How to ignite an oven in a gas stove “Hephaestus”: ignition rules and the principle of operation of a gas oven

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There is nothing surprising in the fact that the procedure for igniting the oven causes some difficulties for a number of users. Just not everyone had to deal with modern gas stoves. The use of old models of gas equipment and electric ovens could relieve such an experience.

We will figure out how to light the oven in the Hephaestus gas stove so that the owners do not have the slightest problems in this area. We will introduce you to the main and additional functions. As an example, take the unit designed for cooking in domestic conditions.

In our article, you will find useful information about the device and the principles of operation of this type of household equipment. We will talk about common breakdowns. You will learn what to do in order not to encounter malfunctions and irregularities in the operation of the oven and the hob itself.

Gas oven design and principles of operation

A gas oven is a gas stove built into the body of a gas stove or a separately insulated chamber with burners inside.

The oven in the Hefest gas stove models currently presented by the industry has two burners - the main one for cooking traditional dishes and baking, and a grill burner for baking meat dishes.

Gas stove
The oven is equipped with a baking tray for baking, a roasting pan for collecting juice and fat, a grate for placing baked meat, vegetables, fish on it

The principle of operation of the oven in a gas stove is to heat the air as a result of the combustion of liquefied fuel or natural gas. The supply of gaseous fuel to the burner and the combustion chamber is carried out from the network or gas cylinder.

TUP valve regulates the gas supply.He, passing through the nozzle and mixing with air, then leaves the nozzle and ignites.

Gas oven ignition
Ignition can be done manually, using matches and an electric lighter, or using electric ignition built into the gas stove design

GEFEST stoves are also equipped with a timer, pleasant lighting in the oven, gas control function. This very gas control serves to interrupt the gas supply in the event of its attenuation. The latter function is simply indispensable if a weak flame is blown through a draft or a fire fills the escaping liquid from the pan.

What is a TUP crane and how does it work?

The TUP crane is a safety thermostatic device, which is a capillary tube containing a kerosene mixture. On one side of the tube there is a small spray can. When heated, kerosene liquid expands and covers the gas path to the burner, and when it drops in temperature, it opens.

Crane TUP gas stove Hephaestus
The TUP faucet has a start button that opens gas access to the oven burner. There are models in which the crane is installed without a button

The TUP mechanism is hidden behind the panel panel and is controlled by a faucet handle, which simultaneously controls the operation of the oven and grill, maintaining the set temperature.

Gas control function in domestic stoves

Gas control is a useful function that significantly increases the safety of gas cooking equipment during its operation.

However, it is it that makes it difficult to light the stove, and in the event of a breakdown, it makes the use of equipment completely impossible.

Electric ignition and thermocouple burner
Operation of a gas stove with a faulty and poorly functioning gas control system is unacceptable! If a breakdown is detected, contact a specialist

Oven faucets with integrated gas control in different models of stoves differ in the number of thermocouples connected to them. Crane with two thermocouples controls the burners of the oven and grill, with one thermocouple - controls and puts into operation only the oven.

Thermocouple on the example of a gas burner. For a thermocouple to work, it must heat up for a certain amount of time. And while it has not warmed up, you need to hold down the burner valve so that the valve does not interrupt the gas supply

A thermocouple is two wires of different materials that are fused together so that the junction forms a small ball. When the temperature rises to the part specified in the working area, a small electrical signal appears.

This weak electric charge is transmitted to the electromagnetic valve, which as a result opens the gas supply path. If the flame goes out, the thermocouple cools down. Due to a drop in temperature, the signal ceases to flow to the valve, which closes the channel for supplying blue fuel.

General rules for connection and operation

Before buying a gas stove with the Hephaestus logo, you should find out how its oven works, what functions and protective systems the equipment is equipped with. It is necessary to check whether its technical parameters and settings correspond to the type and pressure of the gaseous fuel in the network.

Installation and connection of the device is carried out by a gas worker with whom contract signed for supply of blue fuel and maintenance of equipment. Subsequently, he must fill out the installation ticket indicating the nature of the changes in the settings, if any.

Gas Oven Service
Warranty service of gas stoves and household ovens of the Hephaestus brand is carried out by the master of the service department. Subsequent repairs or adjustments may be carried out by specialists who have the appropriate approval for the repair of gas equipment

Use in an apartment or country house gas stove requires the owner to strictly comply with safety rules.

The functioning of a gas oven is allowed if:

  • the stove is installed in a fireproof place, grounding is carried out;
  • a gas stove and, in particular, an oven, is serviceable; all structural elements are intact;
  • the pan and the grid are not overloaded - permissible weight is up to 6 kg;
  • the door of the working oven is closed.

The device should be used only for its intended purpose - heating the room, drying flammable objects is unacceptable. If there is a gas odor, first of all, the common tap of the fuel supply pipe must be shut off, and then all burner taps. To eliminate the leak, call the emergency service.

How to light an oven or grill in a gas stove?

You can use matches, an electric lighter or electric ignition to ignite a gas oven. Electric ignition can be semi-automatic, in which at the same time as turning the lever you need to press the electric ignition button, and automatic.

In the second option, the ignition mechanism is built into the handles and works simultaneously with their rotation. The mechanism for igniting oven burners is not present in all gas stoves, but only in models with 6-channel electric ignition.

Using an electric ignition for an oven

To ignite the main burner using the built-in electric ignition, you need to open the oven and turn the rotary switch knob counterclockwise until it stops - to the maximum temperature scale. Then you must simultaneously press the PU button or the TUP toggle switch and the button of the electric ignition device.

The ignition process lasts no more than 5 seconds. It happens that this time is not enough and the flame dies out when the handle of the TUP is released. In this case, it is necessary to take a break so that the gas dissipates and try again after 1 minute.

Gas oven ignition
From the moment the burner ignites, it is necessary to hold the button or the TUP lever for 15 seconds - until the fuse blows, which will allow gas to enter the burner. Now it remains to make sure that the flame is stable, and set the required temperature

The same ignition principle applies to the grill burner, but the TUP knob turns fully clockwise. This is the only and unchanging position that sets the temperature at a level sufficient for the grill.

After turning the switch, the gas enters the upper burner, there is installed its own fuse, which blocks the gas outlet in case of flame attenuation.

How to ignite the main burner of the oven manually?

To light the lower burner in the Hephaestus stove using matches or an electric lighter, the oven door is opened, then the TUP knob is pressed and turned to 270 ° C.

They bring the fire source to the igniter window at the same time as pressing the PU button or rotary switch knob fully, keeping it pressed for about 15 s. After making sure that the gas is burning, the handle is put in the position required for use.

Oven firing process
After the PU button or the TUP knob are released, you need to make sure that the flame continues to burn. The lower the room temperature, the longer it will take. If the flame still goes out, re-ignite

The temperature regime is selected in accordance with the technology of preparation of certain products. General recommendations are given in the table.

If the ignition is successful and the flame does not go out, the oven is closed and left to warm up. In order for a stable temperature regime to be established in the oven, you must wait at least 5 minutes.

Manual ignition of the upper grill burner

To ignite the upper burner, open the oven and turn the TUP switch to the "Grill" position. Bring a match or an electric lighter to the upper burner, while simultaneously pressing the TUP knob or the PU button, holding for 15 seconds.

Grill burner
The top burner of the oven only works in one mode - the temperature is not adjustable. In order for the products to be properly fried, use a skewer that turns at a certain speed, or turn the products over manually

It often happens that the burner does not ignite the first time, so after ignition it is necessary to make sure that the flame is on and only then close the oven. If the burner still goes out, repeat the procedure from the beginning.

The gas burner does not light or fade

The cause of the malfunction associated with turning on the oven and ignition of the burners, there may be clogging or wear of parts, failure of the sensor monitoring the state of the flame.

Ways to solve the problem can be as follows:

  • Malfunction (tip displacement, clogging or wear) of the thermocouple. It leads to insufficient voltage supplied to the solenoid valve. As a result, it shuts off the gas supply to the oven burner. The problem will help fix the replacement part.
  • Damage to the solenoid valve. In the event of a malfunction of the gas valve, the control sensor transmits voltage. However, the valve is not kept open - the operation of the burner is interrupted immediately after releasing the gas valve. The valve must be replaced.
  • Nozzle clogging. Prolonged use or ingestion of products on the nozzle leads to a partial or complete closure of the gas outlet channel. To fix the problem, the burner is removed and cleaned.
  • Failure of the crane TUP. The cause of the breakdown may be damage to the rotary mechanism located inside or one of the links in the gear. The part should be replaced with a new one. If the cause is clogging of the rotary mechanism of the crane, it is cleaned.
  • Oven attenuation after heating. A poorly regulated minimum combustion mode, into which the oven enters after the highest heating, causes a too weak flame. The control sensor does not warm up sufficiently and turns off the gas supply. The master can fix the problem - adjustment of the burner is necessary.

Gas ovens are not always equipped with a gas control function, sometimes they do not have electric ignition. Therefore, the rules of operation, ignition and the reasons for the extinction of the fire must be considered for each model of the gas stove separately.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to ignite the upper and lower burners in the oven of a stove of the Hephaestus brand:

What to do if the flame of the gas oven burners goes out:

Overview of the device and functionality of the gas stove brand GEFEST:

Using the Hephaestus gas stove as an example, you can figure out how to turn on gas in ovens of other manufacturers. The principle of operation is the same, the difference can only be in the arrangement of taps and buttons, in the functionality of the devices.

If problems with the ignition of the oven are associated with a breakdown of the equipment, it is better to contact the gas workers from the service with which a contract was signed for the supply of gas and maintenance of gas units.

Want to share your own experience in igniting and cooking stoves in the oven with the Hephaestus logo? Please write comments in the block form below. Ask questions on the topic of the article, post thematic photos, share useful information and recommendations.

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