LED lamps “Gauss”: reviews, an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturer

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Lamps for chandeliers and room lamps remain the main sources of artificial light in residential and office buildings. Due to operation in places requiring stable and flawless lighting, increased requirements are imposed on their characteristics. Devices must be economical, safe for sight, reliable.

By operational and practical qualities LED lamps “Gauss” are ahead of most competitors. Their annual victories in the ratings of LED lighting devices are justified by high quality and maximum uptime. We will introduce the products of this brand, we will analyze the pros and cons of the range.

About Gauss and Warton

To make it easier to understand where the Gauss brand came from on the Russian market, you need to get acquainted with the history of Warton. This is a fairly young enterprise that arose in 2009 and managed to master two main areas by 2018 - its own production of LED lamps and the sale of high-end Chinese products.

It all started with the distribution of Chinese lines of fixtures, first luminescent, and then (since 2010) and LED. They enter the Russian market under the brand name Gauss.

The name arose for a reason. LED lamps are named after the great mathematician Gauss, who made his discoveries at the junction of the 18-19 centuries. Among other things, he studied the luminous intensity of natural sources and the possibility of converting energy into light.

Warton at the exhibition of LED products
Today the Warton company is known in Russia and abroad. She actively participates in international exhibitions, demonstrating achievements in the field of lighting technologies.

In addition to selling Chinese LED products, the company ensured the release of its own lamps. The production is located in the Tula region, in the small town of Bogoroditsk. At the site where the abandoned factory was previously located, a complex of modernized workshops equipped with new lines and machines appeared.

Under the brand name Warton produce high-quality lamps for industrial, educational, public and administrative buildings.

LED Gauss Bulbs
But to a simple user, Gauss products are closer - LED lamps for home use. Most of them are equipped with a base - for chandeliers and lamps, but some series are designed specifically for spot lighting

Why did the owners of the company rely on LED products, because they started with fluorescent? Wise and enterprising leaders realized in time that the time is coming for more economical, safe and less expensive products.

In addition, in 2009 the federal law “On Energy Saving” was adopted, which regulates the economical consumption of electricity and its efficient use in state enterprises.

LED product benefits

Gauss brand almost immediately became a leader among LED products and takes top places in various polls and ratings.

By releasing new lines, the manufacturer tries to take into account every nuance, from the degree of flicker to the design of paper packaging. By the way, it was the packaging of lamps that more than once occupied prizes at national design contests and advertising festivals.

Features of structural elements

The manufacturer insists, and regular customers of Gauss products confirm that all parts of the lamps are made of the best materials, are 100% meet modern requirements and serve excellently throughout the entire application period.

The flask is made of polycarbonate, which, unlike glass, does not break from shock. If you accidentally drop the LED lamp, then there is a chance to maintain its tightness, which can not be said about incandescent lampsinstantly flying to pieces.

LEDs are located on a special substrate. A smaller number of powerful diodes is considered energy efficient than a large number of weak analogues. This principle was used by the creators of the latest series of household lamps.

Gauss lamp design
In the middle of the design is a driver with protected capacitors. Thanks to their device, lighting devices work perfectly with different types of switches without flashes and blinks

The aluminum radiator conducts heat better than other materials, and plastic protects the user from electric shocks and burns. The variety of socles is such that you can choose a device for any type of lamp.

New models fit into the interior thanks to a change in shape. Suppose the latest X53 variants practically do not protrude from the borders of the case and look more aesthetically pleasing.

Technical Specifications

The user of the 21st century has learned to understand the characteristics of products, because he is interested in saving the family budget. Lighting devices are present in every room, even in the pantry, as well as in the basements and attics of private houses.

Thus, more than a dozen lamps are recruited. If you pick energy efficient appliances, then you can significantly save on paying bills.

Gauss lamps in the chandelier
By purchasing Gauss lamps, the buyer receives not only full-fledged lighting of the living space, but also a beautiful, distinctive style addition to the design of the lamp

What should I look for when choosing? The manufacturer went to meet the users - all Main characteristics placed on the package.

These include:

  • power (W or W);
  • brightness (Lm);
  • color temperature (K);
  • beam angle;
  • sizes.

Each item on the list is important in its own way. Power indicates how much electricity the lamp consumes. It is easy to calculate how much money you can save, and the percentage of savings is usually indicated on the package (for example, 88%). The lower the watts, the less you have to pay.

To make it easier for the user, the manufacturer makes a comparison with a different type of lamp. Often there are inscriptions informing about the correspondence of the number of watts of the LED product to the number of watts halogen appliance or incandescent lamps.

Lamp shape and size
Size is important when the lamp is designed for lamps or chandeliers with shades. For compact lighting fixtures, there are lines with narrow “candles” and small “balls”

In Lumens, brightness is indicated, in other words, how much light the lamp gives. For example, 550-720 lumens is enough to light a 6-meter bathroom. According to regular customers of Gauss products, 7 W lamps shine brighter than 10 W analogs of other brands.

A few more points requiring close attention:

It would seem that the characteristics of Gauss lamps do not differ from the parameters of devices from other manufacturers. However, buyers who prefer this brand, note the compliance of the lamp operating data with the specified parameters.

Among competitors of Gauss LEDs, this is not so common. There are enough companies on the market that produce low-quality products, as well as outright fakes that only look like a well-known brand.

A brief overview of the lineup

A variety of modifications is also one of the advantages of the Gauss brand. Among the series presented on the market, one can easily find small and bulky bulbs with E14 or E27 cap, GU10 spotlights for point systems, flat and linear fixtures.

The manufacturer has identified 4 categories of LED products:

The assortment of lamps is great. Smart ones (or dimmable) there are 23 pieces. In addition to them there are decorative, capsule, mirror, spotlight, universal (general purpose).

Spotlights GX70 and GX53
Spotlights GX70 and GX53 are allocated in a separate group. They are designed to be integrated into mounted structures. The film of stretch ceilings does not melt, since the lamps do not heat up

There are even more modifications of luminaires: with IP65 protection (for the street and saunas), sensory, downlights, spotlights, with a decorative ring, office, linear, etc.

Ultra-thin downlights in the interior
Ultra-thin downlights fit perfectly into the interior of public institutions and offices. They merge with suspended structures, do not catch the eye, create soft lighting

Point products are distinguished by the names of the series: Brilliance, Tablet, Crystal, Glass, Mirror, Strass, etc. Each type has a different design. Suppose Brilliance products are decorated with gilding, silver plating and crystal pendants, and Gypsum is indeed made of plaster.

Gauss LED strips are especially popular with casual and home party enthusiasts. They are sold in blisters, have a convenient length of 5 m and are easy to install - fastened with clamps or self-adhesive.

LED strip in the interior
If you equip the tape with a remote control, you will get the opportunity to change the color of the backlight as you wish - the range of shades is incredibly wide

To control the backlight, you need a controller, and to power the driver. To select devices, you should carefully study the packaging of the tape and determine the power. And the range of fixtures, and the ability to control some of them (“smart” lamps, ribbons) are undoubted advantages over other manufacturers.

Recognized Brand Disadvantages

The cons of Gauss products can only be judged by consumer reviews, since LED devices can really be put on a par with such eminent brands as Philips and Osram. The only drawback that immediately catches your eye is the relatively high cost.

The cost of Gauss lamps
The cost of a Gauss LED lamp with an E27 base and a power of bW is an average of 85 rubles. A similar device of the Cosmos brand has a price of 60 rubles.

Sellers note a high demand for products and a low percentage of replacement for defective products. By the way, the guarantee for household models is 3 years. This time is usually enough to analyze the operation of the lamp and find out its shortcomings.

Positive and negative customer reviews

Gauss is a brand about which there are much more positive reviews than negative ones. According to statistics, unpleasant characteristics indicated by customers can be found in about 10 cases out of 100.

The advantages of the brand include the following qualities:

  • energy saving is the main reason why they choose LED products;
  • modern design - lamps are often a visible element of the lamp, so their external design also matters;
  • lack of heating - it is verified that the LEDs heat the lamp housing to a minimum and do not deform adjacent materials;
  • lack of blinking and pulsation - it is good for the eyes, does not distract and does not interfere with work;
  • instantaneous achievement of maximum brightness - in contrast, suppose, from energy-saving lamps, which become bright gradually.

Household buyers store checks, packaging and a warranty card so that in the event of a breakdown, the lamp can be replaced with a new one in the next 3 years.

Replacing the LED lamp
Replacing a spotlight or a lamp with a traditional base is indeed less common. Alternative versions of other brands burn out faster, like other types of lamps - for example, halogen

They also note convenient, informative packaging. On the paper box inside which the purchase is located, all the main characteristics of the device are indicated that facilitate the process light bulb selection. Other manufacturers often deliberately keep silent about some properties of their products.

Claims to the brand are quite subjective. For example, many people don’t like the “cold” light - but in the Gauss arsenal there is always the same model with a yellow tint. Some models, due to their design, have a relatively short service life - up to 25 thousand hours.

Many do not like the large selection of lamps - it is difficult to dwell on any particular one. But most often the complaints relate to the cost, although the brand is referred more likely to the middle price segment.

I would like to separately note that the cost of the final product is affected by the total cost of high-quality constituent elements - hence the seemingly overpriced. However, the lamps work for a long time, at full power and really save energy, so the price justifies itself, and the costs quickly pay off.

Introduces the choice of a dimmer for an LED device next article, in which this interesting question is dealt with in great detail.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Even more information about the popular brand is presented in the video reviews of the model series and specific modifications.

Video # 1. Testing the 12W LED Model and Feature Overview:

Video # 1.

Video # 2. Comparative test with other brands:

Video # 3. Why the buyer chooses Gauss:

Video # 4. Possible manufacturer flaws:

Gauss brand products are truly commendable. Of course, in some series or models there may be technical flaws, but they are compensated by weighty advantages. These lamps can be safely put among the best representatives in their segment. Usually products fully meet the expectations of users.

Want to talk about the quality and durability of an energy-saving Gauss bulb? Share which one you preferred to buy and why.Please leave comments in the block below, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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  1. Andrew

    But I still have not decided which lamps are better. At my place there are incandescent, and diode, and energy-saving. Yes, energy-saving ones last longer and brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, incandescent lamps tend to explode. The diode shines impeccably for six months, until I complain.
    Guys who switched completely to diode, do you save a lot? And is the use of diode bulbs reflected in the lighting?

    • Vladimir

      I think that the question of saving through lighting with LEDs and energy-saving devices in comparison with classic bulbs is rather a rhetorical question. For a good example, I will attach a table with annual consumption, the price of lamps and the service life. It is not difficult to calculate that the LED lamp is an excellent solution that will pay off very quickly.

      With regard to the issue of lighting, in LED lamps you can also choose the color temperature, luminous flux to provide the most comfortable light background in the room. For example, a warm light of 2200-2700K is more suitable for a bedroom and a kitchen, while a cold light of 4000K + is better for work (cabinet, office). Pay attention to this indicator when buying lamps.

      Attached photos:
  2. Alexander

    Yes, garbage steel lamps from a new batch, look like lamps from the basement collected on the knee. They confirmed to the warton that the lamps are not fake, but the quality has become worse at times - the old ones worked for 3 years and out of 6 they didn’t burn out, but the new ones opened and became disappointed as the filling was outwardly worse.

  3. Gennady

    Little experience using LED bulbs, including Gauss. Replaced all the lamps in the apartment. The first disappointment: for several months I watched the savings, costs did not decrease.

    Lamps periodically fail, you have to change. A lamp in the bathroom recently blinked. I decided to change and then I felt that the lamp is very hot, it burns my hands. Burned no more than 30 minutes. The lamp power declared is 3.5 W. I checked the rest, the same picture.

    There is only one advice - keep your checks, however, now they are applying paint that fades in a month.