Benefits for connecting gas to large families: specifics and rules for registration of preferential conditions

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Last update: December 2019

For families with 3 or more children, government assistance programs for housing well-being are being actively developed. They give out plots for various needs, provide building materials and social housing, and in addition, in a number of regions there are privileges for connecting gas to large families.

Agree, taking into account gasification prices, assistance from the state in this matter will not be superfluous. But which particular categories of large families can count on this support? How do you know if such a program is in place in your city and what documents need to be collected in order to become real?

We will tell you about what privileged payments and compensations your family can claim, where and how to get the most accessible information on this issue.

Which family is considered to be large?

The most important thing is to immediately determine who fits into this category. In most regions, these are families of 3 dependent children of parents, but in some regions of the Russian Federation this bar may be higher.

Status is given with certain conditions:

  • A father or mother (adoptive parents) should not be deprived of parental rights or evade the education of their offspring in any way;
  • At least one parent with whom the children are registered must have Russian citizenship; refugee status must not be assigned;
  • All children must live together and be registered in the same territory with their parents (at least one of them);
  • Each child must be dependent on at least one parent and not be married;
  • Up to 3 (or more, depending on the region) children are alive and do not stay in prison.

At the child's adult age, the family most often retains the status of 3 children, even if one or more of them serve in the army, go to school or other educational institutions.

The large family
According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 05.05.1992 N 431 (as amended on 02.25.2003) “On measures for social support of large families”, the regions themselves are entitled to establish and fix the status of the family, depending on national and cultural values ​​and demographic situation.So, in some constituent entities of the Russian Federation large families are families from 4-5 children

But this is not the case in all regions and the age level varies at the local level. This moment the family will have to clarify in the department of social protection located in the region at the place of your actual residence, according to the registration.

How to issue a multi-child status?

Before finding out how much is gasification and register the benefits offered by authorities for the number of children, it is necessary to confirm the status of their large families. That is, get a certificate, which will subsequently be the main certificate confirming your rights.

Certificate of a large family
A certificate of a large family is an important certificate that will be used not only for receiving gasification benefits, but also for paying utility bills, two meals a day at school, getting finances for school uniforms and so on

At the place of residence, the following supporting documents should be provided in social protection:

  • Passports of family members (including both parents and children who received this document).
  • Birth certificates of all natural children and adopted children.
  • Certificate of family composition (usually issued by the city administration or village council).
  • Photos of the person in whose name the certificate is issued in 3 × 4 format.
  • Certificate of marriage registration (or divorce).
  • For children in the age bracket, which has the age of majority (16-18 years) in different regions, - confirming certificates from the place of training, from the place of military service.

The original documents will be returned to you after consideration, making photocopies from them. On average, the procedure from application to decision takes up to 30 business days.

Gas Connection Benefits

The national social guarantees of all large families are regulated in accordance with the RF UP dated 05.05.1992 N 431. In all other normative acts, assistance measures are left to the regional discretion.

So, in the Federal Law of March 31, 1999 N 69-ФЗ (as amended on July 26, 2019) “On Gas Supply in the Russian Federation”, namely in Article 24, it is indicated that compensation to low-income citizens and their list by category is determined by individual regulatory acts subjects of the Russian Federation, that is, territorial units.

But, again, as already mentioned, help inbackbone supply voluntarily standardized and formed in size at the regional level.

Compensation table for gas supply to the poor in the Sverdlovsk region
In each area where a compensation program is provided, the allocated funds may vary in amounts, as well as the conditions for their provision

So, for example, in the law of March 27, 2009 No. 259-OZ of the city of Lipetsk and the region, the poor have the right to compensatory assistance in the amount of 50% of the cost of gasifying a private house or apartment to large families.

In some cities, this, again, is a 50 percent payment, but not exceeding 20-35 thousand rubles. And similar benefits with a difference in the amount of financing are valid in a number of other regions. However, unfortunately, not in all. To clarify whether there is such support in the subject where you live, you can on the website of social protection or in its department, as well as in the MFC.

Immediately, we note that the discount most often does not apply to the purchase of domestic gas equipment and equipment: boilers, stoves, gas pipes for laying internal branches, valves gas hoses for temporary connection, for purchase and installation of gas meters.

In the case of a positive response, the family must meet the following criteria:

  • To be large, i.e. with a certificate confirming the status;
  • Meet the parameters of the poor;
  • Own formalized real estate. Real estate should be owned by the applicants and built in an area where there is already a gas pipeline or plans to put it into operation in the coming year. The applicant must be registered with the property that is gasifying;
  • Previously do not receive assistance in gasification under this article;
  • To live in a region that provides assistance in the gasification of buildings for large families.

It is very important to have a complete package of necessary documents with you. As a rule, these are originals, copies will be made on the spot.

The MFC will tell you exactly what documents you need to collect, as well as talk about other benefits that you can count on. In particular, in some regions large families can be replaced with gas-powered equipment for free

Before applying for state support, it is worthwhile to clarify which documents should be presented in advance, but usually this:

  • An application written in the form given to you (you can fill out on the spot);
  • Proof of identity of the applicant (passport);
  • Birth certificates of all children who issued a certificate of large families;
  • Certificate of a large family;
  • Extracts / certificates from the place of study of children, military service on conscription (if they pass and study);
  • Help on the composition of your family;
  • Bank statement (with a report on family profitability for 3 months);
  • Contracts with organizations on gasification work performed and the act of acceptance of work, as well as payment receipts;
  • Bank statement with the applicant’s personal account.

A refusal to partial compensation of the spent funds on a benefit may be made if the submitted documents are in doubt.

You will not receive help either if you are deprived of the status of large families and for other reasons that violate the procedure for providing state support.

Appeal to court on controversial issues
If you do not agree with the decision of the commission, you can appeal it in court. At the same time, it is necessary to provide the court with the same package of documents and a written refusal from the social protection authorities

Do not wait for the governing bodies to issue automatic support for you. This is a common mistake, inaction will not lead to anything. Without delay, go in person or call the social protection authorities or the MFC by phone to clarify the advisability of collecting documents for gasification compensation.

Support measures for gasification

Even if your region has not developed a program of incentives for connecting gas to large families, you have the right to a special discount.

We look at the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 5, 1992 N 431 "On measures for the social support of large families", 1 paragraph, paragraph "b". It states that families recognized as having many children are entitled to a discount on the use of gas.

At the same time, the amount of the discount is established by the self-government bodies, but it cannot be lower than 30%. In some constituent entities of the Russian Federation, for each subsequent child after 3, the discount increases. Again, its exact size should be clarified in social protection.

For example, if you spent 100 cubic meters of gas per month at a cost of 6 rubles per cubic meter, you have to pay 600 rubles, and subsequently 180 rubles will be returned to your card if the discount is 30%.

Benefits for utility bills
The discount provided must be at least 30%. Please note that it is valid not only when paying for gas, but also for other utilities both in private houses and apartments

In order to qualify for a discount, you must provide the following documents to the social protection authorities:

  • ID card (usually a passport);
  • Certificate of a large family;
  • Last paid receipt;
  • Application form (can be written on the spot);
  • Certificates certifying the status of students and employees in the army.

Be careful, the privilege is provided according to the number of members of a large family registered in the house and is not issued if there is a debt to pay for gas for any period.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video. How to gasify sites received by large families under private housing construction:

Thus, to date, there is no state support for gasification of large families.However, such assistance can be provided at the regional level both in the local legislative and individual order.

There are also measures of financial targeted assistance that can be used to provide communications at home. The main thing is not to sit still, find out your rights and enjoy all the benefits legally required.

Do you have successful experience in obtaining compensation for gasification? Share your experiences in the comments and ask questions on the topic.

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