't gas stoves be thrown away?

Article 8.1 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, prohibits the export of large household appliances that have worked out their terms to a landfill. For violators, a fine of 1,000 to 2,000 rubles for individuals, 2,000 to 5,000 rubles for enterprise managers, and from 20,000 rubles for legal entities is envisaged. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with others types of fines for gaswhich many users are not even aware of.

This decision is due to the fact that the disposal of municipal solid waste in Russia is carried out at landfills. As the number of landfills is growing rapidly, they pose a serious threat to the environment.

Old gas stove
The removal of old gas stoves to a landfill is prohibited by law. For violation of the decree, the owner of the device may receive a decent fine

As a result of waste decomposition, methane is released. Gas has an unpleasant odor, destroys vegetation, contributes to the formation of a greenhouse effect. When the life of a gas stove expires, it cannot simply be taken to a landfill.

The details that are available in its design also pose a potential hazard that can harm nature. That is why the program was adopted at the legislative level., determining the order of utilization of gas stoves.

Having conditionally disassembled the device into parts, it is easy to determine what danger it poses while decaying in a landfill:

  1. Metal housing - represents sheets of strong stainless steel protected by enamel. Metal elements decompose relatively quickly, about 10 years. As a result of decay, toxic iron compounds are formed, which with sediments penetrate deep into the soil, fall into groundwater, rivers, poisoning everything around.
  2. Glass on the oven door practically does not undergo decay processes. For it to become sand, it will take about 2000 years.
  3. Pens, other plastic items will decompose from 55 to 650 years. In this case, they will constantly emit toxins.
  4. The hob is often made of aluminum, during the decay of which heavy metal ions are released. Contamination with such elements poses a serious danger to animals, vegetation, and human health.

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people acquire new household appliances. It is logical that the question arises before them what to do with old devices.

Loading an old gas stove
The companies involved in the utilization of gas equipment work with various categories of customers, ranging from individuals to government agencies, large enterprises

Having organized the export of an unnecessary gas stove through a specialized organization, it is easy to exclude the possibility of a fine, to make a feasible contribution to environmental safety.

When burning elements of gas stoves, no less toxins are released than during their decay. Harmful chemicals that enter the body with polluted air, water, cause invisible changes. As a result, a person has to deal with incurable diseases.

Where to pass the old gas stove?

Depending on the condition of the device, it is worth considering different options for the disposal of a gas stove. Some of them will not only cost free, but will also allow you to get a small income.

Option # 1 - if the stove is in excellent condition

Often after repairing the kitchen or updating the equipment, it is necessary to get rid of the old household appliance, which is in excellent technical condition, able to serve for a long time.

Having advertised on boards that allow you to sell unnecessary things online, it is easy to find buyers who not only take out your old stove on their own, but also give money for it. Some sites publish user announcements in the print version of the publication, providing even greater audience reach. Groups of a similar direction are also found on social networks.

When planning the sale of an old gas stove, pay attention to the resources listed below:

  • Avito;
  • From hand to hand;
  • Yula;
  • BARAHLA.Net;
  • Sindom;
  • AcoolA;
  • In contact with.

To find a new home for the old gas stove, you must place an ad in the appropriate section of the newspaper or ask friends who need to update the equipment.

Another opportunity to take out the old, deadline, a gas stove for free, and also to take part in the lives of people in need is to give the appliance for free. The new owners themselves will come for the equipment.

Sample photo for sale of an old gas stove
With a little effort, you can easily sell an old gas stove to earn income, or donate it to those who need help

Not very often, but there are ads on the purchase of old gas stoves. If you have no desire to mess with posting ads, photographing the device and communicating with potential buyers, you can independently study the information on the websites, in social networking groups, to find ways to use the device with profit.

After submitting the application, the master will come to you, he:

  • examine the device;
  • evaluate his condition;
  • will assign the value that he is willing to pay.

The calculation is usually carried out on site, the buyers take out the device on their own.

Option # 2 - when the stove does not work

Not always the acquisition of a new appliance is associated with the desire to update your arsenal of home helpers, to get a more functional kitchen. Often a new stove is purchased only after the old one breaks down. What to do in a similar situation? We recommend that you familiarize yourself with gas stove replacement rules.

Also, options for getting rid of old equipment will come in handy. If you consider the most interesting, then it will not be difficult to find a suitable method for recycling the old gas stove.

When the stove looks perfect, and the breakdown is insignificant, you can repair it, then sell it profitably. Home repair services are common in most cities. Masters, in most cases, come for free. When ordering repairs for diagnostics, most often they don’t take money either.

Homemade from an old gas stove
Disposal of a failed gas stove will not be difficult if you include the imagination.The device can be repaired and profitably sold, remade, breathing new life into it, or handed over for disposal using the special offer in the technology market

After a call to the repair organization, the master will come to you at a predetermined time. It could be a day off, evening time, when you came home from work. If the repair cost is not very large, it is worth paying it to sell the stove with profit.

For home craftsmen, the disposal of the stove will not be a problem, since most of the failed devices go to remodels. From a failed device, you get an excellent brazier for a summer residence, a place for burning garbage, or another useful thing.

Due to the strength of the body, its refractory properties, homemade work will continue to benefit its owners for a long time.

Recycling share from the technology market
Using the promotions offered by large technology stores, it’s easy not only to hand over the old gas stove for disposal without hassle, but also to get a discount

When there is no desire or opportunity to do repairs or alterations, it is worth paying attention to the shares of large technology stores. Often stores not only take out old appliances for free, but also offer discounts on new appliances.

Looking through promotional offers, pay attention to the following retail chains:

  1. El Dorado It offers to take out a failed gas stove for free, provides a 20% discount on the purchase of new kitchen equipment when ordering recycling.
  2. M Video offers to pick up a new gas stove from his assortment, get a discount of up to 15,000 rubles for the purchase of a new stove, provides free removal, disposal of the old.
  3. Technosila when buying a new gas stove provides a discount of up to 10 000 rubles. After payment for the goods and delivery to the new stove, the removal and disposal of old gas equipment is free.
  4. Yulmart offers free removal, disposal of the old gas stove when providing a receipt for the purchase of new kitchen equipment.

Such promotions are held not only in the above trading networks. When planning to purchase a new gas stove, specify the conditions, the availability of discounts for the disposal of the old stove.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Properly organizing the disposal of household appliances today is easy. Taking the initiative, it’s easy to get a new homemade product for the cottage or to get money from the garbage, as shown in the video:

Specialized organizations that will take the stove for free, as well as large technology stores, scrap metal collection points, will become excellent helpers in the disposal of a household gas stove. The latter will not only take out the failed device for free, but also provide income to its owners.

You recently got rid of the old stove and want to tell other users about it? Share your experience, leave recommendations, ask questions - the feedback form is located below this article.

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