The service life of a gas stove in an apartment: standard and real life

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Any device has its own service life, but the duration of using the equipment used to realize the supply of “blue fuel” is especially strictly regulated in this regard. Who has not yet encountered - the life of a gas stove in an apartment is not infinite.

Can gas workers strongly recommend sending a waste stove that has worked for more than a year and seems to be still functioning? Is it possible to postpone the moment of farewell to her and by what laws / regulations in general this is regulated?

We will help you understand these and some other issues that arise with the owners of such gas equipment, who are faced with the requirement to immediately replace the old stove, even if it is still quite like new in your opinion.

Current Standards and Regulations

In the Russian Federation Government Decision No. 720 June 16, 1997 with amendments and additions introduced in 2001, according to which the manufacturer is obliged to determine the service life of the manufactured and sold durable goods.

At the same time, one more time parameter is often indicated on the products - “warranty service life”. However, we need precisely the operational period, since the second means only the possibility of free service repair, exchange or return of goods due to factory defects.

Gas stove replacement instruction
Do not be discouraged if you have lost the instrument passport. This does not mean that now you have to change the stove. You can find out her age in other ways.

PP No. 720 also acts on gas stoves, because they relate to products that, after prolonged use, can harm their owner or the environment. And if you, when buying a stove, did not find this paragraph in the documentation for it, it is best to avoid such an acquisition.

Usually, when setting the expiration date, manufacturers rely not only on the quality characteristics of the parts of the device, but also on the current regulations of the country in which the goods are sold.

In Soviet times, the life of a gas stove according to the current state standard was only 4 years. Then it was introduced GOST R 50696-94by which he increased to 14 years. He was replaced by GOST R 50696-96whose status has also been canceled.

To date, the life of the gas stove is actually not standardized. According to Government Decision No. 410, in part 8, clause 80 (c), a condition for the suspension of gas supply may be the expiration of the shelf life of the house / apartment equipment, according to the terms established by the manufacturer. Most often it is 10-15 years.

Current Standards and Regulations
When the “life” ends on the device’s passport, you call a specialist from the gas service in advance, he carries out technical diagnostics and, in the absence of irreparable irreparable repairs, extends the time of using the device

But it is too early to panic, as there is still a reference to the fact that this is possible in the absence of the consent of the gas service to extend the operational period.

Responsibility for shelf life

According toGovernment Decision No. 549, and Order of the Ministry of Regional Development No. 239, the responsibility for the gas equipment in homes and apartments lies with the consumer. That is, this includes repair, proper operation, as well as compliance with the control of the terms of use of devices.

If the consumer ignores the rules, he faces a gas cutoff and a fine, which is provided for in article 9.23 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation.

For violation of the rules for the safe use of inside / inside equipment, a fine is provided for in the amount of:

  • 1000-2000 rubles in the first warning;
  • 2000-5000 rubles - for the secondary;
  • 10000-30000 rubles - in an emergency.

And of course, criminal liability as well fine up to 300,000 rubles provided if the emergency situation led to damage to other people's property, a threat to the life and health of other people.

Gas equipment explosion
Even a slight gas leak from a faulty, worn-out stove is enough for a dangerous explosion or fatal carbon monoxide poisoning

Plates should not be considered eternal, even with careful use. Over time, they wear out. In particular, the most frequently occurs burnout of the oven or the failure of gas valves, the operating time of which is approximately 11 thousand cycles. Deterioration of such equipment can lead to life-threatening gas leakage.

Several factors shorten the shelf life of a gas stove:

  • illiterate and abusive treatment;
  • frequent use;
  • forgetfulness of the owners.

Handle the stove carefully. This is a household appliance that supplies explosive mixtures. It is recommended to regularly, during cooking, conduct a visual inspection of the device for deviations from quality work.

Be sure to change on time burners to similar, if necessary replace gas hosecompletely close the oven; do not allow clogging gas nozzles. And of course, time to pass Maintenance.

A gas service specialist scrupulously checks the equipment for possible breakdowns and incorrect operation, which in the future will allow to carry out repairs on time or even save the lives of consumers if there are serious violations in the operation of the devices.

Gas stove inspection

Many negatively relate to the visit of gas workers for a scheduled inspection and are in no hurry to let them into their house or apartment, they are looking for clauses in laws regulating the frequency of such inspections.

In fact, specialists from official organizations are unlikely to enjoy such visits.

Gas service worker
If the check fits into the legal schedule of service or is connected with any incoming signal, do not neglect the meeting with the gasmen, and if you are not at home, call the gas service and arrange for their visit again

According to the list of VKGO, approved by Government Decision No. 410, the mandatory work of an employee of the gas sector during maintenance:

  • inspection of equipment and components;
  • checking connections, valves, nozzles and so on for leaks / absence of leaks;
  • burner cleaning;
  • valve lubrication;
  • monitoring the performance of the stove and the gas shut-off device;
  • check smoke and ventilation systems;
  • inspection of hoses;
  • consumer instruction.

During the inspection, problems with the gas stove may appear, requiring repair or replacement. And, even if your device has not yet expired, you do not need to try to save it if the conclusion is disappointing.

And if the expiration date expires, call a specialist before it expires so that it can be extended if the equipment is operational. Otherwise, they can turn you off and even write a fine.

Gas Shutdown Act
If the gas stove is already outdated, and the inspection has not been completed, this can be considered as a threat to the life of other residents of the house and their property. In this case, the gas supply to the device will be turned off and the input will be sealed until all the blocking causes are eliminated, and most likely, in this case, the device will definitely have to be changed

But it so happens that the owners doubt the legitimacy of the requirements equipment replacement. In this case, you must not forget to take a written inspection report from the specialist from the specialist.

It should be noted that if the landlord ignored the call of gas workers or a notice on the replacement of the stove, the gas supply will not be immediately stopped, unless there is a real threat of an emergency. At least 2 notifications must be sent to him with a pause of 20 days, and the suspension of gas transportation itself is carried out 20 days after the second warning.

Replacing the stove with a new one

So, if the expiration date of the stove indicated in the passport of the device expires. You have 2 ways:

  1. Replace appliance.
  2. Call a diagnostician from the gas service for inspection.

Regardless of the expert’s decision, the first option will come sooner or later, so we will tell you what to do in this situation.

To begin with, you should prepare a new device that meets the current GOST, as well as all the necessary components for it. Here you should make a reservation that when ordering a service in Gorgaz, you can ask specialists to provide a turnkey service, that is, so that they themselves will acquire a device that meets all standards. Of course, if you do not want to choose some special design.

It is also worth noting that in many regions the purchase of the device can be carried out at the expense of the state if it is replaced as necessary. For example, this type of benefit is especially popular among large families and an application for it should be submitted to the local department of social protection of the population.

Gas service worker checks the stove
In social security, you need to clarify whether you have any privileges for free replacement under other circumstances, for example, as a tenant of a dwelling, a participant in the Second World War, a waiting list for housing, and so on

Anyway, the next step will be to file an application. In some cities, this can be done remotely via the Internet, but unfortunately, not in all. You can also call gas workers by phone, specifying the operator the required type of service. These filing points should be clarified with the supplier. It is best to do this in person at the Gorgaz office and in writing.

You need to have documents of title for the premises with you, the consent of all apartment owners to replace the stove, a power of attorney if the consumer himself cannot come to the office of the GRO, identity documents, a passport for the old stove and, if there is a new one, a replacement order (if any , but in the case when the subscriber claims a preferential replacement, an act of defect is required), inspection certificate of house and ventilation ducts (in the presence of).

When submitting an application, keep in mind that if you want a “turnkey” service, you write a statement about replacing equipment, and if you purchased the device and accessories yourself, about installation. But this is not critical, everyone will tell you in the GRO.

Specify the date and time of the gas workers' visits in order to be able to meet them and be sure to give them your phone number so that they can call you back and specify the period of visit.

Gas stove connection
During installation, gas workers are required to check all stove documentation for compliance with the standards, perform installation, check equipment operation, instruct the owners, issue a receipt or obtain consent to send a receipt by mail and draw up a written certificate of approval for operation

After disconnecting the old equipment and installing a new stove, be sure to take the certificate of work performed and the approval of the device into operation. And besides that. receipt, if you paid for installation on site, and not upon receipt of the receipt.

Also, after replacing the stove with a new one, the question arises, where to put the equipment that has expired? You can get the answer in this stuff.

Can I make a replacement on my own?

Suppose you don’t have time to wait for gas workers or you don’t want to pay for the installation. Many apartment owners make a mistake - change the device yourself.

ByArt. 7.19 Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, in this case, a fine will be imposed on you as for unauthorized connection to the gas pipeline, not a lot and not a little - 10-15 thousand rubles.

Also, No. 410 indicates that such a replacement can only be carried out by a company licensed to carry out such work, with authorized specialists, and that unauthorized connection threatens to disconnect from the gas supply network.

Disconnect from the gas line
After disconnecting from the gas supply network, remove the plug and reconnect, the procedure is not free. The cost varies from 6 thousand rubles for the service. In this case, it will also be necessary to pay a fine.

Yes, and why take the risk, such works are inexpensive, and at their end you will receive official access to the equipment.

What awaits gas stoves in the future?

Now you can still go through the examination of the device and get an increase in the service life of the stove. However, in connection with the increasing incidence of domestic gas explosions, firstly, there is a widespread transition to equipment with a high degree of protection, and secondly, security control is being strengthened.

So, the Ministry of Construction prepared a document, upon approval of which it will no longer be possible to use diagnostics and the standard term of operation of a gas stove in an apartment will be limited. That is, the passport service period has ended - the device must be disposed of.

In addition, experts want to amend the law regarding notifications to consumers about the suspension of supply of “blue fuel”. Requirements of gas workers to replace the device will have to be fulfilled immediately. Prior warnings of 40 days, and so on, will no longer be provided.

Maintenance Order
It should be noted that representatives of the apartment building management receive orders with the condition of immediate provision of gas workers' admission to apartments for conducting HVCO as intermediaries between the subscriber and the gas company

It is difficult to say whether these amendments will be adopted in whole or in part. But now, statistics on accidents due to faulty gas appliances are steadily increasing every year.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Here’s a video on how to replace gas stoves for free:

Thus, how many years you can safely use a gas stove is a factor depending on its expiration date in the data sheet and the act of inspection of the device by gas engineers upon its expiration. But, if possible, at the end of the service life, it is better to replace the device with a new one, and not extend the life of it.

Have you ever changed a gas stove for a new one? For what reasons did this happen? Share your experience, ask questions about the topic of the article and participate in the discussion in the block below.

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