Replacing a gas stove in an apartment: fines, laws and legal subtleties of replacing equipment

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One of the most difficult issues in legislative practice for citizens is the replacement of a gas stove in an apartment that belongs to you or is occupied on a leasehold basis. At first glance, there is no difficulty in removing one device and putting another, almost everyone can handle it here, you don’t even need to be a specialist or a gas service worker.

But how are things with the documentary base? Do such changes need to be legalized and how to do it? And if you get around paperwork, would it not be cheaper to pay a fine?

We will try to answer all these questions, tell about the existing laws, norms and rules for the replacement of this most important device.

Reasons to replace the stove

There are many reasons why you will have to or want to change the gas supply equipment.

The most common among them are:

  • purchase of a more modern model;
  • replacement of a gas stove with an electric one;
  • desire to change the color or change the design of the room;
  • poor appearance, wear;
  • major repairs in the house;
  • device breakdown;
  • yield expiration date.

Also, the replacement of the gas stove is established at the legislative level, according to PP No. 410, which indicates that gas-powered devices should be changed when they fail, unless changing nozzles can already be done when the device does not meet safety standards, according to the usual application of the customer and again, at the end of the operating life.

To do this, contact the service gas company with which maintenance contract. This is how your should look maintenance contract.

Gas stove breakage
If during maintenance it becomes clear that the gas stove does not meet safety standards in the current state, it will either be recommended to be repaired or replaced if its condition is irreversible and cannot be repaired

If the first points are clear, then what does “expiration date” mean?

According to GOST R 50696-94, the service life of a gas stove cannot be more than 14 years. But this document has long been canceled, as well as GOST R 50696-96, which replaced it, in which the maximum service life of the device was 20 years, if the gas engineers approved its operability at the end of the operating time indicated by the manufacturer.

Now this is actually not standardized, although the current PP No. 410 states that gas supply can be turned off at the end of the equipment expiration date set by the manufacturer. Before the expiration of this period, it is enough to simply seek technical inspection and if the gas workers write out the instrument’s certificate of shelf life, you will extend its life to wear. Depreciation is considered to be a violation of the tightness of taps designed for 11,000 cycles, burnout of the oven and other defects that cannot be repaired.

What is needed to change the plate?

So, you are going to change the stove. What you need to prepare for this:

  1. The stove itself, in the case when you do not have the preferential status necessary for a free replacement. The appliance must comply GOST 33998have a gas control system.
  2. Equipment for installation, necessary tools, consumables and materials.
  3. Equipment - everything for sealing, flexible eyeliner and so on.
  4. Documents for redevelopment, if the kitchen is moved to another place.
  5. Documents confirming the authority of the owner or tenant of the apartment.
  6. Identification.
  7. Consent of all apartment owners.
  8. All papers on gas supply.
  9. Technical passport of the apartment.

Again, if the place for the device remains the same and only the device itself changes to a similar one, it is not necessary to legitimize the conversion.

Reconstruction and redevelopment of the premises
If you change the gas stove to electric, you must legitimize the conversion, if you move the device to another room, then redevelopment. If you just change to a similar one, you don’t need to make any coordination on both points

Requirements for the new board are standard. She must have all the necessary certificates and meet the requirements of GOST.

It is also recommended to check whether there will be free access to it and the gas pipeline, in case of redevelopment, whether the chimney is working, does ventilation work as needed.

Do I need to legalize a replacement?

According to Art. 7.19 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation for independent connection of the highway you may be fined for unauthorized and uncontrolled connection of a gas stove in the amount of 10-15 thousand rubles. And if, in the event of an incorrect connection, an explosion or fire occurs, then you already face criminal liability and a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles.

If you look at PP No. 410, it also states that the replacement of gas-powered equipment should be carried out by a specialized organization with a license and conclusion of an agreement. This may be a gas service or a private company with appropriate approvals.

In the same document inpart 8, paragraph 77there is a subclause in which it is indicated that a factor for shutting off gas supply without notifying the customer can be its unauthorized connection to the pipeline, as an option explosion hazard.

Besides, in PP number 549it is indicated that when replacing equipment with a new one that meets the technical requirements, it is imperative to notify the supplier of a change in the overall composition of the devices.

Gas stove replacement
When applying for gas supply, you indicate the list of gas-using equipment in the apartment and provide them with technical specifications. Also, when replacing, it is necessary to notify the GRO that you are installing another stove and provide them with documentation for the device for registration

It is also tempting to change the device yourself, having previously agreed with a friend from the gas service on the preparation of the necessary documentation.Of course, the option is much cheaper, but it is better to entrust the work with such dangerous equipment to professionals, who will connect the hoses reliably and carry out the first start-up of the device, noting all its shortcomings, if any.

Benefits for replacing the stove

A gas stove is not a common house property of an apartment building and therefore, again, according to PP No. 410, its replacement is carried out at the expense of the owner of the premises.

However, there are exceptions. They will tell you how to replace the gas stove with a new one at the set privileges for free at the MFC or the Criminal Code.

This is possible if a stove subject to state or expiration date is listed on the state balance sheet:

  1. You, the owner of the apartment, the hero of the Russian Federation or the USSR, the hero of social labor, the holder of the Order of Glory, a participant in the Second World War, or you have special subsidies from the housing and communal services.
  2. The device requires replacement when it reaches the priority of the apartment.
  3. Residents live in a non-privatized apartment and the agreement has a clause on the free replacement of gas-using equipment, if necessary.

Large and low-income families also have the right to such privileges, but not in all regions. Do you have any, should be clarified in the local municipal authorities or by studying the regulations of individual regions.

For a free replacement, a so-called “act of defectiveness” is required, that is, a conclusion by specialized services that check gas-using equipment and make a conclusion about a malfunction of the old device. The grounds for its compilation are an annual audit or an extraordinary call to call specialists.

Gas stove inspection
Violations in the operation of the gas stove can be detected by specialists of the gas distribution station or a private company. However, before you invite them to inspect the equipment, find out if they have all the necessary licenses for such types of work

The act is drawn up in 2-3 copies. You must transfer one to the DEZ or ZhSK, one to the consumer, and one more should be left to the specialists of the gas distribution department.

In addition, it is very important to prepare all the documents - an identity card, a title document for benefits, an act on the defectiveness of the old stove, its registration certificate and design documents for the apartment.

Replacement Procedure

So, you are going to change the stove and you are also the owner of the apartment.

To replace:

  • apply to the head of the State Reserves Office with a statement on the replacement of equipment. You will make a detailed estimate for consumables, the necessary materials, installation of the device and the stove itself. If you buy all this yourself, you should write a statement about the installation of equipment;
  • notify the UK or other authority managing your home;
  • pay the received estimate;
  • wait for gas workers and receive a supporting document on putting the stove into operation.

In the case when the apartment is not privatized, the first thing to do is to apply for the replacement of the gas appliance to the MKD management body in which you reside.

Remodeling of the kitchen
When replanning, it is necessary to comply with the recommendations from SP 402.1325800.2018, in particular, regarding the volume of the premises, at least 8 cubic meters for a stove with 2 burners, 12 for a 3-burner device, 15 - for appliances with 4 nozzles

If the apartment is being redeveloped, it is mandatory to notify the Criminal Code about it and to carry out all necessary approvals, including in GorGaz before installing the stove in another room.

How does the equipment change?

To make it clear in general terms, here are the technical steps replacing one device with another.

The procedure is not complicated:

  1. At the valve, the gas flow is blocked, the power supply to the old device is turned off.
  2. The plate is disconnected.
  3. Is produced hose replacement (if required) with its subsequent check for leaks and the quality of the threaded connection.
  4. A new plate is installed and leveled.
  5. Hose connected.
  6. Checks and first start-up of the equipment.

Next, the specialist issues an act of access to the device to you, you sign the act of acceptance of work.

Replacing a gas stove with an electric one

After a series of booming explosions, and for other reasons, many apartment owners decided to change the gas stove to electric, so where to go in this case and what is needed for this, we will now consider in detail.

So, first of all, you must contact the Criminal Code. This is necessary in order to determine whether the technical parameters of the MKD power supply network have the capability of corresponding load.

Unfortunately, in gasified MKD, as a rule, the limit of electric resources is limited. If everything is possible, choose the model of the plate and provide its characteristics in the Criminal Code, so that you are given a conclusion on the compliance of the provided and consumed power with the standards of MKD in an approximate calculation.

Installation of an electric stove in the kitchen
If there is not enough power, you will either have to abandon the venture, or try to register a stove of lower power. Also, sometimes a written request for the allocation of additional capacity helps, and in this case it will be necessary to coordinate the project in the management company and in the power supply

Since the parameters specified in the apartment’s data sheet are changing, the electrification of the kitchen is a reorganization and must be agreed upon.

When you have the project documentation in hand, contact the GRO to shut off the gas equipment in your apartment. Do not forget to take an act confirming this fact.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Why you do not need to change gas appliances yourself can be found in the following video:

Replacing a gas stove with a new or electric one is quite easy. This procedure does not take much time. The main thing is to first contact the Criminal Code or the GRO to provide a complete list of documents that you need to collect in a general or individual order and to agree on a project for replacing the device.

And in no case do not try to carry out the procedure arbitrarily - is it possible to independently replace the old gas stove, we have already examined in detail - this is a fine and a big responsibility.

Have you ever changed a gas stove in an apartment? Share your experience in the comments, ask questions on the topic, participate in the discussion of the material. The communication unit is located under the article.

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