Why the gas stove does not hold the flame, the oven goes out and the burner goes out: an overview of the reasons and repair tips

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An extensive range of gas stoves from bona fide manufacturers is presented on the modern home appliance market. But regardless of quality, reliability and functionality, the device may fail sooner or later.

Are you familiar with a situation where a gas stove does not hold a flame? Or maybe the oven has stopped igniting? If you have any of these issues, you can’t do without diagnostics and repairs. But how to find the cause of the malfunction? This is what will be discussed in our article. We are also talking about ways to fix breakdowns when the oven and gas burner are extinguished with their own hands. To help the home master give visual photos and diagrams, as well as thematic videos.

Reasons for flame attenuation

The stove, like any gas-using devices, is very dangerous. Violation of the rules and norms of operation often leads to tragic consequences, therefore it is better to entrust any kind of repair to qualified specialists.

Owners must monitor the state of their gas equipment on their own. Their responsibilities also include the timely call of the master. The regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation regulates this sphere of legislation № 410 “On measures to ensure safety in the use and maintenance of intra-house and in-house gas equipment” dated May 14, 2013.

Four-burner gas stove
Gas on the stove can go out even a few hours after ignition, which is a great danger to the owner of the equipment and other residents of the house

For non-compliance with the terms and standards of repair of gas devices, administrative liability is provided. According to Article 9.23 CAO 1-2 thousand rubles will have to be transferred to the budget.

Indeed, there are such malfunctions that only highly qualified specialists can eliminate. We will try to find out the possible causes of the breakdown of the stove, which can be repaired independently.

Problem # 1 - the flame of the gas stove goes out

In modern models of gas stoves, the extinction of the flame is one of the most common problems. The causes of malfunctions can be several.

Temperature sensor failure

First of all, check the thermocouple. It may be necessary to clean the thermoelectric converter.

Gas control system
A thermocouple malfunction can cause gas burners to decay. In some models, the gas supply is shut off when accidentally drafting or filling with liquid

There is an easy way to determine if a temperature sensor is out of order:

  • press the knob;
  • the flame on the burner should light up;
  • when the button is pressed, the gas stove functions correctly;
  • after letting go, the flame goes out.

Before replacing a part, try to clean the converter head, which is located under the flame divider, with emery paper, and check that it is positioned correctly. The element should be near the flame zone, but not in it.

If this does not help, you still have to install new thermocouple.

The structure of the household stove
The standard scheme of the gas stove. Four main systems can be distinguished: basic - burners, taps; control and control - sensors, gas control; electric - grill, lighting; the carrier - directly the cabinet itself

Injector contamination and valve breakage

The stove will also not hold the flame if the nozzles become dirty. Turn off the gas and allow the stove to cool.

Be sure to open the windows or windows in the room, and then:

  • remove the grilles and disconnect the dividers;
  • inside the burner you will find a small hole - this is the nozzle;
  • a thin wire or paper clip can be used to clean the device;
  • Upon completion, return the dividers and grilles to their place.

The reason may be a malfunction of the solenoid valve. In normal condition, it should start five seconds after heating the thermocouple. Otherwise, you will need to replace it.

It happens that the diagnostics performed show the serviceability of the temperature sensor and the electromagnet, and why the gas stove is still turned off is not known.

Insufficient drowning can provoke an extinguished flame when releasing the handle, which leads to weak compression of the spring. As a result, a large gap is formed between the end face of the core of the electromagnet and the valve armature.

To fix the problem, remove the plastic handle by pulling it towards you. Then install an additional steel washer on the stem. Its thickness should be 1 mm. Using an additional element allows you to reduce the size of the gap when you push the handle all the way. The gas stove must be assembled in the reverse order.

Problem # 2 - the gas burner does not work

Damage to gas stoves that do not light the burners is associated with a malfunction of the electric ignition system or gas supply.

Burner cleaning process
The burners consist of several elements: a flame divider, the base and the cover of the burner. Their timely cleaning will help to avoid changes in pressure, color and flame intensity of the gas stove

Consider the main signs of breakdowns and solutions:

  1. If the gas stove burner lights up and goes out after the handle is released, the malfunction may be caused by the incorrect position of the temperature sensor. Typically, this occurs when the thermocouple is replaced on its own or when cleaning is unsuccessful. You can correct the violation by adjusting the part.
  2. The gas stove burner goes out due to the blockage of the fuel supply channel when the nozzle is clogged. You need to clean or replace the part.
  3. If all burners light up, but do not burn well and go out, the reason may be the use of the wrong nozzle. This problem is often encountered when using gas cylinders. Thus, the nozzle diameter for main gas-powered equipment is slightly larger than for plate connected to the cylinder. In this case, it will help to replace the burner nozzle with others, with a less wide nozzle of the nozzle.
  4. If the burner of the stove does not light up well or does not respond at all to auto ignition, and when using matches there are no problems, the cause may be a malfunction of the arrester. It is necessary to check the candle for integrity, absence of pollution and signs of oxidation. Conventional cleaning of contaminants will be sufficient if the power cord is stuck to the chassis. Otherwise, if the wiring or insulation of the plug is damaged, it will need to be replaced with the power cord.
  5. A weak flame on all burners with a yellow tint indicates a breakdown of the auto ignition unit, which is responsible for creating a spark. If the gas panel goes out, you will need to completely replace the automatic gas ignition device.

If there is no spark when the burner is turned on, but the burner lights up from a match, the ignition button could fail. The problem is caused by oxidation of the contacts - when small particles of debris or moisture get in, the part becomes unusable as a result of mechanical damage. Depending on the type of violation, you will need to clean the parts or completely replace the button.

Other causes of breakdowns and spontaneous firing of auto ignition we examined in another article: Why automatic ignition of a gas stove constantly clicks and spontaneously triggers: breakdowns and their repair.

Gas stove ignition button
Replacing the ignition button will help get rid of problems with poor ignition of the gas stove burners. Before installing a new part, make sure that the cooker is dry and that the power cord is free of contamination and does not stick to the body

The absence of a spark on all burners when using electric ignition indicates a break in the wiring to the automatic gas ignition device, while the stove or panel is lit using a match as usual.

The problem often arises in private homes where cable insulation is damaged by pests - rats and mice. In this case, you need to replace the wiring, it is best to use an armored cable. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information optional wiring for home.

For what reasons does the oven go out?

When operating gas ovens, problems with gas control are often encountered. To ignite the oven, it is enough to bring the flame to the opening of the cabinet through which fuel is supplied or to use auto-ignition, most modern models have this option.

A thermocouple is located next to the burner. If the flame goes out or does not light up at all, this means that the gas supply is blocked. Valve or thermocouple replacement may be required. How to check their serviceability, we examined in the previous section.

Gas oven
Problems with the gas oven can occur due to too tight fit of the doors, resulting in a lack of oxygen

First of all, you need to make sure that there is no blockage in the nozzle hole through which the gas is supplied. Particles of food often get into the cooker part during cooking.

For cleaning, you need a soft thin wire. Rotate it into the nozzle hole. It is undesirable to use a rigid steel wire, in the end you can get a "roaring" torch. A thin needle that breaks easily is not suitable for this purpose.

Oven Elements
Oven design of a gas stove. The location of the rack, baking tray and other baking or grilling appliances can be adjusted

Oven flames can also go out due to low gas pressure. This can be determined by the insufficient height of the crown of the flame, the fire may go out after a while. Poor combustion and poor gas supply may be associated with plate inlet hosethat is pinched by something or is bent over. The hollow pipe is behind the stove.

The gas oven also goes out when you release the button due to the tight fit of the oven door.You can get rid of the problem by just increasing the access of oxygen to the oven.

Problems with the flame arise for other reasons that are not breakdowns.

Why does the oven often go out in a gas stove:

  1. Modern stoves have a gas control system. The sensor stops the gas supply when there is no increase in temperature. The regulator does not work immediately, so try holding the gas switch for about 15 seconds, to speed up the heating of the sensor and ignition of the oven, turn the knob to the maximum.
  2. Oven ignition problems may occur after washing the oven. The skew of the burner can be identified by an uneven orange flame. If the part is incorrectly installed, the oven begins to fade.
  3. The gas control system responds to a decrease in flame intensity when the gas pressure in the pipeline dropsthat shuts off the fuel supply. This situation is common when using gas in cylinders. Necessary fill the tank or replace it with a new one.

A weak burner flame in the oven can also be caused by difficulty turning the knob. This may occur as a result of jamming of the gas valve.

Gas tap check
When checking a gas valve, attention should be paid to the residual grease, sometimes this is the cause of the malfunction of the stove. If necessary, the part can be treated with grease: for old-style plates, LG-GAZ-41, Germeton, Klad-M, LS-II are suitable; in modern models it is better to use Molykote 1102 and Germethyl

It is necessary to disassemble it, clean it from clogging and grease. If the valve is damaged - replace with a new one.

Safety rules for repairing the stove

When inspecting and repairing the stove, it is necessary to observe simple safety rules - cut off the fuel supply, turn off the electrical power, children and animals should not remain in the room. Upon completion of work, make sure that the burners burn evenly and that the connection of the stove to the gas pipeline is tight.

In case of a serious breakdown, it is undesirable to carry out repairs on your own, without having the appropriate experience. In this case, it is better to call the master from the organization with which service contract gas equipment.

For unauthorized interference with the gas supply system, the liability specified in Article 9.23 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. The fine will be from 10 to 30 thousand rubles.

If due to the fault of the owner of the equipment a fire or explosion occurs, charges will be brought against him, according to clause 6 of part 3 of article 158 Criminal Code. The amount of penalties for illegal actions: from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. There is also a punishment for this offense of imprisonment for a term of up to six years or the performance of forced labor for a term of up to 5 years.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What to do if the gas goes out when you release the handle:

DIY gas control repair:

Damage to a gas stove or oven can be a real problem, especially if this is the only source of cooking and heating water. A malfunction of a household device is not so rare. But if a breakdown is detected, immediate steps must be taken to eliminate it - try to diagnose the cause of the malfunction yourself or invite a specialist from the gas company.

Please tell us in the comments about your experience, if you have previously had to deal with a faded flame at home. Share a successful solution to the issue and, perhaps, the difficulties that you may have encountered when doing the repair yourself - the feedback form is located below.

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