Moving a gas stove within the kitchen and into another room: transfer rules and the procedure for its coordination

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With an individual approach to the planning of your apartment, a necessary measure is the transfer of a gas stove within the kitchen or even to another room. Currently, the layout of apartments made according to standard architectural schemes does not always suit the owners. The standards used in the construction of houses do not allow the maximum distribution of the useful area of ​​the kitchen. That is why the transfer of the gas stove and the coordination of this process are currently quite relevant.

Nevertheless, it is not so difficult to solve the problem of transferring the plate; it is enough to correctly approach and perform a simple algorithm of actions. This article discusses all the necessary steps, the implementation of which will help to re-plan and move the gas stove without violating fire safety rules, which will further isolate from undesirable problems associated with this operation.

Moving a gas stove in the kitchen

You do not know if a gas stove can be moved within the kitchen? Then you should carefully read the rules of operation of residential premises. So, in accordance with Resolution of the Gosstroy of the Russian Federation No. 170 dated September 27, 2003, “On the Approval of the Rules and Standards for the Technical Maintenance of the Housing Fund”, moving the gas stove within the kitchen, if the length of the gas hose allows, is not an installation of the gas system, and accordingly it is not prohibited.

Therefore, the gas stove can be moved independently, as long as the length allows hoseconnecting a plate with stationary communications. At the same time, the hose itself must not be pulled - it must hang freely. Such an operation will not be a redevelopment, therefore, does not require coordination.

If it is planned to move the stove, as a result of which there will be interference in the gas supply system, then this operation will already be considered a redevelopment and will require creating a detailed diagram and harmonization with government bodies.

Gas stove hose
The length of the hose for the gas stove can be no more than 4 meters. This length allows, if necessary, to move the gas stove yourself during the repair work or when creating a designer style in the kitchen. Experts do not recommend the use of metal hoses, since the inner rubber layer wears out quickly and leaks can occur

Before planning the movement of the slab, you need to know what is prohibited during the redevelopment.

What is forbidden to change during redevelopment?

According to requirements Housing Code Of the Russian Federation, when making changes inside the premises, it is prohibited:

  • to worsen living conditions;
  • change or eliminate the ventilation system;
  • combine a kitchen with a gas stove with a living room;
  • combine the kitchen with a balcony;
  • damage the internal structure of the apartment.

Thus, it will be possible to coordinate the movement of the gas stove if, in the proposed project, officials do not see any of the above items.

Gas stove transfer requirements

The main condition for redevelopment is compliance with all established standards.

They are formulated (spelled out in detail) in the following regulatory legal acts:

  • AT fire safety requirements buildings (Federal Law “Technical Regulation on Fire Safety Requirements” of 07.22.2008 N 123-ФЗ).
  • In the rules of work in gas distribution systems (“SP 62.13330.2011 *. Set of rules. Gas distribution systems. The updated edition of SNiP 42-01-2002 ″ (approved by Order of the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia dated December 27, 2010 N 780).
  • AT technical regulations on the safety of buildings and structures (Federal Law “Technical Regulation on the Safety of Buildings and Structures” dated December 30, 2009 N 384-ФЗ).
  • In hygiene requirements SanPiN 2.2.1

These documents are approved at the state level and are mandatory.

Adjustment of gas pipe for stove transfer
When designing the design of the future kitchen, you should initially prepare communications for installing a gas stove. This should be agreed in the contract with the developer, or done with the help of specialists before putting the house

Among the requirements can be identified such:

  • the connection of the gas stove to the gas supply system must be carried out with a single integral hose; building up or connecting with several hoses is strictly prohibited;
  • the hose must not cross the gas pipe;
  • it is forbidden to place a gas stove outside the kitchen, including the transfer and installation of a gas stove in another room, in the corridor and in the basement;
  • gas pipes must be freely accessible; all sections of the pipeline must be accessible for visual inspection;
  • availability required kitchen door;
  • Mandatory presence of a window with a window;
  • the gas tap should be next to the gas stove, but outside the heating zone, it is forbidden to place it above the stove or outside the kitchen;
  • must be provided gas tap;
  • the gas pipeline must not cross the electric cable, there must be a distance of at least 10 cm between them;
  • the stove cannot be near the window; installation in kitchens or rooms without natural light is prohibited;
  • the minimum distance from the window or from the door should exceed 50 cm;
  • installation of a gas stove next to the refrigerator or any other refrigeration equipment is prohibited (we also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the location information refrigerator near the gas pipe);
  • each gas device requires a separate gas valve to which the gas pipe must be supplied without threaded connections;
  • horizontal sections of the gas pipe should be at a height of more than 50 cm from the floor.

Punctual fulfillment of these requirements primarily ensures operational safety gas equipment. Therefore, it is important to comply with them.

The location of the kitchen furniture relative to the gas pipe
The gas pipe should always be accessible for inspection. The cabling or sheathing with its box is prohibited. It is possible to hide it inside the furniture, while it should be freely accessible

It is worth remembering that a gas stove will be the main work surface in the kitchen. Therefore, when redeveloping, it is worth taking care that the approach to it is convenient, and further use is comfortable and safe.

Redevelopment Procedure

Any significant redevelopment should begin with agreement. All. with regard to gas equipment, this is work with increased danger, therefore, interference and deviation from the standard can be considered a gross violation, as well as entail various kinds of consequences, up to administrative punishment. Therefore, in order to correctly move the gas stove to another place, it is necessary to comply with all the norms prescribed in the legislation.

It should not be forgotten that gas equipment is technically sophisticated and all installation work is extremely dangerous. Perform such work should only gas company specialists.

To start the redevelopment, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply to gas supply systems that are prescribed SNiP 41-01-2003. This document, developed back in the Soviet Union, has undergone several changes at present and regulates the procedure for conducting gas pipes and the location of a gas stove in the kitchen.

A gas stove installed in accordance with all the rules
The presence of natural light in the kitchen is a must. The minimum allowable dimensions of door and window openings are prescribed in SanPiN 2.2.1 They are calculated based on the needs of the human visual system.

Thus, even in order to transfer gas supply to the stove in the apartment, it is necessary to comply with all requirements and the mandatory call of specialists to carry out the work.

Obtaining permission to redevelop consists of several stages. Let's consider them in more detail.

Stage 1 - writing an application for the transfer of the plate

first you have to write an application for the transfer and inspection of the premises for the possibility of redevelopment.

After examination by a specialist and drawing up a plate transfer scheme, it will be necessary to contact the BTI. There, an opinion is issued on the condition of the building at the present time on the basis of which an analysis of the possibility of redevelopment is carried out.

It will also be necessary to purchase a floor plan, which will be used in the formation of the project.

Stage 2 - obtaining an opinion and its approval

Next, you should get an opinion from the Department of Overhaul in the Administration of the village. This conclusion is based on a document from the BTI.

This is followed by agreement with the fire supervision authority. This is a necessary stage, which should not be ignored, since it is this authority that can not only fine, but also completely prohibit redevelopment. For approval, in addition to the conclusion, a redevelopment plan will be needed.

For approval, the following documents will be required:

  • passport;
  • document confirming ownership of the apartment;
  • floor plan of the house;
  • planned redevelopment plan;
  • redevelopment contract;
  • extract from the house book;
  • written consent to the redevelopment of all tenants of the apartment
  • BTI technical report;
  • extract from the personal account, confirming the absence of debts for utilities.

Preparation of documents and their signing can take from one to three months.But obtaining permission to redevelopment helps in the future not to encounter unwanted problems.

Gas stove transfer within the kitchen
Obtaining permission to redevelop and transfer a gas stove is a prerequisite. In the absence of permission and completed redevelopment, further sale of the apartment with re-registration will be impossible

Stage 3 - appeal to the housing inspection

The last stage is an appeal to the housing inspectorate and the architecture department under the administration of the village. These authorities make the final decision on the possibility of redevelopment.

Obtaining permission is a rather complicated operation. However, a clear passage of these bureaucratic steps will save you from unnecessary problems in the future.

Prerequisites for negotiating transfer

As mentioned above, the transfer of a gas stove necessarily requires coordination, and in some cases, transfer is not possible at all.

So, it is forbidden to create a kitchen in any other living room. If you do not agree on the redevelopment, then all this can lead to fines and litigation, as a result of which, if the court decisions are not followed, the apartment can be lost altogether. Therefore, even if you are planning to transfer the gas supply to the household gas stove in the apartment, this step must be agreed upon.

We recommend that you read which are provided penalties safety when using gas equipment.

Cooker hood
A cooker hood is a necessary element in the kitchen, where a lot of cooking. But when installing it, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions: compliance with the established distances from the stove to the hood, the compliance of the hood power of the kitchen area

However, there are a couple of redevelopment options that are usually approved and can be completed.

To transfer a gas stove to another non-residential room, several conditions must be met:

  • the room where the gas stove will be located should be isolated from other residential premises;
  • natural light is required;
  • a gas pipe coming up to the stove should not be led through the living quarters;
  • ventilation duct from the main house exhaust ventilation.

Thus, the implementation of these requirements will guarantee that the redevelopment project is approved.

It is worth noting that in apartments located on the first and second floors, where there are no other residential premises below, it is possible to transfer the gas stove to any other room, the main thing is that the conditions described above are met.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

These videos show the practice described in the article. This video shows a kitchen decoration option in which gas pipes are hidden using kitchen furniture. Placing a gas hose as shown in the video is prohibited:

This video shows how specialists carry out the transfer of a gas pipe in the kitchen. Here everything is carried out in accordance with the requirements put forward:

This video, shot by one of the TV channels, tells about the reasons (why not) and the consequences of the illegal transfer of a gas stove:

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that it is possible to move the plates within the kitchen, if the length of the hose used to connect it allows it to remain unstretched. Moreover, such an operation is not even considered a redevelopment. Also, the gas stove can be moved to another room subject to a number of conditions and with the obligatory approval of the redevelopment in the relevant state bodies.

Want to share your experience with moving a gas stove? Or do you have questions that we did not touch on in this article? Ask them to our experts and visitors, write your comments and other interesting information that may be useful to other users.

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