Can I refuse to install a gas meter: what does the law provide?

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Last update: September 2019

Have you ever had to refuse to install a gas meter? The step is quite desperate, because according to the law, each owner must without fail install a gas meter inside his home. This obligation is imposed on every citizen of the Russian Federation who has real estate, so ignoring the need to install such a device will have unpleasant consequences for him in the form of a fine.

Along with this, the user of new equipment receives an invoice for payment of the meter, and, accordingly, its installation. Agree, a paid service should imply the possibility of choice, which is why it is so important to find out how to refuse to install a gas meter in your own home and whether it can be done legally.

Many residents of private and apartment buildings are outraged by the new rules for the forced installation of such a device, so the question of the possibility of rejecting the service is becoming more acute every day. We will help to understand the features of the law, and to understand whether it is possible to refuse the service without consequences.

What does the law say?

According to Federal Law No. 261 “On energy saving and improving energy efficiency and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, owners of private houses and apartment owners who use gas are required to install metering devices for consumed gas.

As an exception, all residents who use gas only for cooking may not install expensive counter. In other words, owners of private housing or apartments who do not use gas equipment to heat the premises are exempted from the law.

An example of a kitchen with basic gas appliances
If a gas stove and water heater are installed indoors, then you can’t do without installing a gas meter

In this case, payment for gas is made in accordance with the standards, while the amount payable is calculated based on the number of people living in the apartment. The law also does not apply to residents of apartments and houses, where the consumption of gas used for heating does not exceed 2 cubic meters per hour.

In addition to these cases, all residents of the country with real estate were required to install a gas meter before January 1, 2019. Before refusing to install the meter on gas, it should be understood that the device will be forcibly mounted by public utilities in any case.

Refusal to install the counter

If the owner refuses to voluntarily install the meter, then the employees of the gas distribution company have the right to do this by force. In this case, the owner must provide the opportunity for specialists to produce installation of a gas flow meter in an apartment.

Regardless of whether the meter is installed with the consent of the owner or not, all costs for its installation will be recovered from the consumer.

Payment document for gas consumption
The total cost of installation work is divided into several months, while the monthly payment will indicate the additional amount for installing the meter

At the moment, the gas distribution company has not established any fines for refusing to comply with the law on the installation of a gas meter.

If the owner is in no hurry to submit an application about the need to install a parting in the territorial branch of the gas service, he will not bear any responsibility for ignoring the law, which can not be said about the obstruction in the installation of gas specialists.

There are also preferential categories of the population for which free installation of gas meters is provided. Read more in this stuff.

Penalty for preventing counter installation

If the owner does not agree with the need to install a gas meter, he will have to let the gas company employees into his home, and not interfere with the installation work.

In case of refusal to perform the listed actions by the owner of the housing, service specialists have the right to file a lawsuit in court on the obstacle to the conduct of mandatory maintenance.

Gas workers arrived to replace the meter
The cost of legal expenses in the amount of established fines will significantly exceed the initial cost of payment for installation of a gas meter

The homeowner is required to provide gas companies with access for the maintenance of gas equipment. Just in the process of carrying out planned work, the absence of a gas meter is also detected.

It is precisely for refusing to let gas service workers in for maintenance that a homeowner is fined up to 2,000 rubles.

Cost of work

Today, the installation of a gas distribution meter belongs to the category of expensive services, which is why many consumers refuse services. On average, together with the installation, a new gas meter will cost a resident of Russia about 8,000 rubles, depending on the chosen model of the device.

The approximate cost for gas meters suitable for an apartment starts at 2,000 rubles, although most of the models are in the price category of about 3,500 rubles. That is, if you want to purchase a high-quality counter, you will need to additionally pay for the installation, including the cost of the necessary materials.

Installation of a gas meter by a specialist
Despite the fact that self-installation of the device will significantly reduce costs, only a qualified worker should carry out installation work

Since for many citizens of the country this amount turned out to be too high, due to which not all consumers can pay at one time, gas companies went to meet their customers. Now the gas distribution company provides installments for the service, allowing consumers to pay the set amount of several payments.

The promised installments will be provided to the gas consumer at 7.75% per annum. The maximum payment period is equal to five years, however, if the buyer wishes, it can be reduced.

Installing a counter - is it profitable?

If earlier the payment for gas was calculated depending on the number of registered residents, then with the installation of the meter, the user pays for the actual consumption of energy.

The amount of gas consumed is indicated in the meter readings, so many consumers will no longer need to pay random amounts displayed on receipts. So, each citizen can independently regulate the amount of gas consumed.

Home counter reading
Installation of a gas meter promises a significant reduction in gas payments, while the device pays off in a few years

Workers of gas services conduct a mass briefing of the population about the need to install meters, and responsibility for the use of such equipment. The possibility of obtaining installments facilitates the task of many citizens of the country, so there are less and less people who want to refuse to install a counter.

Responsibility for the operation of metering devices

The owner of the room where the gas meter is installed is responsible for the state and operation of the device. Immediately after installing the gas meter, the landlord must sign maintenance contract gas appliances with the appropriate organization, whose responsibilities include periodic gas meter calibration.

The consequences of a malfunction of gas equipment
The absence of a gas equipment maintenance contract with a specialized organization with at least one homeowner endangers all residents of an apartment building

The procedure for signing a contract with a gas company is a prerequisite for each homeowner with gas equipment connected to it. In this case, the contract can be concluded with the organization performing the installation of the meter, or any other energy supplying company.

Upon detection meter malfunctions, experts seize him for repairs. Often, the manufacturer is engaged in the repair of the device. After eliminating all the malfunctions, the device is installed in its original place, while the employees of the company are obliged to re-check its operation.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

You can learn about who, after all, has the right to disagree with the installation of a gas meter from the video:

The article presented the most important points regarding the installation of a gas meter, including the cost of services, and revealed the main question of whether a citizen of the Russian Federation can refuse to install a gas meter. The law states that all homeowners must install the appliance, with the exception of a few cases.

Any obstruction to the gas company’s employees in the installation work will result in fines, and even legal proceedings. As a result, installing a gas meter will be much cheaper.

You can talk about how you managed to refuse to install a gas meter or share your own experience installing the device. Please also tell us about the costs that you had to cover during the installation process. Tell your story in the comments below. There you can get professional advice from our permanent experts.

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