Smart lamp: features of use, types, device + overview of the best models of bulbs

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LED smart lamp is a trend of the last few years. It is a device that is equipped with a number of additional modules and sensors. As a result, the lighting device becomes an order of magnitude more functional, safe, flexible in operation and helps to save a significant amount of electricity.

You will learn all about the design and organization of an innovative scheme for managing home, office or country lighting systems from our article. We will talk about how smart devices are operated and their work schedule is programmed. For consumers interested in purchasing, we give a rating of popular species.

Types of LED Smart Light Bulbs

All models on the market are divided into two main categories. The first includes models that determine the presence of a person in a room using motion sensors. Their work is completely autonomous, which simplifies their operation.

The second variety is smart lighting controlled by a smartphone, for which a special application is used. Manufacturers offer models that harmoniously combine both of the above categories.

You can fine-tune them using the program - set the brightness, select a color and specify the way of working. And then turn on the automatic mode. As a result, the lamp will work completely autonomously with user settings.

Devices can be divided into types depending on functionality. Some of them work for some time without electricity, for which they are equipped with an internal battery. Demand models with voice control, which allows only the pronunciation of one specific phrase to turn on or off the lighting.

Smart light bulb
Smart lighting fixtures can have a wide variety of shapes. For example, "pear", "ball", "candle", etc.In addition, they are made with a wide variety of socles. It can be E14, E27 and others

The intricacies of connecting smart lighting

Smart LED lamps are produced by companies such as Philips, LG and many others. Each of them tries to offer the buyer a universal device that allows you to control it using the remote control or smartphone, adjust the luminosity parameters and a number of other functions.

At the same time, manufacturers are constantly improving the manufactured smart lighting technology, offering a person to use a large number of opportunities. Unlike connecting a standard lighting lamp, smart models require a slightly different approach.

So, to start using an intelligent light bulb, you should:

  1. Screw into the base and turn it on. The vast majority of models emit white warm light by default.
  2. Connect to the device using a smartphone on Android or iOS - uses the Bluetooth module built into the phone. This is necessary in order to accurately adjust the lamp operation and reveal its full potential.
  3. Customize smart lighting using the app. Typically, manufacturers produce specialized software, where you can quickly and conveniently change the brightness or turn on any additional effects.

Many models boast such modes as ripple or color transfusion with a gradual change in speed. But it is important to consider that the functionality is completely dependent on the selected lamp model.

Smart lighting
Smart lighting can work without human intervention. This is ensured by motion sensors. That is, if the owner enters the room, the lamp immediately turns on. This design solution helps reduce energy consumption and, consequently, electricity bills.

If the model is connected using a wireless network such as Wi-Fi, then in this case the technique changes slightly. The fixture has its own IP address, which is used for control.

After connecting, the user gets the opportunity to adjust the on / off schedule for themselves. And also to make the light brighter or, conversely, muted, or activate one of the built-in operating modes.

Design and principle of operation

In essence, smart lighting consists of a lighting fixture and a system that controls it. The lamp works on LEDs, which is in greatest demand today. After all, a diode consumes a minimum amount of electricity and emits a large amount of light.

The control system consists of the following components:

  • microcontroller;
  • receiver;
  • sensors and sensors that help monitor the status of the device.

Unlike standard light bulbs their smart counterparts allow you to fully control the operation of the entire system. Connecting via wireless networks, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi provides the ability to adjust the lighting from any convenient place in the house. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Smart bulb design
The main components of a smart lamp are the E27 base, a frosted plexiglass cap, and an aluminum ribbed base that provides rigidity and better heat dissipation. Inside the device there are many LEDs, a transformer, a controller and Bluetooth or Wi-FI-module. The model can also be equipped with a microphone or camera.

Distinctive features and scope

A smart lighting system, unlike its classic counterparts, provides the ability to create an intelligent environment that is completely tailored to the needs of its owner. The functionality of such devices is simply huge.

For example, a particularly useful solution would be to simulate the presence of the owner, which will help protect the house from thieves in case of departure. Professional designers love smart lamps. With their help, they harmoniously complement the interior, highlighting some details with the help of light and hiding others in the shade. The most comfortable design is formed.

The list of features should include the ability of the device to adjust the illumination in the room in automatic mode. Thanks to the optical sensor, the lamp adapts to the external environment, choosing the desired brightness.

An acoustic sensor that responds to noise in a specific area will be useful. After that, he turns on the light for a while.

Smart lamp with infrared sensor
If the model is equipped with an infrared sensor, the device will remain on until a person leaves the room. As soon as he leaves the room, it automatically turns off

The scope of use of smart bulbs is not limited to their use in a house or apartment. They will be an ideal solution for lighting streets, entertainment venues, as well as social facilities such as the airport or train station.

Smart lighting will add pleasant moments to the life of a modern person:

  1. The device can wake the owner in the morning with a special alarm clock.. Now you can wake up not from the annoying melody, but from the softly turning on light.
  2. The device may become part of the smart home system. Being a component of a single network, it exchanges information with other light sources and equipment. This allows you to create a comfortable atmosphere for a person and save the maximum amount of electricity.
  3. The user can configure the lamp to work in different modes. An excellent solution would be to choose lighting for the morning, lunch, romantic dinner or watching a movie.

Lighting affects the performance, mood and well-being of a person. Therefore, smart-lamp algorithms take into account all biological and emotional factors. That is, by adjusting the lighting, they help to concentrate, relax or improve the user's mood.

Smart lamps
Since its inception, smart lighting has earned popularity among millions of customers. The secret to success is simply a huge list of functions that solve a whole range of tasks

Advantages and disadvantages of smart lighting

To finally make sure that smart bulbs are a good investment, you should consider their pros and cons in more detail. Yes, the cost of such lighting is quite high, but compared to classic lighting devices, they differ in a number of advantages.

The following should be included in the list of benefits:

  • performance of security functions;
  • practicality and a wide range of modes;
  • profitability;
  • automatic adjustment of lighting in the room;
  • remote control via Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth module;
  • adjustment to the state and tasks of the owner.

By cons include the possibility of hacking a light bulb by hackers. At the same time, its design is quite complex, which significantly increases the risk of breakdown and reduces the life of the device. This problem is solved by purchasing the device from a trusted manufacturer.

Rating of the best models

The range of high-tech lighting products is regularly expanding. Manufacturers are constantly improving their design, adding new features and making their products more interesting, as well as easy to operate.

Choosing the right smart device from so many models is quite difficult. To do this, select the five that really deserve attention.

Insteon LED Bulb Success Secret

If you need a simple and not too expensive smart product, then you should pay attention to the Insteon LED Bulb. The model allows you to change the brightness level, as well as combine several pieces into a single system.

Insteon LED Bulb
You can control Insteon LED Bulb using a smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS. A special application provides flexible settings. At the same time, the software has an intuitive interface, so there will definitely not be any problems with adjusting the lighting

Among the advantages of the model, its durability should be highlighted. It will shine for over 52,000 hours. This is about 17 years of daily 8-hour work, which is just an excellent indicator.

Insteon LED Bulb power is 8 watts.It is an analogue of a 60 W incandescent lamp. The price is quite low and stopped at 2,500 rubles.

Low cost and functionality Luminous BT Smart Bulb

The reason for the popularity of the Luminous BT Smart Bulb is its extensive functionality. First of all, it provides the ability to adjust the brightness level, set color temperature, and also connect several devices into a single system.

Attention deserves such a mode as the synchronization of music and lamp luminosity. Therefore, to arrange a real disco is not difficult. Even if the lamp is installed in a large house, it can still be controlled from absolutely any room. Indeed, the "range" of the radio signal reaches 40 meters.

To control the Luminous BT Smart Bulb software is used for iOS and Android. In it you can specify all specificationsStarting from the color and ending with the setting of the operating time of the lighting device. An interesting solution from the manufacturer was to implement the function of gradually increasing and dimming the brightness when turning the lamp on and off, respectively.

Luminous BT Smart Bulb
The model has an impressive, as for LED devices, power of 12 watts. The cost of Luminous BT Smart Bulb is affordable and in most stores does not exceed 2,000 rubles. Therefore, we can say that the lamp has an ideal price-quality ratio

Simplicity and Elegance Drift

The first thing that catches your eye when examining the Drift model is its original design. The lamp housing is black with bluish accents. She will ideally fit into absolutely any interior, whether it be luxurious classics or strict modern.

As for the functionality, it is not rich. But a small number of modes in the amount of three pieces greatly simplifies management. Operation control is carried out by pressing the most ordinary switch.

If you press three times in a row, the light will gradually go out for 37 minutes. According to the manufacturer, this mode mimics the natural sunset. This favorably affects the well-being of a person and allows you to fall asleep faster.

Power Drift is only 7 watts. Its cost according to customer reviews is a bit overpriced. So, the price of this smart LED lamp is 2,900 rubles, which is quite a lot for such a modest functionality.

Smart Drift Lamp
Nightlight mode will be useful. In this case, the lighting device shines rather weakly and, accordingly, consumes a minimum amount of electricity. You can leave it at night to navigate in the dark when you want to drink

Luminous Alarm Clock Holi SleepCompanion

If you need to restore and establish a sleep mode, then buying a Holi SleepCompanion will be like never before, by the way. Such a smart alarm clock will slowly turn on at the time specified by the user.

At the same time, it can be connected to a large number of fitness devices. For example, a smart lamp works great with FitBit, Withings, and JawnoneUP bracelets.

Thanks to a special algorithm, the lighting device analyzes data from fitness devices and adjusts the lighting in such a way as to make a quality dream, and the user wakes up completely rested. Initially, this solution was used at NASA. Subsequently, the product went on sale and became available to ordinary customers.

To control Holi SleepCompanion, you can use any device running iOS or Android. Connection is via a Bluetooth module. The price of this light bulb is quite high and amounts to about 8,000 rubles.

LIFX Durability and Practicality

When you need maximum functionality, the LIFX is the perfect choice. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to control the work using a tablet or smartphone. Attention deserves the design of the lighting device. If you believe the words of the manufacturer, then LIFX will serve for a quarter century.

Smart Lifx Lamp
Smart lamp setup is carried out using a special application.The user can specify how color and brightness should change during the day. Also, the application allows you to activate the automatic on / off lamp when a person enters / exits a room

The model allows you to quickly organize a party right at home. After all, the manufacturer integrated the light music mode into it. LIFX power reaches 17 watts. At the same time, its price is rather big and reaches 6,000 rubles.

What is a VOCCA smart cartridge?

With the VOCCA smart-cartridge, absolutely any LED lamp can be made smart. It is equipped with a Bluetooth module that allows you to control it remotely.

Developers offer to use specialized software for iOS and Android. A useful feature is the recognition by the cartridge of sound signals. That is, you can turn on the light in the room with ordinary cotton.

The price of a smart cartridge is quite adequate. In many online stores operating in the Russian Federation, the model is offered for 4,000 rubles.

With the rules and principles of selecting devices for organizing communications management "Smart Home" will introduce next article, which we highly recommend reading.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Light bulb with speaker, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module:

Smart lighting is a novelty that is becoming more and more popular every day. With its help, you can make the interior of absolutely any apartment or house really comfortable and cozy.

In addition, many models can improve mood and normalize sleep. If you familiarize yourself with the functionality in detail, then we can say that these devices fully justify their price.

Tell us about how you selected a smart bulb for integration into the lighting control system of your own house / apartment. Perhaps you have interesting information that will be useful to site visitors? Please write comments, post photos, share information and ask questions in the block below.

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  1. At my place are the simplest lamps with a motion sensor, and it is very convenient. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and operate, and energy is saved markedly. For half a year the paws have already justified their value. But everything else, such as voice control, smartphone control, seems to me an excess. Prices are sky-high, but in fact a completely unnecessary part of the arrangement.

  2. Svetik

    A light bulb with bells and whistles? An entire computer under the ceiling that even hackers can climb into. With the help of such a lamp, you can probably follow the owner of the room. In short, there are too many functions unusual for a lighting device, an alarm clock, for example. What for? And there are so many gadgets that can command the rise. The motion sensor is quite enough, well, maybe a voice command, the rest I think is superfluous. Waste of money.

    • Artem

      Well, what hackers, are you not funny about what you write? The alleged hacker should have some purpose when he spends time and takes to crack. What can he do with a smart lamp? To play with light in your room? Doubtful goal.
      Of course, there are always people who oppose progress, but “too many functions” - is that really an argument? This is now the smart home system is perceived as an excess, but a little time will pass and this will become commonplace. And smart lamps are part of this system.
      The only adequate minus is the high price. But, I think, over time, the price tag will fall to sane values.

    • Following your logic, why do we need this Edison lamp? Indeed, because we have candles, and kerosene lamps fully cope with their task. And to these, the wires must be pulled and powered from electricity, and constantly changed. Nonsense. Well, nonsense, well. Overkill.

      That's exactly the same way I and many other people perceive comments like yours. Progress does not stand still. We are structured in such a way that we strive to improve everything and invent something new. Want an alarm clock in a light bulb? You are welcome! We want and the projection of a huge monitor will pop out of the bulb. Why not? It just makes our life better.