How does a thermal blanket work for gas cylinders: features of the device and use + selection tips

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The option of supplying gas in a cylinder is very relevant for owners of private houses and buildings, fishing and tourists, in a word, everywhere where there is no possibility to connect to the central gas pipeline. And most users consider the gas bottle to be a rather primitive device that will always work, because it has “nothing to break”. Do you agree?

But you should be prepared for the fact that in the winter season problems can suddenly overtake, when propane in the vessels begins to freeze, and the connected devices, including the stove or burner, simply cease to function. The use of artificial heaters for gas cylinders violates safety standards, affects the fuel supply conditions and affects the heat exchange of the apparatus with the environment. The weak flame of the burner after such manipulations can simply disappear. But what to do in such a situation for users who can not refuse to use bottled gas?

We will help to deal with this issue - in the article we will talk about how the thermal blanket for gas cylinders is arranged and works, which is considered one of the safest heaters. Consider the technical characteristics, as well as features of the use of such devices. We also provide basic recommendations for choosing a thermal blanket.

The device and principle of operation of the thermal blanket

In the cylinder, the gas is in a liquid state and under high pressure. Capacity season about 80%. In the case of fuel expansion caused, for example, by heating, an explosion will not occur.

First of all, during operation, the vapor phase of the gas is used, which rises. The liquid phase transforms into a vaporous state as fuel is consumed. This process accompanies the consumption of so-called fast molecules.

As a result of this process, the fluid loses energy and cools.The rate of temperature decrease depends on evaporation, as well as the presence of liquid in the cylinder. Gas supply will stop at a critical temperature mark. To prevent this from happening, users use special devices for heating - thermal blankets. Their features are considered in more detail below.

Alternative heating method
It is forbidden to wrap gas cylinders in insulating material. This type of insulation will stop heat transfer and only create the effect of “thermos”

When do I need additional cylinder heating?

Blankets for household gas cylinders should be used at temperatures close to -15 degrees Celsius. When the thermometer reaches -30 degrees, the operation of the balloon without a thermal blanket becomes impossible. This process is especially complicated in the winter season, as the freezing of the tank accelerates as the air temperature decreases.

Even in a room with an air temperature below zero, butane in the tank does not evaporate. From propane combustion, the boiler, convector and other gas-using devices go out. The remains of butane can be burned, but only at positive temperature, or you will have to change the cylinder to a filled one.

On the surface of the vessel can also hoarfrost due to the poor quality of the fuel, especially if gas stations in the cold season do not use a special type of propane-butane. Propane should prevail in such a mixture (“winter”), since it is this gas that evaporates even at subzero temperatures.

In more detail, the types and characteristics of gas mixtures were considered in this article of ours: Types of gas mixtures in cylinders for a gas stove.

Use of insulation in action
Heater for a gas cylinder does not eliminate the need to use a sensor for continuous monitoring of the volume fraction of propane. The device is suitable for use in public, administrative, domestic and residential premises

The device provides heating of the gas cylinder to a safe level of +40 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, complete evaporation of the mixture of propane and butane is achieved.

This principle of operation guarantees the stable operation of water heaters, convectors, boilers and stoves in the cold season, even at low temperatures.

Characteristics and advantages of insulation

To heat a cylinder with propane, it is necessary to use only safe devices, including a special thermal blanket.

Its main technical properties include the following:

  1. Heating is carried out to a temperature of +40 degrees Celsius, the maximum deviation is +/- 5 ° C.
  2. The device works from the network 220.
  3. Its power is 160 watts.
  4. At a temperature of -15 degrees Celsius, it consumes electricity of about 80 watts per hour.
  5. Unfolded size: 108 * 45 * 2, 116 * 103.2 cm.
  6. It weighs only 1 kg.
  7. Volume: 27, 40, 50 liters, suitable for 33.5 liter Ragasco bottle.
  8. Helps save electrical energy up to 30%.
  9. Service life - at least 3 years.
  10. There is an indicator of the availability of power from the network.

The cost of purchasing a heater will pay off in the first season, because the device allows you to save on the purchase of additional gas cylinders.

Even fuel consumption ensures stable operation of burners and stoves. The thermal blanket also normalizes the pressure inside the vessel and avoids dangerous situations due to a sharp temperature drop in the winter.

Gas cylinder after the explosion
Violation of the rules and operating technology is one of the most common causes of gas cylinder explosions. But a normal temperature difference can also provoke a dangerous situation, for example, if the cylinder was at sub-zero temperatures without insulation, and then it was brought into a warm room

It has a thermal blanket and other advantages:

  • does not lead to the formation of dangerous condensate;
  • suitable for use at any time of the year;
  • convenient in operation;
  • provides complete evaporation of the liquefied fraction;
  • robust construction;
  • quick removal and reinstallation;
  • custom production is possible - with certain dimensions and power;
  • safety of work is provided by explosion-proof cable entry;
  • eliminates the need for simultaneous use of several heat sources.

The thermal blanket is suitable for heating cylinders and special cabinet. The galvanized protective structure must be used for storage of cylinders, the volume of which is from 12 liters.

Classification and configuration of thermal blankets

There are several types of heater:

  1. Category "C", this type of thermal blanket is fire-resistant. The surface of the product is made of tarpaulin, the density of the material is 380 g / m2. Safety is provided by the fire-resistant mixture used to process the top of the blanket. Includes frost-resistant cable and plug.
  2. Category "B" - moisture resistant type of blanket. Its upper part is made of jacket fabric. As the inner layer, a heating nichrome wire in silicone insulation is used. Thermal insulation is a bulk synthetic winterizer - 300 g / m2.

A convenient cover is provided for storage and transportation, which comes with the kit.

After disconnecting the plug, it is necessary to remove the heater from the cylinder and place it in the protective pad.

Vessel for liquefied gas in the winter
To heat the gas cylinder, a more complex design can also be used: a cabinet with gas insulation for its upper part, as well as directly a thermal blanket

When carrying, the thermal blanket must also be disconnected from the mains. The cylinder should be stored in a place regulated by the Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels PB 10-115-96approved by the Resolution of the Gosgortekhnadzor of the Russian Federation.

Heater Recommendations

We examined how it works and what is a thermal blanket for a gas cylinder. Now let's talk about how to use it correctly.

Before using the thermal blanket, you should check the tightness of the cylinder, as well as gas-using equipment. If impermeability violations are detected, they should be eliminated. If external signs of heater malfunction are detected, including a defect in the power cable, disconnect the device.

We also recommend that you read the rules. safe use of cylinders at home.

Depending on the need, the thermal blanket can be connected for the entire period of operation or used intermittently.

In working condition, the heater is bent around the cylinder. The thermal blanket covers the entire surface of the container; Velcro is provided for fixing. Drawstring pulling on top opens access to the crane. To get started, just plug it into a power outlet.

Heater in the cabinet
Gas cylinders should be located at least one meter from radiators and other heating appliances. For heat sources with an open flame, the distance increases to 5 meters

The heater must not be used if sparks, smoke odors or insulation damage to the connecting cable are detected. It is forbidden to use in folded or shriveled form, as well as washing the product.

How to choose a thermal blanket?

Before buying, you should decide on type of cylinderto warm. It is important to consider the circumference, volume and dimensions.

As mentioned above, heaters are of a special design - moisture-proof and fire-resistant, they are distinguished from ordinary models by additional functions.

Rime on a gas bottle
When using multiple cylinders, the valves on the ramp should be left open. This will help ensure even fuel consumption between them.

The quality of the device can also be determined by several signs:

  • by heating time;
  • if possible, maintain the desired temperature;
  • by the uniform distribution of heat;
  • tightness of the blanket.

It should also be borne in mind that the cord should not protrude at the top of the end of the blanket, otherwise, this can lead to continuous bending of the cable and its further failure.

A blanket for heating a gas cylinder of standard sizes can also be used for plastic containers with a volume of 18 liters. This will save on the order of insulation for standard sizes.

But not only a thermal blanket will help to warm a cylinder. Other safe ways we covered in the next article.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic:

The following video plots will tell you how to determine the type of heater for a gas cylinder and install them correctly.

Overview of the electric vaporizer for a gas cylinder:

Why gas freezes and how to avoid freezing of the cylinder:

How to make a heater yourself:

Thermo blanket saves about a third of the contents of the gas cylinder. Using the device eliminates the hassle of moving heavy gas containers into a heated room. Maintenance of insulation does not require much effort. It is enough to use the cover that comes with the kit. With proper use, the device will last more than one year, but if any violations occur, you should definitely seek help from specialists.

Do you have questions about the use of insulation, found inaccurate information about how the thermal blanket works, or want to advise something? Leave your wishes, express your opinion, share your experience of use - the feedback form is located below the text.

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