What are the penalties for unauthorized connection of a gas column, replacement and transfer?

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Are you planning to install or change gas equipment in your own apartment or house? But improper connection of equipment poses a threat to the life and health of all residents of the building. Agree, it is unreasonable to endanger your family and neighbors. In addition, such actions are illegal and you may face a large fine or even imprisonment.

In order to prevent undesirable consequences, in this article we will try to understand in more detail what fines for unauthorized connection of a gas column, its dismantling and transfer are provided for by applicable law. And also find out how an unauthorized connection to the gas pipeline is determined.

Definition of unauthorized connection

Gas is delivered to residential units using a sophisticated system highwaysintra house gas pipelines, multifunctional unitsGDS. An unauthorized connection is any attempt to connect gas equipment to engineering structures designed to transport fuel.

There are several types of gas equipment:

  • column;
  • gas convectors;
  • boiler for heating;
  • kitchen stove;
  • oven;
  • hob;
  • other things.

TOhouse building gas devices include control valves and highways. Unauthorized pipe installation anduncounted blue fuel consumption.

AT Section 88 (1)VIII Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation N 410 dated 05/14/2013 (updated on 01/01/2019) "On measures to ensure safety during use and maintenance house building and in-gas equipment ”indicated that manipulation of gas equipment, including repair, shutdown and resumption of gas supply, can only be carried out by authorized organizations.

Gas stove in the kitchen
All types of gas equipment must undergo regular maintenance. The consumer does not have the right to refuse service on his own

All devices consuming “blue fuel” are listed in the gas supply agreement. When connecting devices, the subscriber receives one copy of the commissioning certificate. Missing Document on one of the devices is regarded by the controlling department as unauthorized accession.

Clause 3 of Section I of the aforementioned Decree No. 410 has the right to check the technical condition and availability of supporting documents by employees of the organization with which maintenance contract concluded. Departure of gas service workers can be planned and unscheduled, according to its results an act is drawn up.

The document contains several required information:

  • date of inspection;
  • data of both the subscriber and the employees who performed the check;
  • device status
  • a description of the identified defects (if any);
  • place of compilation.

Specialists are required to report unauthorized connections to their management. The emergency service draws up an act of unauthorized actions. The document must be signed by the subscriber who has violated the law. Otherwise, the organization will have no reason to transfer the case to court.

Penalties for Violations
In addition to charging penalties, other measures of influence can also be taken against the violator. The supplier has the right to cut off the consumer from the line

Responsibility for unauthorized connection

Unauthorized connection of the column and other gas-using equipment, insertion into the gas pipeline, damage to the pipeline or facilities technologically connected with it - all these and similar actions are punishable. The violator may face not only a fine with redress, but an admin. or even criminal liability. More on this later.

Presumptive punishment

Section 7.19 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation) provides for criminal or administrative liability for unauthorized connection of gas devices.

For unauthorized start-up of gas in a private house or apartment, provided that all utilities are failed, but permission to connect has not been issued, you will have to pay from ten to fifteen thousand rubles. Business entities face 100 to 200 thousand rubles, the exact amount of sanctions will be determined by the court.

In case of serious consequences, as a result of unauthorized connection, criminal liability may be applied to the violator, according to st. 158 and 109 Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Such measures of social coercion are prescribed to persons if one or more of the following facts is present in their actions:

  • leak / theft in significant volumes;
  • damage or bringing into a state unsuitable for operation, pipelines and technologically related intra house objects, structures, devices;
  • life threatened or the health of residents of the house or gas organization specialists.

A public authority may decide to imprison for up to 24 months. The subscriber must provide permits for household appliances, an agreement with the gas service, receipts for payment for gas consumption.

Column soot pollution
The consumer is obliged to conduct timely cleaning of gas column components and elements. During operation, soot, soot and dust accumulate on the device

An example of calculating a surcharge for damage

In addition to fines for a proven offense, the consumer also obliged to cover the expenses of the organizationsupplying gas. The amount of damage depends on the period: as a rule, the surcharge is considered from the moment of the last inspection, but not more than six months before the illegal action is completely eliminated.

Consider an example:

  1. During a scheduled inspection on March 1, employees of the gas organization did not reveal a violation.
  2. An unscheduled departure on April 31 showed the fact of unauthorized connection of equipment.
  3. Fixed violation on May 14th.

Surcharge will be calculated in 74 days.. In the interests of the subscriber, it is possible to correct all defects as quickly as possible, since the elimination is considered from the moment of confirmation by the regulatory authorities.

Subsequent calculations take into account the power of gas-powered equipment.

For example, for a Bosch water heater Therm 4000 O WR13 the size of the charges will be as follows:

  • according to the product data sheet, the amount of gas consumed is 2.8 m3/ h;
  • with round-the-clock operation of the device, the speaker consumes 4972.8 m3 for 74 settlement days;
  • suppose that the local tariff for the population is set at 8.33 rubles per m3.

Considering all the initial data, the surcharge will be 41 423, 42 rubles.

Bosch Column Therm 4000 O WR13
To install geysers such as Bosch Therm 4000 O WR13, you must take care of the presence of a chimney. Technical characteristics provide for the mandatory presence of natural air draft

Fines for unauthorized installation of the column

There is a fine line between legal and illegal in terms of installation of gas equipment. Self-installation of the column is allowed - hanging the device casing on the wall and connecting the device to the water supply. Subsequent connection to the gas main has the right to perform only gas servicesand.

The installation of a water heater in an apartment and a private house should begin with the choice of location and preparation of documents.

The room must comply with the following requirements specified in the Building Code and Rules SNiP 2.04.08-87:

  • ceiling height - at least two meters;
  • area - from 8 m²;
  • the ventilation system is in good condition - a window with a window, a door with a gap in the lower part.

There are several general rules for connecting a gas column:

  • water supply pressure is not less than 0.1 Atm;
  • the place of attachment should be made of non-combustible materials - asbestos sheet or tile can be used as a coating;
  • optimal parameters when connected to the chimney - length is from 30 cm, the inner diameter is less than 12 cm, the slope angle is 3 degrees;
  • the distance from the stove and other objects is at least 10 cm.

The water supply is carried out using a flexible hose. The hollow tube should be made of flexible material, its length - not more than 2.5 meters.

The consumer should prepare the following package of documents:

  • an act from the fire service confirming the serviceability of the ventilation system and the chimney;
  • permission of the gas service to carry out the installation in accordance with the project;
  • the project itself;
  • documents for a gas column, passport;
  • application for gas system repair work.

During the initial installation of the column, the subscriber must submit a request for redevelopment to the city administration; upon completion of work, the project should be submitted to the technical inventory bureau.

Read more about the standards and requirements for installing a gas column in this stuff.

Installation of a geyser in the kitchen
It is forbidden to install the column above the stove if the distance between the devices is less than 10 cm

The column is mounted in the following sequence:

  • on the wall it is necessary to prepare a marking;
  • then make holes;
  • install fasteners;
  • to hang the case;
  • at this stage, you can install water filters;
  • embed tee into the pipe;
  • bring the hot and cold pipe to the device;
  • then you need to make sure that there is traction;
  • connect the end of the pipe to the pipe, the other to the chimney.

Direct gas connection must be carried out by a gas service representative. The average cost of installation is from 2.5 thousand rubles.

Unauthorized column replacement and transfer

As we already managed to find out with you, various types of punishments are provided only for independent work with gas.Next, consider what threatens the consumer unauthorized replacement or transfer of the column.

What is the threat of self-replacement column?

We found that the installation and dismantling of an unconnected device is the right of the consumer to conduct independently or to attract third parties.

Paragraph 10 of Section II Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 14, 2019 N 410 established that the replacementhouse building or indoor equipment should be carried out by a specialized organization.

Independent manipulations with the replacement of gas equipment, in particular columns, will entail a number of consequences.

So, according to Art. 7.19 The Code of Administrative Offenses will be assessed a fine in the amount of from ten to fifteen thousand rubles, civil servants are sanctioned in the amount of 30-90 thousand rubles, penalties from 100 to 200 thousand rubles are applied to business entities.

AND Art. 38 Federal Law N 69-FZ “On Fire Safety” dated December 21, 1994 states that property owners may be held administratively or criminally liable for violating fire safety.

Connecting communications to a speaker
It is forbidden to install a geyser in rooms where households stay for a long time, for example, rest or sleep

Violation of the rules for the use of gas in everyday life in terms of self-replacement of gas devices leads to liability provided Articles 165 of the Criminal Code.

For property damage caused, a fine is imposed in the form of a fine for an unauthorized replacement of a geyser up to eighty thousand rubles or the size of the main income of a convicted person with imprisonment up to 24 months. Other types of influence can also be applied - correctional labor for a period of up to two years, with arrest up to 12 months.

Consequences of unauthorized column transfer

The process of dismantling and reinstalling the water heater is not complicated. But the unauthorized transfer of the gas column will regarded as an offense.

The measure of liability and the amount of penalties depend on the assessment of the unlawful action. So, the amount of sanctions for an administrative offense, according to Art. 7.19 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, ranges from ten to fifteen thousand rubles.

But paragraph “b” of the part 3 articles 158 of the Criminal Code criminal liability for transferring a water heater is determined if illegal actions resulted in property damage or loss of life (for example, if column exploded and there are victims). In this case, the fine for the transfer of a household gas column can be from one hundred to five hundred thousand rubles. For this type of offense, arrest is also provided for up to six years, or forced labor for up to five years.

Securing the column structure to the wall
For independent fastening of the structure you will need a drill with a set of drills, anchors, screws, a laser level

Before starting work, the consumer should consider the following:

  • unauthorized transfer can serve as the basis for turning off the gas supply;
  • installation of a water heater is prohibited on load-bearing structures;
  • transfer is possible only provided that the distance from the original location does not exceed 1.5 meters;
  • To install the device on another wall, you must apply for a change in the technical documentation.

There is also the option of legitimizing a gas column transfer already completed - just go to court or collect the documents listed in 26 article Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

Violation of the rules for operating a gas column

During the next check, a technical malfunction of the devices can be detected. If the device does not meet the standards of safe operation, the gas organization has the right to suspend the supply of fuel. Penalties for this are not provided, but all costs associated with the shutdown are borne by the subscriber.

Owners of geysers must perform basic terms of use of equipment regarding the control of normal air exchange, keeping the device clean. The consumer also agrees not to block faucets, gas pipes and hoses with furniture.

AT article 9.23 The Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation states that for the absence of a maintenance contract, the subscriber is required to pay from 1 to 2 thousand rubles. For refusal of regular maintenance and inspection of gas equipment in a residential building, sanctions in the same amount are provided.

Professional installation and speaker connection
For the installation of the column, you can invite not only the gas service, but also any organization licensed to carry out such work

After the column has reached the end of its life, the company will diagnose the device by stopping the supply of gas. As a result of the inspection, an order to replace the device or permission for further operation is issued.

Re-fixing violations specified in article 9.23 Code of Administrative Violations of the Russian Federation, entails an increase in the amount of sanctions from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Responsibility for the lack of meters when using gas columns is not provided.

If you are not satisfied with the terms of your gas contract with the service organization and you intend to break it, we recommend that you read termination procedure and "pitfalls" of this process.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The video shows in detail what the unauthorized installation of a geyser is dangerous:

How to install a geyser without fines, you can learn from the following plot:

Installation, connection and replacement of gas equipment requires a special approach. Observing all the rules and regulations, you can create comfortable and safe conditions in your home or apartment. In this case, the water heater will delight you with its serviceability and hot water for a long time.

Do you have questions about the consequences of unauthorized connection of a household gas column? Ask them in the comments section - our experts and other site visitors will try to help you.

If you have useful information on fines for self-connecting gas equipment and how to avoid them, share it with other users. Leave your comments, take part in the discussion of this burning issue.

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