Which is better - gas stove or gas panel: criteria for comparing appliances + recommendations for customers

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Neither experts nor consumers can come to a consensus that a gas stove or gas panel is better. Each device has its own specific qualities and features that determine the most effective area of ​​use.

We will consider them in all details, compare these devices with each other according to criteria that are important when choosing the right gas-using equipment.

What is the difference between a stove and a panel?

The main difference between the stove and the hob in the design. The stove with hobs and the oven are a single unit. The hob consists only of a thin, strong substrate and burners. And here oven not included. If desired, it can be purchased separately or not purchased at all.

Large and bulky - main disadvantages gas stoves. In small rooms it is especially difficult to place devices. We have to reduce the number of floor cabinets and cabinets in order to free up the necessary area under the unit for cooking.

Gas hob with pots
The black hob looks very impressive. Gives the interior a solid and luxurious look. But it requires constant care, since dust particles, crumbs, drops of water, stains and fingerprints are clearly visible on a dark surface

Thin hobs they are built into the countertop and do not "eat" a lot of useful space of the room. Even in a small kitchen, they conveniently placed and make the process of creating everyday and festive dishes pleasant, easy and comfortable. There is more free space in the room and the space does not look overloaded.

Compare gas stove and panel

Previously, only white gas stoves were available for sale, but for chrome-plated appliances, they had to pay a lot of money. Today, all manufacturers of kitchen appliances include in their assortment units of various shapes and colors, decorated with original prints, patterns and drawings, featuring a good set of functions, sizes and shapes, type of installation and other features.

Next, we will compare the stove with the gas panel according to the main criteria that are important for the consumer when choosing gas-using equipment.

Criterion # 1 - the appearance of household appliances

You can buy your favorite stove and already under it to choose the color scheme and style of the interior solution in the room. If the kitchen space is designed, finding a beautiful appliance for it will also not be difficult.

The color scheme of cooking surfaces is not so diverse. But, nevertheless, the panel initially looks more advantageous and gives even the simplest environment a modern look. It is successfully combined with furniture sets and decorative accessories.

The problem can only occur when finding an oven. It will need to be selected for the appearance of the hob, and this does not always work. You have to spend time searching or overpaying for both kitchen appliances to fit together and look like a headset.

Cooking pan
Gas hobs are available in white, silver, cream, brown and black. To find other shades especially among low-cost models is quite problematic

There is no such problem in the plates. The hob and oven are combined in a single appliance, made in the same style. It is convenient and saves time on the purchase of household appliances for the kitchen.

Criterion # 2 - dimensions and shape of kitchen appliances

Cooktops have a wide range of shapes and patterns. For narrow kitchens, developers offer elongated devices with four burners in a row, in very small rooms of non-standard shape, it is advised to place 3 burner corner panels or domino unitsoccupying a minimum of space. The compactness of the products makes it possible to rationally use the useful space of the room.

In addition to the classic rectangular and square appliances, there are for sale round panels and models in boomerang. At gas stoves you will not meet such a variety of forms.

Round hob
A round hob can be placed in a miniature kitchen or in a small city studio. It looks stylish and allows you to fully prepare your favorite dishes

The standard plate is only square or rectangular. Its height in most cases does not exceed 85 cm. Depth varies in the range from 50 to 60 cm. Width is from 35 cm to 1 m (in exclusive appliances with 6 burners).

Before buying, you must carefully measure the place in the kitchen where you plan to place the unit. Too deep a few centimeters will come forward and violate the aesthetics of the interior. The narrower one will “drown” inside, the excessively wide one simply cannot fit into the allotted niche. To avoid these unpleasant moments, you need to purchase a stove that is exactly suitable in size to the allocated area in the kitchen.

Criterion # 3 - allowable operational loads

Gas hobs are made from:

  • tempered glass;
  • stainless steel;
  • enameled metal.

The width of the working surface, regardless of the type of material, is 300, 600 and 700-900 mm. Narrow tempered glass panels withstand a one-time load of not more than 12 kg, medium - up to 20 kg and the widest - up to 25 kg.

Two-burner appliances made of stainless steel and enameled metal assume a load of 15 kg, four-burner - 25 kg, five-burner - 30 kg.

Hob kettle and pots
Experts recommend not to exceed the maximum load indicated in the accompanying documentation of household appliances. Too much weight in pots and pans can cause the hob to crack.

The body of gas stoves is made from strong alloy steelresistant to abrasion. On top of the metal is applied enamel and stainless steel coating. Enamel perfectly resists mechanical impact, is not afraid of abrasion and aggressive cleaning agents. It serves and maintains an aesthetic appearance for a long time throughout the entire operational period.

The stainless steel coating easily withstands sudden changes in temperature, heat, cold and shock. Under the influence of abrasives, it becomes covered with scratches and loses its external attractiveness.

Gas burner pan
Standard plates, regardless of the type of coating, have almost no restrictions on weight and loading. Thanks to a stable floor design, they easily withstand active use

If the owners constantly cook at home, often host friendly companies and regularly organize celebrations with refreshments, you should prefer a hob. She is more hardy, normally works in a constant mode and easily copes with serving a large family.

The hob can only support a certain weight at a time. When arranging pots, casseroles and pans on the burners, you need to consider this moment and do not exceed the maximum allowable load. Otherwise, the surface will fail and it will have to be changed, and this is a substantial material cost.

Criterion # 4 - Installation Features

A gas stove is placed where there is a layering of central communications. The stove is connected and put into operation by employees of the gas company with the appropriate qualifications and approvals.

If you want to put the equipment in a specific place, you will have to coordinate the transfer with gas companies. If approved by the installers will carry pipes or stretch additional ones, connect the stove to the general system and make a mark in the documents on the work done.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the features connecting gas stove do it yourself.

Gas hob built into the table
The hob can be integrated into a wide, elongated worktop, and the remaining free space on the edges can be used as a cutting table for preparing original and delicious dishes. For the hostess, such a layout will be especially convenient

Installing a hob is more problematic. First, you will need to make an exact cutout of the appropriate size on the working surface of the furniture at the installation site. The owners can do this work on their own or entrust it to skilled workers. It is very important to act carefully, otherwise voids and unattractive gaps will form around the edges.

For panel connection need to call the gas service. They will correctly commission the device and talk about the rules for the safe use of gas equipment.

Before installing a plate or panel, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the regulations and air exchange regulations.

Criterion # 5 - energy consumption

If you run only the burners, then there will be no difference in consumption between the devices. The stove will begin to spend more when the hostess turns on the oven to bake a second dish or make a delicious homemade pie.

Girl cooks on the hob
It is very convenient to use a gas stove or panel. Unlike electric models, there is no need to wait until the burners heat up. The heat for processing food begins to flow immediately after turning on the appliance

For increase/flame reduction in the burners on the front part there are special ergonomic turn signals. You can adjust the desired supply of fire in one easy motion.

Criterion # 6 - the cost of devices

Even the simplest hob will cost much more expensive traditional gas stove.

Many parameters influence the price, for example:

  • form - classic or unusual;
  • panel material;
  • availability of additional options;
  • brand manufacturer.

Compensation for a higher price will be the compactness of the unit, its stylish, modern look and the saved usable space of the kitchen.

Gas hob with hood
When installing a gas stove or hob, it is recommended to mount an extractor hood in the kitchen. It will remove carbon dioxide released during cooking and reduce soot formation to a minimum.

When the price is of fundamental importance, you should choose a budget gas stove in a classic style. It will cost inexpensively, help to prepare any dishes and will not require complicated care, only periodic maintenance.

Criterion # 7 - Features

As such, there is no difference in the basic functions of the plates and panels. Both of them are suitable for preparing various dishes and heating up ready-made food.

Baking / baking is provided only in standard cookers equipped with an oven. Using a hob, baking a pie or making a baked duck is not possible.

Hob with grill
Some gas hobs have a grill burner. Such models are more expensive, but allow you to feast on meat, fish and vegetables cooked in the heat at any time all year round.

Additional type options auto ignition, gas control and other similar elements depend not so much on the type of equipment as on the manufacturer and the cost of the device.

In budget products of brands of the mass market level, such functions are not common. They are mainly included in the models of the middle and luxury segment from reputable manufacturers.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What you need to consider when choosing a gas stove for your home. Tips from a professional gasman.

Specific features and nuances of a gas hob. Impressions are shared by a real user.

Glass cracked on the gas hob. What to do in this situation are useful recommendations.

The question of what is best to choose, a hob or a gas stove, cannot be answered unambiguously. Both options have both advantages and disadvantages. The price range of models is more than just wide. Among the classic plates and modern flat panels there are both simple, inexpensive items, as well as luxury status products with a large number of additional functions.

How much the positive qualities outweigh the cons, the user decides for himself. If style and aesthetics are paramount, it is worth choosing a hob. When the main goal is the ability to constantly cook a large number of various dishes - it makes sense to opt for a classic stove with an oven.

It is recommended to choose equipment from reputable brands. It is characterized by high-quality assembly and reliable operation for a long time..

What gas equipment did you choose - a stove or a panel? Share your experience with our readers - what were the fundamental criteria for choosing a kitchen appliance? If you still have questions about this publication, ask our experts and other visitors to the site - the feedback form is located below.

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