Rating of gas mini-burners: seven of the best offers + what to look at when choosing

Vasily Borutsky
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Author: Oleg Sysoev
Last update: May 2019

Compact gas mini-burners are in demand because of their versatility, lightness, ease of operation. They are useful in everyday life, when repairing a car, on a construction site and on a camping trip. The same device can perform several functions - from caramelization of sugar during the preparation of the next gastro masterpiece to the soldering of complex parts.

But there are many similar devices on the market, and it is not so easy to decide on a suitable model, agree? We will figure out which burners will best cope with certain tasks.

We have prepared a rating of the most popular devices with a description of their characteristics and specifics of application, as well as practical recommendations for choosing the optimal device.

TOP 7 best models

Burners of various types and manufacturers are involved in the selection. The best models in terms of characteristics and popularity were selected in their categories.

Place # 1 - Pathfinder GTP-R02

The device is domestic production, belongs to the universal group. The burner is useful in many situations when hunting, fishing, camping.

The design provides a gas button lock - you can turn on the device and put it on. There are two flame regulators - in length and volume.

Gas Burner Pathfinder GTP-R02
The advantages of the model are compactness, ergonomic design, ease of use, ease of use, there is automatic one-button piezo ignition, the ability to recharge


  • manufacturer - Russia;
  • weight (g) - 177;
  • dimensions (mm) - 157 * 97 * 57;
  • material — plastic, stainless steel;
  • pyezopodzhig - is.

The burner was tested by users in everyday life and in field conditions, it was used to work with copper solder, warm frozen pipelines, eliminate insects in hard-to-reach places, treat wooden surfaces, remove varnish, paint.

In cooking, the device is convenient for caramelizing products, processing meat carcasses, changing the texture and color of ready-made dishes, igniting a barbecue, fireplace.

The device is charged with any gas for lighters. In general - the most simple and popular device for domestic needs. Significant flaws in the model were not identified.

Place # 2 - Fire-Maple FMS-103

This burner is so successful that it has been produced since 2003 and still does not lose relevance.

In the line of the Chinese manufacturer, it is one of those designs that are light and powerful at the same time. It can be used to heat water and cook food in any conditions.

The device produces a high narrow torch, which gives maximum efficiency with this configuration. The power of the device is 3000 watts. The design is minimalistic, the operation is easy, there is a built-in windproof screen. The foot-holders fold compactly.

The model is suitable for serving small group or single trips. It is popular with fans of easy trips, athletes, good as an auxiliary or emergency device.

Gas Burner Fire-Marple
The boiling time of 1 liter of water is 3.5 minutes. One cartridge for 110 g is consumed in half an hour, for 450 g - in 2 hours. The volume of dishes - up to 5 l


  • manufacturer - China;
  • weight - 103 g;
  • dimensions (mm) - 123 * 80 (70 * 95.5 when folded);
  • material - aluminum, stainless steel;
  • piezo ignition - no.

The design provides a nipple and a special system that prevents fuel loss when connecting / disconnecting a replacement cartridge. Reception provides additional fuel savings.

The burner can be used with any threaded type cartridge. If you purchase an optional FMS-701 adapter, it can be connected to a collet bottle.

The device is delivered in a rigid box, which prevents damage during transportation and is convenient for storage. Special teeth-holders allow you to fix the dishes well.

Users note a steady flame that is not extinguished even by strong winds. And a simple design, lack of flimsy details.

Of the shortcomings, the tightness and quality of the sealing rubber ring are distinguished. Its average life is 1 year. Another minus is that the gas supply is controlled by a too thin wire.

Rank # 3 - Honest 503 Jet

The main advantage of the model is compactness. The device is suitable for hookah ignition, can be used for soldering electrical wires and parts, annealing varnish and paint, heating-soldering metal and plastic, crimping heat-shrink tubes and as a household lighter.

The burner is equipped with a piezo ignition, a safety button. A 10 ml can guarantees continuous operation for 5-8 minutes. Flame temperature - 1300 ° С. Dressed with ordinary methane, propane-butane.

Gas burner Honest 530 Jet
The device is equipped with a flame regulator, a switch thin-wide and high-low (1-2.5 cm) feed. The burner kit is complemented by a folding stand in the housing


  • manufacturer - China;
  • weight (g) - 61;
  • dimensions (mm) - 160 * 25 * 20;
  • material - heat-resistant plastic, stainless steel;
  • pyezopodzhig - is.

Users note good build quality despite the price. Among the advantages include ease of use - you can maneuver with one hand, there is a folding stand. One minus - with prolonged use, frequent refueling is required.

Place # 4 - KEMPER micro 12500

Universal, multi-functional blowtorch. The device can adjust the air supply, fix the flame.

The device forms a directed gas stream, which warms up to 1200 ° C. This temperature is enough for copper soldering, bronze, brass, precious metals, stripping old paint.

Gas burner KEMPER micro 12500
Refilled with a KEMPER 10051 branded cylinder. One refueling lasts a maximum of 70 minutes. The duration depends on the intensity of use.


  • manufacturer - Italy;
  • weight (g) - 166;
  • dimensions (mm) - 160 * 97 * 57;
  • material - plastic and stainless steel;
  • pyezopodzhig - is.

The stand is removed, you can use the burner without it.The device is convenient as a felt-tip pen in cooking, for heating liquids and frozen pipes.

Of the advantages, buyers highlight the ergonomics of the case, the presence of a flame regulator. Cons of the model - there is no wind protection, more suitable for stationary use in a garage, workshop.

Place # 5 - Kovea Auto KT 2301

The burner is popular with jewelers, aircraft models, ideal for precise work with metal parts. A thin, needle-shaped flame of 5 * 70 mm warms up to 1300 ° C.

The cutter is the most compact representative of the manufacturer's line, it fits completely in the hand. The burner is economical in fuel consumption: it consumes only 15 g of gas per hour.

Burner Kovea Auto KT 2301
The device is designed to work in tandem with a high cylinder of the same company KGF-0220. The device is not connected to cylinders of a threaded standard, an adapter is not provided


  • manufacturer - South Korea;
  • weight (g) - 125;
  • dimensions (mm) - 130 * 46 * 144;
  • material — plastic, stainless steel;
  • pyezopodzhig - is.

The device has a flame power regulator. On the other side of the case, it is duplicated and fixed with a bolt, if necessary. The burner can be freely rotated during operation.

Place # 6 - Tourist Mini-1000 TM-100

This tourist burner is compact and functional. The case consists of folding elements, the size of the stove belongs to the smallest category among competitors.

The device will become a universal solution if you need a traveling assistant for a team of 5-8 people. The device can be used year-round.

A distinctive feature of the model is a remote hose (30 cm), which increases safety and provides ease of use. The design allows you to put the balloon in a tent, sleeping bag, if the weather is frosty.

As gas is used, when the pressure inside the cylinder begins to drop and the burner becomes unstable, the cylinder can be turned over. Other designs do not allow this. Thanks to folding legs and a stand for dishes, the stove easily fits in a small box for transportation.

Burner Tourist Mini-1000
The thermal power of the burner is 1.5 watts. Water is heated in 5 minutes. When firing up in nature after the device is running, no debris remains


  • manufacturer - Korea;
  • weight - 450 g (640 g with case);
  • dimensions (mm) - 100 * 60 * 160;
  • material - stainless steel, plastic;
  • pyezopodzhig - is.

The maximum gas consumption per hour is 150 g, which is quite economical for such power. The flame in the wind does not go out.

Buyers like assembly reliability, simplicity of design, stability. A flexible hose with a good protective braid, which does not heat up even after an hour of operation of the device, also came to advantages.

Of the minuses, users note a non-smooth adjustment of the flame, its weakness at the minimum exposed flow and impetuosity at maximum. The second nuance is the poor location of the ignition button.

The device has good performance in terms of price and quality. If you need a model lighter in weight and more stable in operation, it will cost 3-4 times more expensive.

During operation of the appliance, make sure that no liquid escapes to the burner. If this happens, it is recommended to wash the contamination with soap and wipe dry.

Place # 7 - ENERGY GT-03

The burner is ergonomically designed. Despite the simplicity of design, the device is convenient to use.

The flame heats up to 1100 ° C. For operation, the device is connected to standard collet cylinder-cartridges with butane-propane mixture or isobutane.

Burner ENERGY GT-03
After 2 minutes of heating, the lamp-burner can be turned at any angle. Gas consumption for 1 hour - 220 g


  • manufacturer - China;
  • weight (g) - 200;
  • dimensions (mm) - 200 * 40 * 69;
  • material - brass, stainless steel, plastic;
  • piezo ignition - no.

The model is suitable for lighting a bonfire in the field, heating frozen pipes, minor repairs, soldering jewelry. The nozzle is untwisted, consists of two parts.

The device is equipped with a manual gas flow regulator, quite sensitive.During operation, care must be taken that the cylinder does not tip over. It is not recommended to tilt the device more than 45 ° - leaked liquefied gas may ignite.

Users like the long nozzle, the low price of the device, the smooth adjustment of power. But the visual unreliability of the design is embarrassing, although all the joints fit well, gas is not bleed.

Features of choosing a compact device

Before buying a gas burner, you need to determine its purpose - for repair, soldering parts, tourism, cooking. The choice of model depends on the tasks that the device has to cope with. And here it is important to understand the differences between burner types.

Varieties of popular devices

The main structures 4: "lighters" wound onto a cylinder with a fuel hose, blowtorches. There are also integrated cooking systems, but it is difficult to classify them as mini. These devices are large in size and weight, expensive, can only be used with native dishes.

Type # 1 - Portable Lighter

The smallest "lighters" are convenient for domestic purposes, minor repairs. Some models give more power and can be used for soldering.

Lighter type burner
A miniature gas burner by the type of lighter, depending on the model, can have very impressive indicators for power and temperature of the emitted flame

Type # 2 - bulk type mini-burner

Compact cylinder burners are convenient and lightweight - most devices fit in your hand and fall in weight in the range of 70-90 g. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and relatively reliable.

Nylon gas burner
It is not recommended to set up a solid wind shield around the pad so that the reflected heat does not lead to an explosion of the fuel mixture

The cylinder itself cannot be forced to warm up; therefore, such burners are not entirely suitable for operation in difficult weather conditions.

Another nuance - the lightness of the design does not allow you to put on it the dishes of large capacity (from 3 l). But for some models branded adapters are sold: hoses, additional legs.

The rating of the best gas burners for spray cans is presented in this review.

Type # 3 - device with remote hose

But devices with a hose are excellent in bad weather conditions. On them you can put bulk or heavy dishes. Fuel consumption in such burners is minimal.

Gas burner with hose
The balloon can be warmed up by hand, placed in a container of warm water, wrapped, put in a sleeping bag or vestibule of a tent

Around the burner with a hose, a continuous wind protection can be installed, which will increase work efficiency. The design itself is characterized by a wide setting of legs and squat. The permissible volume of dishes is up to 8 liters.

Often in such devices, the nozzle itself is larger than that of the nozzles. Due to this, the dishes warm evenly, the flame power is conveniently adjustable. The burner allows not only to warm water, but also to fry, stew foods.

Devices with a hose have their drawbacks. They are heavier, larger in size. The hose requires accuracy during operation, the part may break and lead to a gas leak.

Type # 4 - blowtorch

Portable blowtorches are designed for the application of processing compounds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are found in piping systems, electrical appliances, cables, car parts. These include burners for brazing copper pipes.

The characteristics indicate the flame temperature, power. With a thickness of parts up to 3 mm, a device in which the flame warms up to 1200-1500 ° C will cope. A power of 2-3 kW is enough to heat up and bend valves up to 14 mm.

Jeweler burner
Soldering iron burners are widely used for the manufacture and repair of jewelry. Designs are selected with the ability to connect nozzles and a targeted adjustable flame

The scope of such devices is not limited to soldering. They do an excellent job of lighting a fire, working in a summer cottage (removing leaves, getting rid of insect colonies), burning wood, cooking experiments.

The used method of connecting to the cylinder

Most models on the market are fitted with threaded balloons. But to acquire them in remote settlements is problematic.

If the trip will take place precisely in such territories, you need to very accurately calculate the required amount of gas or additionally buy an adapter for a collet.

Threaded gas bottle
The flow rate of the threaded balloon lasts for a longer time due to the different composition of the gas mixture and the strength of the shell. Greater pressure gives greater heat dissipation

Collet cylinders are also called "dichlorvosniki". They are sold at almost any hardware store. But the seam structure is less reliable, and the gas mixture is sensitive to low temperatures.

Collet for burner
Burners for threaded cylinders are cheaper, but the cylinder itself costs 3-4 times more than the collet. But if you choose cylinders for gas composition, the cost will be about the same

On the Russian market there is also a third type of cylinder - without thread with a bayonet mount. But they are represented only by the brandCampingaz and not as common as abroad.

There are models adapted for use in tandem with a threaded and bayonet standard.

Additional device options

The presence of piezo ignition is a useful addition, but it is still worth carrying a backup version of the source of fire. In some models, this element quickly deteriorates.

Wind protection for gas burner
Wind protection for the burner in the field can be built from improvised means: a hole in the ground, stones, makeshift wall-fences

If the grill for camping trips lacks a grill, it is easily replaced by a protective cover on the computer fan. It is lightweight and copes with this task.

When choosing a device for delicate work, welding, soldering, you should pay attention to the ergonomics and balancing of the model. The shape of the case and the arrangement of the elements matter, because the burner will often have to be turned on and off. It is convenient if this can be done with one hand.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In the video, varieties of tourist burners are considered with the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Experience of use, comparative experiments with three burners in different price categories.

Overview of cutters + nuances of use, inclusion check.

When choosing a mobile gas burner, build on its purpose and capabilities. As a marching option, it is better to use a pad or a design with a hose. Just remember that such devices can not be transported by plane. For thin metal work you need a soldering iron, and the simplest “lighters” are good in everyday life.

Have experience choosing and using a gas mini-burner? Or want to ask questions on the topic? Please comment on the publication and participate in the discussions. The feedback block is located below.

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  1. Semen

    From the list I used a portable gas burner from the company Pathfinder. After the previous cheap Chinese model, the difference becomes noticeable as soon as you pick it up. Stable torch, no spitting, the burner itself rotates in any plane. The combustion temperature is sufficient to melt the copper. In general, a convenient and multifunctional thing.

  2. I'm going to buy a burner in the car for universal purposes. Often I go out to nature with an overnight stay, there I will use it with the aim of setting fire, warming it up.But also in the garage there is always a need to solder something. The burner needs a compact size so that it fits into the glove compartment without problems, well, preferably a good assembly, to work as long as possible.

    After looking at your rating, I was interested in Pathfinder GTP-R02 and Honest 503 Jet. I look and at a price they are about the same. Although the Chinese can be ordered from Aliexpress, but saving 100 rubles is not worth a month of waiting, in my opinion. Which one should you choose?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. Both burners have significant useful characteristics, you should compare the technical ones and then choose the most optimal option for yourself. I want to note on my own behalf that in practice, many praise the Pathfinder for its reliability and durability.