Penalties for gas meters: the reasons for imposing penalties for meters and the amount of penalties

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Gas meters make it possible to pay only for the amount of fuel that was actually used by you. Which quite often turns out to be very beneficial to consumers. But to selection and purchase, the installation and operation of the flowmeter did not result in unnecessary expenses and a headache, you should follow the rules and be guided by the letter of the law in this matter.

Agree that paying a fine for gas meters, or rather for their improper installation or use, is not a pleasant waste of money. Avoiding multiple sanctions is easy enough. And all that is needed for this is to know and comply with the requirements of the law. In our article, we will talk in detail about what you can be fined for and what to do in a particular situation regarding the installation or operation of a gas meter.

When are people fined for gas meters?

Gas consumers may be punished for misuse of equipment designed to control the consumption of “blue” fuel in several situations.

So, actions or inaction of gas users can result in fines in such cases:

  • with deliberate damage to sealsimposed by the so-called eligible officials (representatives of gorgaz (raigaz);
  • in case of failure to report counter;
  • with unauthorized connection of the meter to existing gas networks;
  • in case of violation of the current rules for safe use domestic gas equipment.

All of these actions can be regarded as a violation in accordance with the requirements specified in the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code. Namely in Art. 7.19, Art. 9.23, and Art. 19.2 current version Administrative Code of the Russian Federation . AT Criminal Code of the Russian Federation fines for misuse of meters are stated in Art. 158, Art. 215.3.

What consumers are fined for
Consumers should remember that they are responsible not only for reading the gas meter, but also for the accuracy and operability of this device.Therefore, on a regular basis, it should be monitored for serviceability, to carry out the necessary verification work. And if necessary, take timely measures to troubleshoot and replace. That is, to inform gas managers about problems

And then about the above reasons in detail.

Reason # 1 - intentional damage to fillings

Deliberate damage to seals can lead to a warning or a fine, the size of which is 100-300 rubles. Amount not impressed? But an insignificant fine can only become part of the sanctions, and the most insignificant. Since in some cases representatives of gorgazs (ryegas) have the right to consider intentional damage to officially installed seals on meters, for an attempt to ignore consumption.

Sanctions for these actions are provided for in Article 7.19 of the current Administrative Code. Where the specified act is called unauthorized connection to gas pipelines. For this, a gas consumer who violates the requirements of the law will have to transfer 10-15 thousand rubles to the budget.

Gas meter
Gas meters are equipment designed to control the flow of energy. And it’s not worth interfering in his work, which will help to avoid troubles

In the event that a deliberate breakdown of seals imposed by gasmen is recognized as repeated unauthorized connection, the amount of the fine will be at least 80 thousand rubles. This is stated in Art. 215.3 of the current version of the Criminal Code.

But all of the listed penalties for neglecting the use of fuel can be applied if it is proved that this violation was committed intentionally.

Reason # 2 - ncounter breakage message

When users have discovered a malfunction of the gas flow meter, it should be reported immediately to the gas distribution company.

If this is not done, then the fact that the meter will be inoperative will be detected by the gas distribution company specialists at the first inspection. And such an act can be regarded as an unauthorized connection to gas pipelines. In this case, sanctions are threatened, the sizes of which are identical to those indicated in the previous paragraph of the article.

Damaged seal
Even accidentally damaged seals can become a source of great financial problems. Therefore, immediately after identifying a problem, it should immediately be reported to the responsible persons of the gas distribution company

You should be aware that a penalty for failure to report a faulty gas meter can be imposed by misunderstanding. Practice shows that this is exactly what happens periodically if a consumer who detects a breakdown of a control device calls 04 or any other established number of duty services. The operators of which are required to transmit this information to representatives of gas distribution companies.

But sometimes, due to confusion, the necessary information is not provided or is not provided in full by the duty service. As a result, it is believed that the arrivals of gas workers have revealed a breakdown and, accordingly, there is a basis for imposing sanctions.

In such cases, you will have to prove your case, which is sometimes difficult. Therefore, the situation should not be left to chance, but it is better to report the problem immediately to both instances.

Reason # 3 - withunauthorized connection to gas pipelines

This kind of violation was mentioned in each paragraph of the article. And this is no coincidence, since consumers cause the most damage to the state precisely because of unaccounted gas consumption.

Therefore, the legislation provides for harsh measures of influence. And a fine for the specified act can result in almost any improper consumer action, if there is intent.

Gas meter failure
If for some reason you do not inform in time about the problem with the gas meter, then the representatives of the gas distribution company have the right to regard this as an attempt to use the situation for personal gain. What can be expensive

For a clear understanding of the situation, it should be understood that unauthorized connection of the meter with intent is:

  • Gas consumption in a situation when the fuel consumption control device is installed in the gas pipeline construction on its own or with the assistance of an unqualified master who is not entitled to such work. According to the rules meter installation must be performed by official representatives of the gas distribution company, followed by sealing and compilation of accounting records.
  • Gas consumption when the meter does not record fuel used, and the consumer did not report this to the gas distribution company.
  • Damage to an officially installed seal if the consumer has not reported this and continued to use gas equipment.
  • The use of any illegal means or devices to reduce the gas consumption of the meter.

A feature of each specified case is self-interest. Which was not in the commission of the acts described in the previous paragraphs of the article.

Unauthorized connection
It should be noted that the most severe penalties are provided for cases of unauthorized connection of any equipment to gas pipelines. And this category of violations includes situations with a torn seal and a broken meter that were not reported to gas workers

Moreover, self-interest is the reason that the act is considered intentional, which is the basis for calculating penalties. And at times more impressive than in most other cases.

Unauthorized connection of the meter to gas pipelines is punished according to the articles mentioned above:

  • CAO, Art. 7.19;
  • Criminal Code, Art. 215.3, as well as Art. 158.

The punishment of the offender in each specific situation depends on the severity of the deed.

So, a fine will be imposed in accordance with the article of the Code of Administrative Offenses and its amount will be within a considerable 10-15 thousand rubles, if the violation, which can be interpreted as unauthorized connection of measuring equipment, is committed:

  • for the first time;
  • without collusion with other persons;
  • without consequences in the form of accidents.

If the act of the gas consumer is contrary to the characteristics specified in any of the 3 paragraphs, then he will be assigned to the criminal penalty. And the punishment will be imposed in accordance with article 215.3 of the Criminal Code, which states that a person who has made an unauthorized connection to a gas pipeline repeatedly must pay a fine, the amount of which can reach an impressive 80 thousand rubles.

In some cases, the amount of the fine may not be fixed, but equal to wages or any other income for the past six months.

Gas theft
Worse than unauthorized connections can only be theft of gas. The fines for theft reach hundreds of thousands of rubles. Moreover, these sanctions are imposed both for theft and for equivalent repeated unauthorized connection

The above act, committed with selfish ends and entailing damage to gas pipelines, equipment used with it, will lead to a fine that will have to be paid for many years. Since its size will be in the range of 400-500 thousand rubles. In any other case, everything will end with the restriction of freedom or its deprivation.

You should know that in Art. 158 the term “unauthorized connection” does not appear anymore, since the offense is called “theft from the gas pipeline”. For which a rather impressive fine is provided. So the offender will have to part with at least one hundred thousand rubles. And the maximum size is set at around half a million rubles.

A fine of the indicated size may be replaced by another punishment. Namely, the perpetrator will have to transfer his income (for example, wages) to the state for 1-3 years. In this case, payments are made in installments, the amount of which will be equal to the percentage established by the court of the actual income or a fixed amount.

It should be remembered that most methods of unauthorized connection are dangerous for the life of the intruder and the people nearby.

Reason # 4 - nsecurity breach

Domestic legislation requires that gas consumers timely perform maintenance and repair work on gas equipment used. And, if this requirement is not complied with, the perpetrator will face a fine of 1-2 thousand rubles.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to check gas meter without removing at home.

Security measures
If a gas consumer by his actions poses a threat to the lives of nearby citizens, then he should be punished - this is stated in the requirements set forth in the legislation. Therefore, all work with counters must be carried out in a timely manner and in full

How much will you have to pay if the consumer did not let representatives of gas organizations who arrived to check, service or repair the meters into housing?

The penalty for untimely replacement of the used gas meter will be 1-2 thousand rubles. Such a rule is relevant if the specified operation is necessary in accordance with the rules for ensuring the safe use of gas domestic equipment, and the consumer evades from fulfilling his duties.

The procedure, rules and timing of work when replacing a gas meter, we examined in detail in this article.

Any repeated act will lead to the need to part with 2-5 thousand rubles.

When are consumers fined?

There are no other reasons for imposing a fine, including for the non-installation of a gas meter, since the relevant legislation is not provided for in Russian law.

That is, there is no penalty for the lack of a gas meter (since January 2019) in residential buildings that are heated with gas or if they are equipped with production equipment. Since United Russia considered that this would negatively affect the welfare of blue fuel consumers.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the meter transfer rules, the features of smart meters, as well as the possibility of free installation or even refusal to install gas meters. We examined all these issues in detail in our other articles:

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The first video contains information about the features of the operation of meters and how to protect their interests from the actions of gas workers.

The following material describes the theft of gases and penalties for this act.

The legislation contains a number of requirements, according to which a gas consumer may be fined for improper operation of meters. Moreover, both for some actions and inaction. And they can punish the most severely for unauthorized connection to gas pipelines if malicious intent is revealed. But you should remember that a fine is not a final decision. And if it is unfair, then it is worth challenging it in court.

Still have questions about fines after reading our article? Ask them to our experts in the comments section.

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