Technical conditions for gas connection: the procedure for obtaining the necessary documentation

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Last update: December 2019

More recently, the gasification of a private cottage took away a lot of nerves and money. The scope of this activity was highly monopolized and had not always explainable prices. Now the situation has changed: it is enough to get technical conditions for gas connections in a gas distribution company - and blue fuel is practically in your house.

We will tell you who is better to entrust the preparation of the project, what documentation and in what order you need to receive. We have described in detail the nuances of connecting households to the gas main and to the gas tank. The strengths and weaknesses of both options are given.

What are the technical conditions for?

Technical specifications (TU) for gas - a document confirming from the side of the supplier of blue fuel the very possibility of technological connection of the new facility to existing networks. This piece of paper is the actual beginning of the process of connecting to the existing gas infrastructure in the village.

TU can be issued both for an already erected house, and for a building still under construction.

Gas connection procedure
All the rules and procedures for connecting gas are regulated by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1314, it describes all the nuances of the process, but there are still many pitfalls in this matter.

All consumers of natural gas in terms of its pumping from the main pipe are divided into four categories:

  1. Up to 5 m3/ hour - owners of cottages.
  2. Up to 15 m3/ hour - small business.
  3. Up to 300 m3/ hour - medium-sized organizations.
  4. Over 300 m3/ hour - large industrial and energy companies.

Almost all private houses fall into the first group. Five cubic meters per hour is enough to heat housing up to 200 square meters. meters and cooking food in it.

But much here depends on the level of temperature minus outside the window and the number of people in the family. Before applying for technical conditions, it is necessary to calculate the maximum gas consumption. It is this calculated figure that will need to be indicated in the application.

Gas supply system of a private low-rise building
Technical specifications for gasification can be issued exclusively for the capital construction facility (cottage, backyard or other building), simply no supplier of gas fuel will issue a piece of land to TU

The issued specifications contain:

  • approved gas consumption;
  • recommendations on the materials of pipes and fittings for insertion into the trunk;
  • description of the procedure for coordination of project documentation.

If gas is planned to be used for profit (not for consumption with the aim of heating a private house or other building), then such a consumer immediately falls into the second group. Even if the volume of consumption is below 5 cubic meters, it will still be carried out in the second category with slightly different connection conditions.

Summary cost of connection to gas supply you will find out by reading an article on this issue

The procedure for obtaining a gas permit

The gasification process of a house under construction should begin as early as possible. Bureaucratically and technologically, this procedure often takes up to several years. And if everything is quite strictly regulated with papers and the terms of their issuance (the same technical specifications must be issued by the gas distribution company within two weeks), then the issue of purely installation work may be delayed for a long time.

Autonomous gas supply scheme
If there is no general plan and gasification scheme in the village, then connecting the house to the highway can drag on for three to four years - in this case it is often better to consider the option with a gas holder

Long lead times for gas pipes to gasified cottage due to the need for land management procedures. For example, the main pipe is only five kilometers from the settlement, but the land between it and the connected object is the property of a third party who does not want to allow anyone on it.

In a similar situation, gas workers are forced to coordinate everything with a third party for a long time or to look for a workaround that costs money and takes time. And there is also a mass of engineering communications in the ground, unregistered plots and much more. Gasification periods are often delayed for many months.

The need for technical specifications
The underground laying of gas branches must take into account the location of existing communications and the rules from the location relative to gas pipes

In order to receive technical conditions for the organization of gas supply in a private house, you must submit an application to the company supplying gas in the village, attaching:

  1. A statement with the name, address of the building, the planned date of commissioning of the cottage and the volume of gas fuel consumption in cubic meters / hour.
  2. Plan of the site, made in binding it to the territory of the village.
  3. Copies of title documents to the ground.
  4. The written consent of the neighbors (provided that the ongoing communications affect their areas).

There are two points here. The first is the calculation of the maximum possible hourly fuel consumption by all the gas equipment available in the house.It can be done in advance, using the services of a design firm, or by sending a request to the gas supply organization if it is ready to make such calculations.

The second point - you can do without this calculation and TU. If the flow rate does not exceed 5 cubic meters of gas per hour, then the technical specifications are not mandatory.

It is enough to apply for connection, and the supplier connects your house to the highway. However, such a scenario in practice is possible only if there are already installed gas distribution networks in the village.

Connecting a house in a gasified village
If the village was originally designed with gas supply, then the corresponding pipes have already been laid along it and all volumes of consumption have been laid down in advance in the project (+)

If in the village there are all the possibilities for gas supplies, you only need to crash into the highway and carry out a branch from it to the cottage. But not everywhere is such a luxury in reality. In the vast majority of cases, gas workers still require preliminary calculations of fuel consumption and technical specifications based on them.

Informed designer's choice

In order to connect the house to a gas pipe, in addition to the technical conditions, it is necessary to have a building gasification project agreed with all authorities. It is impossible to prepare it yourself, and after doing it yourself it is impossible to do the work of connecting to the pipe.

Both documentation and gas supply installation are carried out exclusively by licensed firms.

If there is even the slightest desire to save money, having trusted a third-party company without a license, then it is better to immediately refuse such savings. Otherwise, either the project will not be approved, or the employee of the gas supplying organization will not sign the act on putting the branch pipe and valve into operation.

Decree No. 1314
Often, a gas supply company performs design, installation of a pipeline, and maintenance of gas equipment, but their prices are often too high (+)

In order not to overpay the gas supplier for the preparation of project documentation and connecting the house to gas supply, the performer of these services should be looked on the side. However, remember - he must have a license to perform such work.

In order for gas to enter the house, it will still be necessary to conclude a contract with a gas distribution company. And its employees at the slightest deviation from the rules refuse without talking.

The best option is to contact the intermediary company, which does everything on a turn-key basis and two-in-one. Such firms are ready to both prepare all the necessary documents, and coordinate them, and then complete the installation work with subsequent commissioning.

They can even be trusted to receive technical conditions from gas workers by writing a power of attorney for this. They have been working with a gas supplier for several days, they know its requirements and the norms of laws.

Everything happens much faster for them, and you don’t need to go to the authorities with pieces of paper. Plus, often such firms give a considerable discount on their services, subject to the conclusion of an agreement simultaneously for gas pipeline design and construction work.

The nuances of the technical connection stage

By the time the residential facility is directly connected to the gas supply in the cottage, all appliances consuming gas fuel must be installed and pipe wiring from gas meter.

Here, it is also better not to rely on your own strengths, but initially to trust professionals. Natural gas is not worth joking. Leak plus spark - resulting in fire.

General estimate of gasification at home
If the gasification project costs approximately 50-100 thousand rubles, then the estimate for the installation of the pipe from the highway running along the street rarely exceeds 25 thousand, but here we also need to add the costs of distributing gas pipes around the house and connecting boilers, boilers and stoves

In order to reduce the expenses of Russians for the gasification of their housing, in many regions of Russia there are subsidies for connection. Of course, not all categories of citizens can use them.But to study in more detail existing programs in an area or province will not hurt. The money saved will definitely not be superfluous.

After completing the insertion into the main, which is carried out on the basis of the issued technical conditions, it is necessary to call the representative of the gas supplying organization.

He is needed to:

  • check the conformity of the work performed TU;
  • make metering devices;
  • conclude a natural gas supply agreement;
  • conduct a briefing with the customer about the rules for using gas equipment in everyday life;
  • sign the act on putting the gas supply pipe into operation.

According to the law, all responsibility for the serviceability of gas domestic equipment lies with the gas consumer, who has concluded an agreement with the supply company. However, it is the specialists of this company in the future who will constantly come to inspect the networks and devices inside the house for their performance and lack of leaks.

Gasification of a house with a gas tank

If you are more than a hundred meters from the house to the gas main, or you cannot connect to it at all, then only the option installation on the gas tank section. This is a container for pumping and storing gas, from which it flows through a pipe directly to the cottage to the boiler or stove.

Autonomous gas supply with a gas tank
The main advantage of a gas tank is a minimum of time for coordination and installation, all work on gasification of a house can be carried out in just a couple of days, technical conditions are not necessary here (+)

If the installed gas tank has a capacity of up to 10,000 liters (which is more than enough for most private houses), then it is not required to receive technical specifications or other permits for it. All projects and documents will be provided by the company that will carry out its installation.

This capacity itself costs a lot of money, but if there are no opportunities to connect to the highway, then the gas holder is a good replacement for it. Typically, its volume is calculated in such a way that refueling should be carried out two to three times a year. Otherwise, such a system for supplying gas to the house does not differ from the option considered above. The same sensors, valves and gas supply pipe.

Strengths and weaknesses of connecting a private house to gas tank and gas main thoroughly disassembled in our proposed article.

The process of connecting the cottage to the highway step by step

Technical conditions as such are just a piece of paper with requirements and capabilities. In addition to them, among the documents for connecting main gas to a private house are various plans, projects, statements, acts and contracts. The problem is that without all this paperwork, gasifying a cottage to its owner is impossible by definition. These are the norms in our country.

Approval Procedure
The process of connecting a house to a gas pipe in Russia is strictly regulated by laws, this was done in order to limit monopolists and reduce the prices for the gasification of private households

The full “ceremony” with connecting the cottage to the main gas is as follows:

  1. Estimation of gas fuel consumption.
  2. Submission of an application for technical specifications.
  3. Obtaining technical conditions.
  4. Designing a gas network from the highway to the house and inside the latter.
  5. Conclusion of a connection agreement.
  6. Installation of input outside and gas equipment inside the building.
  7. Checking the readiness of all this to work.
  8. Drawing up a certificate of connection.
  9. Conclusion of a service contract.

Plus, it is also necessary to sign acts of delineation of the operational responsibility of both parties and property.

Plot gas pipe from the highway to the fence of the plot belongs to the gas supplying organization, and all that further is the property of the owner of the cottage. At the same time, it is again the gas supplier (or a subsidiary authorized by it) that must service all gas equipment and monitor its serviceability.

The process of connecting a country house to a nearby highway includes a number of standard steps:


Information on how is produced insertion into the gas main pipe, you will find in the article that we recommend for review.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

To connect to the gas, it is necessary to collect a sufficiently large package of documentation, but without this, nowhere. The following videos will certainly help you understand all the nuances of this procedure.

All about the order of gasification of cottages:

The nuances of the internal wiring of the gas pipeline house, which should be considered before approving the project:

A video that allows you to understand how much it will cost to connect a country house to the main gas:

Connecting a private house to a gas pipe is a tedious and long approval process. Installation itself is carried out within a few days, but developing a project, submitting requests and waiting for response papers takes time.

However, the presence of blue fuel in the cottage immediately removes many issues with heating and cooking. Using natural gas allows you to save a lot, the flour of connection waiting is worth it.

Stories about how you received the technical conditions for connecting a country house to the main network should be placed in the block below. Please write comments, ask questions, share useful information and photos.

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  1. Mariya

    A friend in the area has been connecting a private house to gas for the second year. They can’t do anything.And it is also very expensive. Nothing depends on you here. Well, there is still an apartment, and if there is no other housing or the production decided to open. The question is: if you turn to a licensed company, then its documentation will be accepted? Through whom will it still be more reliable?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Mariya, hello. Unfortunately, your question is not fully understood.

      Why can't they carry gas? At what stage did the problem arise? As for “contacting” the company - less trouble, more knowledge from specialists, yes. But here it is necessary to correctly draw up a contract.

      Will their documentation be accepted? Unknown If the technical conditions do not allow and the refusal is justified, then how not to compile the document, there will still be no connection. We look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Alexei

    I wanted to put gas into the house. For TU you need permission to connect from the administration (owner), but they do not give me permission, saying that in 2012 the residents did the project estimate documentation at their own expense. Is it legal or not, and where is it better to apply?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Alexei, it seems to me that your administration is disingenuous. You can well take the consent of the neighbors by paying them a proportionate share of the compensation for the sidebar. Try to contact the gas service, on whose balance the gas duct is located and find out the procedure and form of the documentation provided, and then get the technical specifications for the inset, if the number of users allows this according to the possibilities of the gas duct load. It is completely incomprehensible to me why you suddenly have the owner of the administration ... In this case, the administration will dispose of its property.

      In accordance with Art. 209 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the owner owns the rights to own, use and dispose of his property. The owner has the right, at his discretion, to perform any actions with respect to his property that do not contradict the law and other legal acts and do not violate the rights and interests of other persons protected by law, including alienating his property into property of other persons, transferring to them, remaining the owner, the rights possession, use and disposal of property, pledge property and encumber it with other means, dispose of it in another way.

      Here are the documents on this topic:

      1. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 N 1314, paragraph 2:

      “Primary subscriber” - a gas consumer owning gas distribution and (or) gas consumption networks directly connected to the contractor’s gas distribution network and not providing gas transportation services on the basis of ownership or on any other legal basis. Consent of the main subscriber to the connection (technological connection) to the gas distribution and (or) gas consumption networks of the main subscriber, as well as the construction of a gas pipeline on the land plot of the main subscriber, if the connection is made on the land, the copyright holder of which is the main subscriber, in the cases provided for in paragraph 34 of these Rules (subparagraph "e" of paragraph 7 of the Rules).

      2. Letter of the FAS Russia dated 10.15.2015 N AG / 56690/15 “On the rules for connecting to gas distribution networks”:

      ... the main subscriber, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, has the right to settle the issue of charging a fee for issuing consent to connect to a gas consumption network, issued in accordance with paragraph 34 of the Rules, as part of a contractual relationship.

      3. Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 N 1314 (as amended on February 21, 2019), paragraph 34:

      If the connection (technological connection) of the capital construction project is possible only to existing gas distribution networks and (or) gas consumption owned by the main subscriber, the technical conditions for such connection (technological connection) are issued by the gas distribution organization, to the gas distribution and (or) gas consumption network the network is connected gas distribution and (or) gas consumption, owned by the main subscriber.At the same time, a request for the provision of technical conditions, an application for connection (technological connection) must contain the consent of the main subscriber to connect (technological connection) the applicant’s capital construction facility to his gas distribution network and (or) gas consumption. If the construction of the gas pipeline from the gas distribution network and (or) the gas consumption of the main subscriber is carried out by the contractor on the land plot of the main subscriber, the request for the provision of technical conditions, an application for connection (technological connection) shall be accompanied by the consent of the main subscriber to carry out the construction of the gas pipeline on its land plot.“.

      Good luck

  3. Marina

    Out of kindness, she gave “Consent to the connection and installation of a gas pipe in my area” to her new neighbors. They did not pull the pipe, as agreed -54 meters, but ran into my house and hung the pipe on my house. They should have gone from me to my neighbor and stretched these six meters underground. They deceived me and now I have no changes in my gas project, and they don’t communicate.

    I have a flimsy country house. Did I have to sign anything else besides this “consent”? And why is their crane hanging on my house? Yes, and goes on a public road. Thank.

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello Marina. It is very difficult to answer anything on your question, since we do not see documents and cannot say what is there and how. Perhaps they would have found loopholes in your situation. So far it turns out that the gas pipeline is agreed, your signature is, that is, the insert is essentially legal.

      “They should have gone to the neighbors” - and who said that it was possible according to the technical conditions? Who drafted their gas pipeline to them? That is, it turns out, they came to you and simply said that they would do just that, but they themselves deceived?

      Okay, let's see how to solve the issue:

      1. According to Art. 209 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation “the owner owns the rights to own, use and dispose of his property“.
      2. Art. 263 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation: “The owner of a land plot may erect buildings and structures on it, carry out their reconstruction or demolition, permit construction of other persons on his plot“. What you, Marina, actually did by allowing the sidebar.

      Now let's see how you get the pipe to dismantle. According to Article 304 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Article 305: “The owner can demand the elimination of violations of his rights and the claim will be satisfied if it is proved that this gas pipeline violates the rights to own its legal property“.

      What are you doing. Go to the gas supply organization and demand to dismantle the gas duct. Upon receipt of a WRITTEN refusal, apply to the court with a statement of claim. I know that a similar complaint was satisfied in favor of the plaintiff, when it was proved that his rights had been violated despite the fact that there was another technical possibility of tapping into the flue, without prejudice to the plaintiff.

  4. Nikolay

    “Now the situation has changed: it’s enough to get the technical conditions for gas connections in the gas distribution company - and blue fuel is practically in your house.” “Is this a letter from the future?” Connecting the gas is very long and expensive!

    “The sphere of this activity was strongly monopolized and had not always explainable prices” - But what has changed? It was very monopolized, and now it is very monopolized! And the prices are more and more and more inexplicable! For example, 26 thousand rubles for 10 pieces of paper (contract for connection with TU) - is this explainable?

  5. Alexander

    Not an article, or whether it’s some kind of hidden advertising of gas tanks, or advertising of a gas-politician, look how simple it is with us. In fact, what we have ...

    The fact that the richest country with natural resources and the same gas, will get tired of all the nerves with the connection, will draw a lot of money for the technical specifications and the connection, it will take a lot of time and effort, and then tear the skin for gas consumption, calibration, etc. And this is in a successful scenario. And so they can refuse to issue TU, arguing the absence of those. opportunities (the pipe is small, there is not enough gas at all). How to sell over a hill and build all sorts of flows - northern, southern, etc. - so this is enough. And to your people - drown with wood, which is also forbidden to harvest ...

    So this article only infuriates ...

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Alexander, as soon as a deputy of the State Duma appears on the portal, we will definitely tell him that you are deeply outraged by the cost and procedure of gas connection 🙂

      As for “the pipe is not the same and everything is wrong”, it’s really “outrageous” that you can’t just take the garden hose and attach it to the existing flue, you still need to follow some rules there, the load on the flue ... Firewood, by the way, in the form felling and dead wood, according to the new law, is not prohibited to collect in 2019.

  6. Kseniya

    Good afternoon! In the contract, the connection period is set to 1 year !, and in TU 1.5 years! So what is the deadline !? I belong to the 1st category! Thank!

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. The gas connection term is indicated in your contract, and it is from him that you should build on. TU simply mean that for some reason, the terms of the contract may be agreed with the contractor.

  7. Tell me, can I get the technical specifications if I don’t have any buildings on the site yet, but only a rough house plan? And is it necessary to notarize the consent of the owner of the networks to join the highway?

    And when it will be possible for me to draw up a project: when will I finish the construction of the house or still at the project stage?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. To obtain technical specifications for an object not yet built, it is necessary to provide in addition to the standard set of documents - permission of the local administration to conduct construction; estimate with thermal engineering calculations. The possibility of making a change is agreed upon in advance.

      On your second question - clause 34 of the Rules for connecting (technological connection) of capital construction projects to gas distribution networks approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2013 No. 1314, states that the consent of the owner is mandatory, but there are no references to the notarial agreement. Meanwhile, the internal supplier may, for some reason, require the execution of such a document notarized.

  8. “The second point - you can do without this calculation and TU. If the flow rate does not exceed 5 cubic meters of gas per hour, then the technical specifications are not mandatory. ”

    Is it possible to reference this item?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello, Yuri. The fact is that the process of connecting gas to a private house has been revised at the legislative level, now it really has become easier to do. Although in practice, monopolistic organizations still do not want to connect according to the new rules (it’s understandable why, because they are not so profitable).

      As for official regulations, you can go and read the information on Mosoblgaz websitefor example, there are links to official government decrees. In particular, open Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1314 of 12/30/2013.

      As for the calculations, it is not necessary to provide them if the area of ​​the house is less than 250 sq.m. All this is spelled out in regulations that you can independently study. Also pay attention to changes in the decrees of 2018.