Re-signing of the gas contract: necessary documents and legal details

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Have you ever moved to a new place of residence or maybe you wanted to do this? Agree that because of global changes there are a lot of technical problems that have to be solved in a short time. Already in the first month you need to buy household appliances, take time to renegotiate the contract for gas, electricity and water. Familiar situation?

In our article, you will learn about the legal aspects of renewing gas contracts. Read it and you can quickly prepare documents for a new agreement. We described how the process of renewing gas agreements and the situation on the market as a whole look like.

Features renegotiation of gas agreements

There are literally 3 components to updating a gas contract. It is about the position of 2 parties and technical capabilities. The supplier agrees to the new transaction or refuses to do so if there are legal obstacles to its signing. The customer collects documents and technical information, buys equipment and fulfills the requirements about him.

Civil law has a rule on the automatic extension of a contract that has not been terminated by either of the parties and which has no expiration date. An expired period of time regularly becomes a reason for renegotiation, as does the approximation of the final moment.

In turn, the mobility of the market conditions leads to a change in the parties to the contracts, which implies the need to update the document. New owners appear at the apartments, and units at the gas supplier sometimes change.

Documents for renewing the gas contract

Subscribers should know the rules for re-signing a document when changing the consumer side. The current customer begins the process with a letter about termination of contract. The appeal is sent no later than 30 days before the termination.

Termination of the gas contract
For the cancellation of the current agreement, the desire of the subscriber who has no debt, but both parties can make a decision, is sufficient and after that set the date of termination

To conclude a supply contract, the new owner is required to submit an application on the letterhead of the organization to which the appeal is being made, as well as company details.

The agreement cannot be re-signed without documents of ownership:

  • certificate of ownership of the apartment, house, building, where they supply gas or where there is gas-using equipment;
  • long-term lease agreements.

Do not do without agreeing on the possibility of supplying gas distribution and gas transportation organizations, the scheme of pipelines with the distributor. They also provide technical data on gas equipment.

Individuals prepare documents, information and, together with personal data, send all this in an offer (application, application). After receiving an application for renegotiation of the gas supply agreement, together with the attached documents, the local structure of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz will draw up an agreement in 2 copies - for both parties.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities will have to collect more documentation in order to get gas for their technological needs.

If the consumer is a legal entity

For re-signing, they present copies of certificates of registration and tax registration of a legal entity, a copy of the charter, as well as an information letter from the Goskomstat with assigned codes. The law obliges the organization to provide a copy of the decision, protocol or order on the appointment of the head.

Gas sales on the market
The example of the Lipetsk region shows the ratio of gas consumption by population and organizations: the largest companies in the industrial sector use about a quarter of the total

Proof of ownership of real estate and land will also be required of the subscriber; moreover, it is not necessary to have the right to possession, access is sufficient. Documents on rent, management, economic management will attest to this.

In addition, they will ask for an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, received no earlier than 30 days before submitting an application for the preparation of a gas contract. To renegotiate a gas contract, rights to the premises where the gas equipment is located, and not production facilities per se, are necessary.

If the subscriber is an individual entrepreneur

IP owners, as they are called in everyday life, submit duplicate certificates of state registration as an individual entrepreneur and registration by tax authorities.

To renegotiate the gas agreement, you should keep your passport, documents of ownership or lease agreement for technical property with you. The same applies to extracts from the USRIP. The document must be "not older than" 30 days.

What information needs to be provided to the supplier?

After the change of ownership, the question will open about the new gas technology, the number of residents. For pricing in the absence of a gas meter, as well as to guarantee the conditions of gas supply in general, the supplier needs to know the data about the room living in it, the type of gas equipment.

Price change for 2019
Directions of gas use depending on equipment: the example of Altai Krai shows the dynamics of prices per cubic meter for 2019

Thus, the offer for the supply of fuel includes not only personal, but also technical information:

  1. Type of room. Indicate the peculiarity of the living space: a house in the MKD, a private building, an extension or a construction for household purposes.
  2. Options for energy consumption, whether it is cooking, heating water or heating residential / non-residential premises. The preparation of animal feed is also considered.
  3. The number of residents, which include the owner or co-owners of the property, registered, as well as temporary guests.
  4. Dimensions of heated rooms, including area and cubic capacity, as well as supporting documents.
  5. Type and number of animals in the household subsidiary (if any).

Subscribers indicate an exhaustive list of gas-powered equipment and metering devices. This applies, inter alia, to a gas meter, about which not only general information is provided, but also data on the installation location on the gas pipeline as part of the domestic gas equipment, and the sealing date.

As for the last moment, then counter fill manufacturers and believing organizations. The established deadline for subsequent inspection is also indicated in the offer.

Seal on the gas meter
Gas suppliers periodically conduct a comprehensive replacement of seals with new ones in order to prevent unauthorized fuel extraction and to clarify the timing of verification

You will not need to re-seal the counter if there is compliance with all conditions:

  • there is no damage to the device;
  • the counter shows the measurement results;
  • the date of the next verification has not arrived;
  • There are seals of the manufacturer and supplier.

In the statement, the consumer needs to mention social support measures, if any. Benefits are provided at the regional and state levels, and in circulation indicate which ones.

How to renegotiate a contract?

For this purpose, contact the supplier and the gas distribution intermediary. After legislative changes in the direction of direct sales to the public, distributors are still engaged in maintenance (repair), repair and connection.

By maintenance contracts and their renegotiation turn to these companies. We are talking about urban, regional and regional gas and gas companies, as well as Gazprom Gas Distribution. Renewal is carried out in person or online, and it will take up to 10 days to complete this procedure.

The process consists of 3 stages:

  1. Submission of an application for renewal of gas supply contracts and gas equipment maintenance. To do this, they visit the subscriber departments of gas companies or use the "personal account" on their websites.
  2. Inspection of gas equipment. One needs to be present at home in order to receive the employees of the gas distribution company. Date and time are agreed upon by both parties.
  3. Drawing up and conclusion of contracts. Reissued agreements will be issued at the branch to which the consumer has contacted. The readiness of the documents will be reported.

The territorial units of the supplier company renegotiate contracts for free.

Gas equipment inspection
Gas supply agreements have long been not concluded without maintenance agreements: before signing any acts, safety equipment is checked

Subscribers turn to representative offices in their locality or a larger administrative unit. As part of the fight against the lines, Gazprom Mezhregiongaz is opening new sites throughout Russia.

In cities with a population of more than half a million people, the number of representative offices is about 5. You should contact one of the offices within the city, not necessarily exactly at the place of residence.

Legal aspects of contract renegotiation

The law does not allow gas supply without a contract, but subscribers should not be afraid gas shutdown at the time of departure. In which case, a simple notification to the territorial structure is enough: about the desire to sign the application for the contract and renew the agreement directly.

Based on the established standards, the supplier accepts and considers all applications without exception. It can refuse only to sign the contract and only if there are legal grounds.

Instead of notification, you can immediately send an offer. An application to conclude a gas supply agreement is essentially a preliminary agreement that helps the parties prepare. Nothing impedes instant execution: you can renegotiate a gas supply agreement with or without an offer.

Supplier contract renegotiation
Representatives of the supplier may appear after the consumer returns and conclude an agreement with him on the offer sent earlier

Gas is not supplied to subscribers without a contract for the maintenance of gas equipment. After moving or buying a home from a former landlord, you will have to renew this agreement. The service itself costs about 1,000 rubles. per year for apartments with a gas stove and column.

In 2019, there was a transition to a scheme in which gas distribution organizations lost the right to sell gas to the public, but only carry out its transit to the final consumer and receive money for it. Previously, the supplier and the distributor had the right to sell. Debt in some regions led to changes.

Consumers did not pay to distribution companies, and they, in turn, could not fully pay for fuel before the conveyor. The renegotiation of the agreement now means that the gas transportation company needs to pay the bills. Citizens still lay agreements on the maintenance of gas equipment with a gas distributor.

Gas price structure
The gas price structure for industrial consumers looked something like this 2 years before gas distribution companies lost their right to sell it

It happens that after the old contract money remains on the personal account. They will be returned immediately after they determine the completeness of payment. Consumers also do not need to worry about double bills, for example, in cases when a valid new contract did not receive a notice of termination of the old one.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

What surprises can be expected when buying a house if the ad says “gas at the border of the site”:

Analysis of the gas connection procedure, provisions relevant to the execution and renewal of supply contracts:

Consumers renegotiate a gas contract if it ends, after moving or changing a company that sells fuel. The right to renew the gas contract is as natural as the right to receive gas in principle. Of their own free will and without legal justification, no company will refuse a citizen.

The subscriber should take care of documents for housing, passports for gas appliances, technical data of the premises. A new contract will be signed with him at the nearest branch of the supplier. The company will take into account the contents of the preliminary application, if submitted.

Ask questions regarding renewal of gas contracts. Write about your personal experience, share important information with others. Tell us if difficulties arose and if so, how did you deal with them. The contact form is located below.

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  1. Alexander

    Hello. I bought a home ownership with two buildings: a residential and a guest house. Two gas inputs with hp Contracts for the supply of gas for a residential building have been concluded, drawn up by the previous owner.

    I divorced my wife. Made a section of home ownership at two addresses. At the conclusion of the contract for the supply of gas for the guest house, they refused me. Referring to the execution of the contract in the category of “other consumers”.

    The guest house was transferred to a residential building. Provided an extract from the USRN.I was denied verbally, stating that I have in a building of 100 sq.m, five entrance doors and five bathrooms, which confirms the commerce. In fact, this is my only home, and I do not do business.

    They sent a notice from Gazprom Mezhregiongaz LLC to the old address, where I was not registered and did not receive it. She received a daughter demanding to conclude an agreement on the category of “other consumers” in order to avoid interruption of gas supply.

    Can they cut off gas at any time if the gas supply agreement is not for me, and the address is different? And what is the law to do in this situation?