LED table lamps: types, selection rules + review of the best manufacturers

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To create a romantic mood, help to concentrate or give a sense of celebration - all this can be done with additional sources of light.

Worthy of their representatives are LED desk lamps, which are widely used due to their multifunctionality. But their diversity in the lighting market is amazing, but I want to choose a decent option, right?

We will help you cope with the task - in this article we will consider the existing varieties of table lamps, highlight their features and advantages of use.

We will also give detailed recommendations on choosing a suitable option, taking into account individual needs and mention the best foreign and domestic manufacturers of LED lighting products.

Types and purpose of devices

Gone are the days of boring metal fixtures standing on each student’s desk. This interior detail, in the past equally dull, was transformed externally and received a lot of options.

Features of the use of the lamp

A rich assortment gives freedom to choose, but at the same time creates certain difficulties - which particular lamp can justify the expectations placed on it?

It is important to understand that the desktop fixture is an additional source, which in no way should replace the main lighting. Moreover, it should initially distinguish the scope of its use, setting priorities.

This is wrong if the owner expects that the lamp will play the role of a decorative element in the Provence style and at the same time become an assistant in the performance of first-grader homework.

The scope of the lamp determines the requirements for the appearance, dimensions and functionality. And there is plenty to choose from - a number of worthy manufacturers offer original, sophisticated and multifunctional products.

A special niche in the market of LED products is occupied by smart devices that can understand the owner and receive commands at a considerable distance. More about smart lamps, their device and features we talked here.

Desk lamp
Depending on the wishes of the user, the lighting device can act as a night lamp on the bedside table or take a place of honor near the laptop

Table lamp classification

Sources of additional lighting, in addition to the household sphere, can be used in the design of cafes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other institutions.

To create a working atmosphere and increase productivity in offices, lamps are also used to help focus on working moments. To do this, choose sources that produce cold white light. In more detail, we analyzed the features of choosing the color temperature of lamps and the perception of color by the human eye in this article.

Warm to cold white light range
The range of warm white light is relaxing - it is ideal for chatting over a favorite drink or reading a new volume of fiction. And cold tones quickly tire, although they allow you to collect your thoughts and clearly solve the problem.

All desktop versions of LED devices are divided into three groups depending on the type of network connection:

  • with wires;
  • without wires;
  • 2-in-one.

The third option is universal - if it is possible to get power from the network, then use a wire. Otherwise, no.

Button for putting the lamp in standalone mode
When, for example, the power supply suddenly stopped, the lamp can be switched to battery mode. For this, a lever or button is provided on the case of many models

In the second case, the lamp is equipped with a battery that allows you to work without connecting to the network. True, the resource is limited by the capacity of the battery, after which it will be replenished.

The first option is a classic example of a volatile product. To function, it consumes electricity.

Table lights can be classified by type of fixture. Conditionally, 4 groups are obtained.

Another feature by which desktop models can be divided into 2 groups is a light bulb.

She may be:

  • integrated;
  • removable.

In the first case, the buyer is offered a finished model of a luminaire with built-in LEDs of a certain power. Accordingly, when any of the diodes burns out, the entire device fails.

In the second embodiment, the bulb is screwed into the cartridge, which is available in the design. If it stops working, then buying a new one will cost much cheaper than buying a lamp. It is important that its power does not exceed that which can withstand the product.

An important criterion is the type of lamp control. Ease of use and, of course, cost depend on it.

Rules for choosing a desktop light source

When choosing a lamp with LEDs, a number of subtleties should be taken into account that will allow you to stop at the best option. Consider the main parameters that should be considered when choosing a suitable option for a table lamp.

What to look at first?

First of all, it is important to pay attention to technical characteristics LED bulbs by choosing the most suitable for your purposes.

Comparison table with lamp yfrfkbdfybz
First you need to decide on the destination - it will indicate the required power, dimensions and other technical parameters. With the brightness required for specific purposes, a comparative table with a familiar lamp will help to determine

The cost when choosing is secondary. Of course, if we talk about an expensive designer lamp, sold in a single copy, then not everyone who wants to dare to pay a tidy sum for it in euros.

It should be remembered that the more parameters in the lamp that can be adjusted, the steeper. But this directly affects its value. Therefore, if you do not want to spend too much, you should immediately decide on a set of options.

LED brightness
As for the result, a simple device will illuminate the surface no worse than the analogue from the new collection of the famous brand

Even when choosing, it is advisable to take into account such moments:

  • lampshade material - should be selected based on the style in the room and the functions assigned to the lamp;
  • type of light - scattered is suitable for creating an entourage, and directed to illuminate the surface of the desktop;
  • case material - metal, plastic and wood are the most used options;
  • shape and color- depends on the taste of the consumer, but this parameter does not affect the functionality;
  • dimensions - valuable is the ability to change the height, the angle of the product.

When choosing a model, you should pay attention so that the bulb does not go beyond the device. It is good when light is reflected from the inner cover of the ceiling. Therefore, it is important that the selected lamp has such a surface.

An important indicator when buying is the manufacturer’s reputation - the better it is, the more reliable the purchased lamp will be. True, this will affect the price.

Buying completely unknown Chinese lamps is undesirable - you can run into a low-grade product that can work only 1-3 months.

Some companies produce competitive appliances - up to $ 20 will cost a cool multi-function lamp. True, Chinese LEDs in brightness are significantly inferior to branded ones.

Additional device features

Table lamps in modern realities cease to be just additional illumination. Manufacturers take care to give their product a maximum of options designed to make the life of the buyer more comfortable.

The ability to tilt and rotate the table lamp
The user is used to the fact that the table lamp must have an adjustable height, a certain degree of tilt and rotation - it can bend in a specific range or the entire area without restrictions

To get ahead of the competition, manufacturers often equip their lamps with inconceivable functions.

Among the additional features are the following:

  • focus mode - for PC, for children, for reading and others;
  • timer mode change;
  • scheduled inclusion;
  • alarm clock;
  • brightness adjustment;
  • others.

The more functional the product, the higher its value. And a set of options will please - everything that can come in handy is concentrated in a table lamp.

A common practice among the latest luminaire models is the integrated Dimmer. Most not the cheapest devices have the option of adjusting the brightness of lighting.

Overview of the best manufacturers

Among the manufacturers of LED lighting there are many worthy companies that have been working diligently in this market for many years. Their distinguishing feature is the presentation of a warranty on products for a period of 2 to 5 years.

True, there are some new firms among those whose guarantee does not extend to all types of breakdowns.Therefore, before purchasing, you should clarify this point in advance.

Foreigners in the Russian market

Among foreigners, Belgian Massive lighting products, Supra Japanese table lamps and the Austrian Globo lamps have a good reputation. The best consumers are brands such as Philips, Maxus, Osram AG and Xiaomi. Let's talk about them in more detail.

Brand # 1 - Dutch company Philips

The leader of the segment for the production of LED products is rightly called a Dutch company. Philips has been manufacturing lighting products for the general public for over 120 years.

Among the huge assortment, a separate direction is allocated for the development and implementation of the latest technologies in manufacturing LED fixtures. The company uses an innovative approach to each product position, while focusing on its availability.

Luminaire model with replaceable LED bulb
The catalog contains a number of universal light bulbs with E27 base, suitable for most table lamps. As well as original models with integrated LEDs and filaments

Brand # 2 - American company Maxus

An American company that has shown itself only from the best side. Moreover, she gives a guarantee on her goods, providing for free replacement of the device with a similar one in case of premature failure. True, you can’t try to repair something in it yourself.

There are several brands at once, including Intelite and Maxus LED, manufactured by Maxus International Corp.

Brand # 3 - German company Osram AG

A German company that registered the brand in 1906. It has been producing lighting products for a good hundred years. Over the years, the brand has gained customer confidence by offering reliable products.

Osram's range of lighting products is rich and diverse. But now the priority is innovation, release energy saving models.

Brand # 4 - Xiaomi Chinese Enterprise

A real breakthrough was made by a young and incredibly ambitious company from China. Since 2010, Xiaomi began to release a smartphone. Increasing momentum every month.

Xiaomi LED Light
The secret to success in the strategy is that it sold products at cost, and produced ads on social networks, microblogs, and at meetings of enthusiastic users.

Now Xiaomi is a company that is rapidly conquering the world with its smart and inexpensive technology. The same applies to lighting - it produces a number of Smart devices under four brands: Yeelight, MiJia, COOWOO, Philips.

Video review of a smart LED desktop lamp (Philips + Xiaomi development), controlled from the gadget:

Review of worthy domestic companies

An honorable place in the niche of energy-saving equipment was taken by Russian companies. Some of them located their production workshops in China, while others - inside the country.

Place # 1 - Era company with the same brand name

This is a Russian company, which began production in 2004. Its table lamps are distinguished by an affordable price, unpretentious design. They come with both a built-in LED and screw-in bulbs.

We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps "Era" in this material.

Place # 2 - Warton Group and its Gauss brand

GC "Varton", specializing in the manufacture of LED lamps for various purposes, is located in the Tula region. The company has been operating since 2008.

In addition to LED Gauss brand lamps, it offers customers products under the trademarks of Benetti and Awada.

Filament LEDs from Gauss
Gauss's unique approach is filaments. Engineers use LED filament instead of tungsten. This element is a miniature crystals located on a special substrate.

Place # 3 - PERSPECTIVE GROUP GC and its brand Jazzway

Under this brand, domestic products manufactured by Perspektiva Group have been producing LED products since 2008.

She has more than 1,500 items, including 3 separate series of table lamps:

  1. AmbiJAZZ.
  2. STYLE.
  3. LED candles.

LED Jazzway products stands out for its decent quality and is quite popular among consumers.

Place # 4 - Feron Group and its Feron brand

Feron Group began its history in 1997, and a year later, it sold the first batch of goods. This is a Russian company with manufacturing facilities in China.

Feron Standalone LED Desk Light
The manual has strict requirements for lighting products manufactured thanks to modern equipment, takes care of expanding the range

The consumer appreciated the efforts of the domestic company - for a long time the bulbs do not lie in the warehouses of online stores.

Customers praise the brightness of the LEDs and the duration of each light bulbs brand Feron.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to choose the right lamp, given the features of use:

Do-it-yourself conversion of a conventional lamp into an LED:

Choosing a LED lamp as a source of additional lighting, it is better to first determine the type of product, the type of mounting and the main characteristics.

Thanks to this, it will be easy to understand the rich assortment of goods offered by variegated manufacturers and buy the optimal model.

Do you want to supplement our material with useful recommendations for choosing a table lamp? Or share your experience of using the LED lamp of one of the manufacturers mentioned in our article? Please write your opinion, tips and additions in the block below, add unique photos of your table lamp, indicate its pros and cons seen during operation.

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  1. Masha

    Now there is such a large selection of table lamps that it is very difficult to pick up one thing. We were looking for a LED lamp for our daughter in the room so that it would be light when she was teaching lessons. Wanted with natural white light. As for me, his eyes do not get tired so quickly as from a cold, "blue" light. We took Feron to 9 w with a touch switch, very satisfied. It is small, but gives a lot of light.

  2. Elena

    We chose a table lamp according to two parameters - power and type of lighting. As a result, we chose a 4000K diode table lamp. A very good option. It illuminates well, it is easy to read and write under it. Ideal for the child and lessons.