LED lamps "Feron": reviews, pros and cons of the manufacturer + best models

Vasily Borutsky
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Last update: May 2019

Feron LED lamps are distinguished by sufficient working properties at a low cost, which allowed them to become one of the most popular in the post-Soviet space.

In addition, the company's products are diverse, therefore, it is successfully used in various premises - residential, industrial, and others. And also they can be used on the street.

In this material we will give a brief overview of the best representatives of Feron lamps, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of devices and outline the main criteria for their choice.

Feron lamp reviews

Numerous reviews by owners of products manufactured under the specified brand, in most cases, indicate that it is of decent quality, therefore it can serve for years even in difficult conditions.

Although over time signs of degradation appear, namely, the brightness of the glow decreases, the color rendering changes. Although such negative features are inherent in all without exception LED lamps.

Also, users indicate that the percentage of marriage is quite low. And if, nevertheless, the lamp purchased did not work the declared warranty period, then it can be replaced without any difficulties at the point of sale that served the person.

Feron lamp
Feron is not a top manufacturer of LED lamps, but is able to provide users with inexpensive and relatively high-quality products. Which, thanks to this, has become popular in almost the entire post-Soviet space

Brand Lighting Benefits

The manufacturer in the post-Soviet territory has been represented for a long time, which in itself is a plus. Since this indicates success and that the company is not a one-day company, of which there are many in China.

Well, the main advantage in the eyes of many buyers is the low cost of all products. Although this indicator does not always indicate quality, but not in this case. Since the lamps really serve users for a long time.

Inexpensive Feron Lamp
The Feron product line is extensive, but the most popular are affordable LED lamps designed for general lighting of small rooms for any purpose

In addition, Feron has the following advantages:

  1. Wide choose - In total, the catalog has about 4 thousand items.
  2. Modern technology used - which allows you to produce economical and functional products.
  3. Long warranty - Most lamps have a two-year term, and in some cases it reaches 3 years. All leading manufacturers are also arriving. It is also important that the guarantee is provided by Feron itself, which eliminates the majority of contentious issues with sellers.

And also the buyer will be able to choose lamps of all possible form factors today, that is, they can be traditional, spherical, round, in the shape of a candle, quite miniature, etc.

The lighting color is in the range of 2300-7000 K, and the power starts from 1 Watt, which allows us to solve various problems. More information about the color temperature of LED lamps and their power can be found in this stuff. As LEDs, the modern SMD format is increasingly being used, which increases economy, durability.

Lamp marking
Any Feron LED lamp is quite durable. But practically none of them corresponds to the characteristics indicated on the case. What to consider when choosing and buying a product a quarter more powerful

If necessary, select dimmable lamp necessary power, and its functionality and quality are not inferior to conventional products. Socles come in all formats used today.

Overview of the main disadvantages

Each buyer needs to be prepared for the fact that most models of Feron lamps do not meet the basic declared characteristics, and significantly.

For example, often power and brightness are a quarter less than indicated on the box and base. It’s easy to get around any such marketing move - you need to purchase a more powerful model, but you will have to pay more.

The color rendering index also complies with the standards for only part of the product. What is an unpleasant surprise - the transmitted color may differ significantly from the expected result.

In some cases, the accuracy of this parameter does not exceed 75 units. This means that not all colors of illuminated objects will be transmitted correctly. And although the indicated index corresponds to the “good” mark, still lamps with such a characteristic should not be used at home.

Table lamp
The manufacturer’s advantages include the ability to choose a LED bulb in any case, and inexpensive, for example, for a table lamp

In addition, some representatives of the Feron product line may throb, which is considered one of the main shortcomings in the field of lighting.

This phenomenon can significantly affect people's health, namely:

  • eyes get tired much faster;
  • irritability appears;
  • various degrees of headaches;
  • partial loss of performance.

These negative points are caused by an insufficiently stable electric current, which LED lamp equipment cannot stabilize to the required parameters. That is, the ripple additionally indicates the mediocre quality of individual Feron products.

And yet this drawback is the cause of blinking when the switch is equipped with a backlight. Moreover, this is a common drawback.

As a result, a person will have to immediately change the lamp purchased to another model or upgrade it, replacing the driver or smoothing capacitor with a new one. Although such procedures are not financially burdensome and are carried out expeditiously, who will please them?

For the sake of objectivity, you should know that ripple is found only in individual models. But still there is no guarantee that she will not fall for a choice.

Lampi to enhance the decorative properties of interiors
Buyers need to know that Feron LED lamps have different colors, so they can improve the aesthetic properties of any interior. The main thing is to make the right choice

For example, LB-92 lamps and almost its analogue LB-91 are in traditional demand. At the same time, the first practically corresponds to the declared characteristics, and in addition, it is characterized by durability, lack of ripple.

But the second is significantly inferior to her, and in all respects. But to distinguish them to an outsider is difficult, since the marking is similar, and outwardly both varieties are generally identical.

This leads to the conclusion that the choice of LED lamps should be approached competently, with certain knowledge. And when buying, be sure to check them for lack of ripple, which is easy to do without even having special equipment.

And this is another drawback, since the products of leading companies, for example, the Dutch Philips, with such difficulties do not have to buy. Because it is characterized by an extremely low percentage of rejects, stability of characteristics, but also costs more.

The best representatives of the Feron line

Despite the extensive assortment, the right option for LED lamps is not difficult to find, and in any of the categories. Since all the best is most in demand among buyers.

1st place - LB-92

This is not the newest lamp on the market, but the manufacturer continues to produce it. Because a successful design provides it with durability and functionality. In addition, this product is free from such a drawback as pulsation, as a result it will not negatively affect the human body by flickering.

Feron lamps in the interior
The products of the manufacturer are distinguished by their excellent appearance, which makes it possible to use them to decorate many interiors. The photo shows a lamp with the beautiful name "candle in the wind."

The spherical shape allows light to be scattered at a wide angle. This feature makes the bulb practical for general lighting of housing and other small rooms.

Its body is made of the most effective heat-removing material - aluminoplast, which is a mixture of plastic and aluminum.

It is able to provide the ideal operating temperature for electronics in any mode. What provides a long term of operation, keeps the best properties.

An important feature is profitability. Although the package LB-92 says that it is an analogue of 100-watt incandescent lamps, it should be remembered that this parameter will be lower than stated.

This feature was revealed during testing. Although the usual 70-watt lamp, it completely replaces. And this is quite enough for functioning in small rooms for any purpose. It is suitable for installation in our most popular type of base - E27.

An important advantage is the low cost. Feron provides a two-year warranty on this product. LEDs are able to work 30 thousand hours.

2nd place - LB-57

This lamp is designed for those who like color rendering incandescent lamps, their decorative effect. Therefore, it is successfully used not only in housing, but also for lighting the interiors of hotels and catering establishments.

Candle in the wind
The design of the candle in the wind lamp is a glass surface to which small LEDs are glued. For greater efficiency, they are coated with a layer of modern phosphor

The basis of the design are linear COG LEDs, providing a similar color rendering with incandescent lamps, but the brightness of the glow will be several times greater.

In addition, the LB-57 saves up to 90% of energy. Light scattered at 300 °. They are great for general lighting, successfully replacing a 60-watt incandescent lamp.

The durability of this lighting device is provided by rather high-quality materials and a high level of assembly. Therefore, the tendency to flicker, and hence the negative impact on people, was not noticed.

To copy incandescent lamps, LB-57 are made as similar as possible to them, and the linear LED itself immigrates a red-hot thread. Despite this “vintage” price is traditionally low.

3rd place - LB-93

It is a more powerful analogue of the popular LB-92, therefore, it has an efficient heat dissipating housing made of aluminoplast. What provides a lamp a resource in 30 thousand hours. Moreover, the declared characteristics will not change for a long time.

Successfully replaces a 120-watt incandescent lamp, serves for general lighting of any premises. Since this lamp is quite high quality, there is no flicker.

Simulated incandescent bulbs
People who do not like the bright luminous flux of white or blue should look at products that mimic an incandescent lamp. They are pleasant to the eye, do not harm the eyes, unlike the listed species, and are also inexpensive

Excellent performance is also confirmed by a three-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. The diffuser is made in the shape of a dome, which provides a sufficient angle of illumination of 270 ° for most cases. The product is equipped sought after base E27. Differs in low cost.

4th place - LB-95

This lamp with an aluminum-plated body is able to replace the 100-watt traditional lighting devices with incandescent filaments that are in demand with us.

It is distinguished by a successful design, therefore it does not bring harm to the health of users, deviations from the declared characteristics are insignificant. Able to work out 30 thousand hours. Feron provides a three-year warranty on this product.

Wide scattering angle (270 °), high luminous flux (900 lm). Designed for general lighting, able to work in difficult environmental conditions. Differs in moderate cost.

5th place - LB-718

This light bulb is a novelty, but has already been enjoyed by many users. Its main feature is the ability to work effectively in a wide voltage range - 150-250 V. That is, it is fully adapted to our difficult conditions.

The device is powerful, therefore, according to the manufacturer, it is able to replace a 180-watt incandescent lamp in A80 format. Although the buyer should traditionally consider that the parameters are somewhat overpriced.

Decorative lighting
If necessary, any buyer can choose not only products for general lighting, but also for decorative. Which today is becoming more popular.

This lighting device successfully copes with the ripple of the current, so it does not cause harm to health by flickering.

Equipped with the popular E27 base, its resource is 30 thousand hours familiar to Feron. Ideal for general lighting. The cost of the LB-718 is quite affordable.

6th place - LB-65

This powerful product can replace a 1000-watt incandescent lamp. Designed for general lighting of various industrial and warehouse facilities.

Fully adapted to our conditions thanks to the equipment with IC-drivers that can easily cope with significant voltage drops.

There is no ripple, deviations from the stated conditions are insignificant. The longevity of the lamp is ensured by heat-dissipating plastic and special aluminum forms, which create ideal conditions for the operation of electronics.

Its resource is an impressive 30 thousand hours. Designed for installation in socles E40 / E27.

7th place - LB-37

The presented lighting device serves exclusively for decorative lighting, which is becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with powerful LEDs, while being economical. Therefore, Feron is assured of the ability to save up to 90% of energy.

Lamp testing
Despite the sufficient number of advantages, each buyer should remember that all LED devices of the Feron brand are inexpensive. Why their quality can vary from batch to batch, so testing should always be done. And often this can be done in the store

And also the lamp is characterized by low heat generation, which extends the life of up to 50 thousand hours. In addition, low heat transfer significantly reduces its fire hazard.

And although the power of the LB-37 is only 1 Watt, but it successfully replaces the 15-watt, but long outdated, incandescent lamp. Moreover, with minimal deviations from the declared characteristics and without ripple, which is important.

Which lamps are not worth buying?

Since in the Feron lineup there are not only successful samples, but also clearly bad ones, they should also be known. Although there are few such products.

LB-91. Although it is almost a complete analogue of the quality LB-92, the difference in accordance with the declared characteristics is huge.

So, its color rendering index slightly exceeds 74 units, which is just a mediocre indicator. This means that in living rooms this lamp should not be used. The only plus is that it does not flicker.

LB-72. This lighting fixture differs significantly from the characteristics indicated in Feron, but the main drawback is ripple.

That is, LB-72 is capable of causing damage, and significant, to health, if the owner is in a room that it illuminates for at least several hours. What often happens on winter evenings. Therefore, it is better to refrain from buying this product for use in a residential area.

Lamp test
The simplest test for all kinds of LED lamps can be performed using an ordinary pencil. If you hold them in the luminous flux and the silhouette begins to double, then the choice should be stopped on another product

But due to its durability, sufficient reliability and low cost, the LB-72 can be purchased for use in garages, utility buildings, that is, where a person is not for long.

How to choose a Feron lighting fixture?

In order not to become a participant in the lottery when buying, you should initially familiarize yourself with the reviews, results of independent tests.

But often there is at least information about Feron products, especially when the release of a model has just begun. And in order to avoid an unsuccessful purchase, you can do the verification yourself. Why should you bring a smartphone with you to the store.

The fact is that ripple can easily be detected with the camera. Why is it only necessary to look through it at a working product. If there are no flickers there, then the test is passed, and if interference is visible, then it is better to refuse the purchase.

Lamp packaging
Nevertheless, Feron is a reliable supplier, so a continuous warranty is provided for all products. And you can exchange the lamps at the same point where the purchase was made

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In the first video, an overview of one of the most popular models is performed, which will help to better get acquainted with its capabilities:

In this video, the viewer can see the results of another lamp test presented by the manufacturer:

Feron LED devices are notable for their low cost and sufficient reliability. But nevertheless, the declared characteristics rarely correspond, in addition, ripple occurs. Therefore, the buyer who wants to save money should remember the wisdom of trust and verification. So, elementary tests conducted directly in the store will allow you to choose a high-quality and durable LED lamp.

If you have experience using Feron LED lamps, tell me if you are satisfied with their work? Perhaps you noticed some nuances that should be paid attention to future buyers? Please leave comments in the block below.

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  1. Nikolay

    Frankly, I did not think about the brand of lamps that I buy, but now I went to look at my own and found that almost all of them were from Feron. Most work well, but once there was an incident when I bought a chandelier for 5 LEDs. I hung it after the repair, after 2 months, and all the lamps by this time were out of order. So the company doesn’t have quality at times, as it’s lucky.

  2. Elena

    When choosing LED bulbs, they read a lot of reviews, because the prices are very different, some manufacturers are not even very budgetary, but is there any difference in quality? The manufacturer Feron had good reviews with the relatively low cost of light bulbs. First, they took a few pieces for testing, they showed themselves well. I can advise Camelion from budget enough.

  3. Valery

    Oh, what a nasty thing. I bought 2 lamps and 4 times changed under warranty, although I rarely turn them on, and then for 5-10 minutes. And why is there a 2 year warranty on the packaging of the lamp, and only 1 year in the store?

    • Expert
      Vasily Borutsky

      Hello. The seller is not entitled to establish a shorter warranty period than the manufacturer. In general, a store may establish warranties only if they are not available from the manufacturer.

      (Law of the Russian Federation No. 2300-1 “On the Protection of Consumer Rights” as amended on 08.07.2019, article 5, paragraph 7).

      Happy New Year!