Malfunctions of the Darin gas stove: frequent breakdowns and methods for their elimination

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Last update: November 2019

Over time, all gas stoves tend to break, regardless of brand of technology. The gas stove of the domestic manufacturer Darina, which after several years of operation may fail, was no exception. Depending on the type of malfunction of the Darin gas stove, it is possible to carry out repairs yourself, having previously studied the features of the device equipment of this brand.

You see, it’s much more profitable to repair equipment with your own hands than to spend time and money on calling a master.

Among the most common malfunctions of Darin’s equipment is the gas control system shutdown, cracking on the electric ignition candle, and breakage of the oven door. Repair of a Darin gas stove will not require special knowledge and skills from you, which means that you can find all the necessary information regarding methods for eliminating breakdowns of such equipment in our article.

Typical failures of the gas stove Darina

As practice shows, in connection with the daily use of a gas stove, the first auto-ignition system fails. A rather fragile device can break down due to accidental ingress of water or food into the spark generation unit, which is why the function simply stops working.

To eliminate such a problem, it is enough to determine which particular part failed, and replace it with a new element.

Brush cleaning with a wire brush
Before replacing a supposedly broken part, it is recommended to clean it with a simple brush, because in most cases it is pollution that causes the equipment to stop working

To maintain the proper operation of the gas stove, it is important to clean not only the hob, but the control panel, including the internal parts of the cabinet, in a timely manner.

But far from always the equipment breaks down only because of pollution, which means that it is worthwhile to consider in more detail the most frequent breakdowns of the Darin gas stove.

Plate electric ignition failure

When you try to light a burner, a noticeable click may be observed, after which a spark usually appears, but not in this case. If only one burner does not turn on, then the problem most likely is the cessation of the operation of the piezoelectric ignition electrode (candle). Due to prolonged use of the gas stove, a crack may appear on the ceramic surface of the candle, due to which electric ignition stops working.

Often the auto-ignition function fails due to damage to the wire connecting the electrode and the spark generation unit. There is only one way to confirm a failure - remove the cover of the stove and press the ignition button. If the wire is damaged, then in the area of ​​the broken area you will see a spark slipping on the plate body.

Gas stove with auto ignition
The electric ignition function may not work on all burners of the stove, including the oven, which means only one thing - the ignition unit is out of order, and requires urgent replacement

In both cases, it will be necessary to replace the broken part, so that restore the piezo ignition system. The first thing you need to do is disconnect the appliance from the power supply, however, before you open the top cover of the Darin gas stove, you must remove all burners.

If two or all four burners do not work, you will have to purchase a new ignition unit, and replace it yourself.

Failure of the gas control system

All modern models of Darin gas stoves are equipped with a gas control system, which ensures the safe operation of equipment. In parallel with the electric ignition candle, a flame sensor is located on the burner - a thermocouple that, when heated, generates an electric current. If the thermocouple is working properly, the valve opens to supply gas to the burner.

Otherwise, immediately after releasing the knob, the combustion will stop, which means only one thing - the electromagnetic valve did not work, and the flow of the combustible mixture to the burner is completely shut off.

The thermocouple may stop working due to elementary damage to the part itself, which is a wire connecting the flame sensor to the solenoid valve.

Gas oven thermocouple
If you did not find any damage on the thermocouple, then before installing a new system, it is worth trying to clean the flame sensor of accumulated fat

If even after cleaning the burner flame continues to die out, you will have to purchase a new thermocouple, and replace it by yourself. Since the Darin gas stove has its own structural features, the part should be selected in accordance with its model.

If possible, it is better to buy an original thermocouple - this will guarantee a long service life of the gas stove.

Burner nozzle clogging

The problem of contamination of the nozzle (nozzle) of the gas stove may occur due to the ingress of fat, detergents and gas combustion products. In this case, the repair will consist in cleaning the nozzle nozzle, while it is best to use a wooden toothpick.

Since it is far from always possible to efficiently clean the nozzle opening, it is recommended to disassemble the plate for better access to the part.

To do this, you need to remove the top panel, having previously unscrewed a few bolts, remove the nozzle, and clean it from clogging. If necessary, the toothpick can be made a little thinner so that it can fit in the nozzle hole.

Gas burner nozzle
When cleaning the nozzle, it is not recommended to use metal objects such as wire, paper clip or needle, as this may cause internal damage to the part

The most frequent failures of the nozzles concern only their pollution, therefore it is extremely rare to change the part.

Need jet replacement Darina can only occur in a gas stove if you decide to switch from stationary blue fuel to liquefied gas from cylinders, and / or vice versa.

How to disassemble a gas stove?

Repairing Darin's equipment may require certain knowledge and skills, which is why it is so important to know how to properly disassemble a gas stove with your own hands. The first thing you need to do is disconnect the device from the outlet and close the gas shutoff valve.

After ensuring your own safety, you can proceed to the next steps, sequentially disassembling each piece of equipment.

Next, we will tell you how to remove the most important elements of the case in order to provide access to the necessary parts of the device. Since the internal structure of all gas stoves is almost the same, the following steps are suitable for parsing the equipment of any model.

We remove the handle of the gas stove

During operation, the handles located on the control panel are gradually contaminated, while the grease can get not only on the surface of the switches, but also inside their case, because of which they can be difficult to turn.

The only sure way out is to remove the pens, clean them from accumulated fat and food debris using a soap or ammonia solution.

Cleaning the gas stove handles
The most effective way to combat fat contamination is ammonia solution, for the preparation of which you will need to mix alcohol and water in a ratio of 1: 1

If the regulators are removed, then it will not hurt to lower them into the solution for at least 5 minutes, and then clean off any residual dirt using the hard side of the sponge or an old toothbrush. In this case, you should figure out how to properly remove the handles from the Darin gas stove without damaging the equipment case.

The handles on Darin's gas stove can be removed quite easily, while you do not have to pry them with a knife or screwdriver. First of all, we turn off the gas supply valve, and check that all the handles are turned all the way. Next, with our fingertips we grab the ring covering the holes behind the handle, rest with the phalanges of the fingers on the surface of the plate, and pull on ourselves until the handle completely comes off.

If the pollution is so strong that you cannot remove the handles yourself, you can try to gently pry them with a chisel or knife. However, be careful not to scratch the plate body. Since the switches are plastic, do not pull them with all the force, otherwise you can simply break them.

For more information on how to remove the handles from the gas stove and what to do if they are not removable - read Further.

Remove the oven door

Often the need to remove the oven door arises due to the bending of the brackets, because of which it does not cover well.

Such a situation may occur due to congestion in the structure, for example, if a heavy object is placed on an open door. So, the brackets no longer fulfill their function of pressing the sash, and as a result, a gap appears between the door and the plate body.

The process of removing the oven door
Do not try to remove the door with a crowbar, because due to the damage left, it may be necessary to replace some parts, which will entail large financial costs

Since the principle of fastening the oven door for all stoves is the same, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the single instruction for self-removing the door. First of all, you will need to fully open the oven door, and find the door hinge latches that just hold it.

Further, it is important to follow the instructions provided, maintaining the sequence of actions:

  • we put the hinges of the door hinges back, and slowly close the door until they rest against the slots on the door;
  • we pull the half-closed door towards ourselves, while the distance between the inner wall of the door and the oven should be equal to 10-15 cm, and slowly raise it;
  • we remove the hinges from the sockets on the case and without much effort we remove the door.

In this case, it is important to consider the severity of the door, so as not to accidentally drop it after removal.

If the door is successfully removed, then the first thing you need to do is to assess the degree of damage to the brackets, and if necessary, purchase new parts.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can learn how to quickly remove the top panel of the Darin gas stove from this video:

Instructions for restoring the thermocouple of a gas oven are presented in the following video:

Despite the high build quality, Darin gas stoves have their weak points, which just leads to premature failure of the equipment, long before the end of the service life. In order to avoid large financial costs for calling the master, you need to understand the features of the Darin gas stove device and fix the breakdown yourself.

The article listed the most common equipment malfunctions, and also disclosed methods for their elimination. Based on the instructions presented, you can personally disassemble Darin's gas stove and clean the contaminated parts or, in case of breakage, replace them.

If you have already had to repair Darin's gas stove, having previously disassembled the necessary part of the body, please share your experience with our readers. In the comments under the article, you can tell the story of the breakdown of your gas stove, as well as talk about the difficulties that you had to face during the repair process.

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