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Many people believe that LED lamps are a new stage in the development of lighting devices. More recently, they were overly expensive products, which not everyone could afford.

Today, everything has changed and choosing a high-quality and inexpensive product will not be difficult. But which manufacturer to prefer? A good solution will be the Era LED lamps, which are in unprecedented demand.

Next, we will talk in detail about the products of this company, give the advantages and disadvantages of lighting devices, and also tell you what points you need to pay attention to when buying so as not to make a mistake with the choice.

Characteristics of light sources

The product range is actively developing and expanding since 2004. The stable appearance of new models of lighting devices is associated with the presence of its own engineering center.

At the same time, only qualified specialists participate in the design of new models. To verify the quality of products of a domestic manufacturer, we consider the catalog of products offered in more detail.

LED and halogen lamps

Such varieties of lighting devices are in greatest demand today. LED lamp is a semiconductor product. In this case, the spectral range is completely dependent on the chemical composition of the components.

The main secret to the success of LED products from Era is its longevity. In practice, it was verified that such a device can last dozens of times longer than a classic incandescent lamp.

Moreover, it consumes an order of magnitude less electricity.Read more about LED lamps and how they work Further.

LED lamp era
The LED lamp is equipped with a high-strength bulb that can withstand even the toughest operation. There are no mercury components in the composition, which makes the product completely safe for use in everyday life, in the office or in production

As for halogen bulbs, they are very similar to ordinary incandescent bulbs. The main difference is that the former are filled with an inert gas, which is supplemented by halogens or their compound.

This solution can significantly reduce the rate of evaporation of an incandescent body.

The scope of use of halogen lamps is very limited. As a rule, they are used only for design purposes. For example, such lighting devices are equipped with point systems, as well as a variety of sconces or floor lamps.

Halogen lamp era
Using halogen products as the main light source is extremely disadvantageous. After all, their energy consumption is not much less than that of standard lamps with an incandescent body

Is the cost of an energy-saving lamp justified?

The development of technology could not but lead to the emergence of new, more economical sources of lighting. After all, the principle of operation of a classic light bulb is technically and morally outdated.

Therefore, the manufacturing company "Era" offers to order high-quality energy-saving lamps.

A unique feature of this kind of lighting devices is their cost-effectiveness - 70-80% less electricity is required for operation. As a result, utility bills will be much lower.

Energy-saving lamps can reach their potential only after some time, when they finally heat up.

But engineers were able to solve this problem by embedding an adaptive ignition system. Therefore, the lighting fixtures of the Era brand turn on almost instantly, while the possibility of their failure tends to zero.

Energy-saving lamps era
Domestic manufacturer produces 7 varieties of energy-saving lamps. Each of the devices offered to the buyer is environmentally friendly. This was achieved by the amalgam (without the use of mercury) production method

As for installation, you can install the product in absolutely any lamp, chandelier, floor lamp or sconce. This versatility is determined by the size of the housing, which is almost identical to the dimensions of a classic incandescent lamp.

Room decoration with LED strip

Tapes, consisting of the nth number of LEDs, appeared on the Russian market just a few years ago. But thanks to its versatility, they were able to win the love of customers, which was the reason for their widespread use.

Often, they are used by designers to decorate the interior and exterior of a variety of buildings, restaurants, shopping pavilions and much more.

The following should be included in the list of distinguishing features of LED strips of the Era trademark:

  1. Durability. Subject to the basic rules of operation, the product will last at least 40,000 hours. That is, it is about 7-8 years of continuous work.
  2. Environmental friendliness. The composition of the tapes does not contain any components that would be harmful to the environment.
  3. Safety. The tape works from a fairly slight voltage. It is not life threatening and the user is unlikely to receive an electric shock.

The company offers more than 40 varieties of this kind of product. Moreover, the catalog contains models operating from 220 and 12 volts.

In addition, you can order a number of special accessories and power supplies that will make installation even easier and operation more comfortable.

LED Strip Era
For the operation of the LED strip requires a minimum amount of electricity. This allows you to uniqueize your workplace, the interior of an apartment or house, a trading floor or a restaurant without increasing costs

Classic incandescent bulbs

Incandescent lamps are ordinary glass flasks that are filled with an inert gas or vacuum. Inside is a spiral made of tungsten, which, when an electric current passes through it, heats up and emits light.

Yes, such lighting products are inexpensive. On average, their price varies from 15 to 20 rubles. But at the same time they need a lot of electricity to work.

And the term of their operation is small - if the bulb operates on standard voltage, then it will last about 1,000 hours. Well, if the voltage is reduced to about 130 volts, then the service life is increased by 2.5 times - up to 2,500 hours.

And the subtleties of choosing incandescent lamps, their varieties and markings can be read here.

Incandescent Era
The company "Era" is engaged in the production of incandescent lamps. They are in the form of a ball or candle. The buyer is also offered designer models, on the flask of which a decorative mirror coating is applied

Varieties of decorative LED light sources

The field of use of decorative lighting devices is not limited only to their use for decorating apartments or private houses. Often they are equipped with catering establishments, offices, as well as trading floors.

The range of the company "Era" contains an impressive number of models of decorative LED lamps.

For the convenience of the buyer, they, depending on the purpose, are divided into the following categories:

  1. Modular LED systems. This solution is designed to illuminate corners, cabinets, sections along walls, hinged shelves, etc. The equipment is turned on using the touch panel. The length of the system can be increased by combining several individual elements.
  2. Garden and yard equipment. This type of lamp is used to illuminate the home garden. At the same time, Era brand lamps are often equipped with batteries that can accumulate solar energy.
  3. Night lights. Lamps can have the most diverse geometric shape. Often they are made in the form of plants, characters in films and cartoons, as well as in the form of animals. Differ in low power.
  4. Spot lighting. Typically, such devices are sold in sets, which allows you to properly illuminate the room. The products can be waterproof, cast or wall mounted.

A wide range of decorative lighting devices provides the opportunity to realize even the most interesting and daring creative ideas. Now, without problems, you can make the house as comfortable as possible for living in it.

Decorative Lighting Era
Decorative lighting, as a rule, consumes many times less electricity than classic lamps with a glow body. Well, their service life reaches tens of thousands of hours, on average they can work continuously for 7-8 years

Industrial types of LED devices

If you need to ensure the proper level of lighting in the production hall or large conference room, then industrial LED lamps will be the best solution. This kind of equipment differs from its counterparts in much greater power. At the same time they give a soft pleasant light.

When designing industrial LED luminaires, the company's engineers emphasized their reliability. The body of the product has sufficient strength and can withstand extreme operation. The optics are shockproof and coated with a special protective layer.

Lanterns and table lamps

Comfortability at the table depends entirely on the quality of lighting. At the same time, a well-selected lamp will save eyesight.

Table lighting of the brand in question is made in accordance with all standards and norms. For this, exclusively high-quality plastic and metal are used. The device is equipped with a special ballast control element that prevents lamp flickering.

Table lamp Era
Domestic tabletop lighting equipment in its safety meets the IP20 category. But in case of problems, the buyer can return the product within a year from the date of purchase. This applies to all Era desk lamp models.

As for the flashlights, the manufacturer offers high-quality products, the design of which is thought out to the smallest detail. They can be used in absolutely any area of ​​human activity.

Today "Era" offers the following varieties of LED lights:

  • children’s;
  • Pocket;
  • motor vehicles;
  • tourist;
  • floodlights.

There are also universal models. They must be present at every home master. Their feature is a convenient form factor and high power.

Useful accessories

When connecting LED equipment, some additional items may be required. The company's assortment includes light filters, motion sensors, extension cords, plugs, switches, sockets, and wires.

All this can be found on the corresponding pages of the official website of the organization.

Advantages and disadvantages of Era products

Judging in general terms, the company is a reliable and experienced supplier whose product quality is as close to European as possible. She often received awards and became the winner of various competitions in the field of design.

LED Equipment Era
The manufacturer is trying to produce products for people. Therefore, the product is not only distinguished by its quality, but also by aesthetics. Many models can rightly be called a work of technological art.

Among the large number of advantages of the company, the presence of its own engineering center should be highlighted.

Thanks to this, the range is regularly updated with new, truly unique, models of lighting equipment. The manufacturer can guarantee that its products are completely safe for the consumer.

Many lamp modifications are equipped with an automated control system. This addition provides the ability to set the color mode, select the glow temperature, as well as the radiation level.

To the above features it is also worth adding profitability - in addition to the fact that their work requires a minimum amount of electricity, they also cost adequate money. Therefore, a consumer with any income level will be able to afford such a purchase.

There is only one drawback - poor hardware. But this problem is solved quite easily by using additional details.

Manufacturer reviews

In general, consumers respond to Era products in a positive way. Especially distinguish the durability and reliability of energy-saving light bulbs.

The only drawback that many buyers note is the inability to use lighting devices with dimmers.

User reviews
Judging by the reviews, the fact that Era's electrical products are affordable for each product is confirmed. The company managed to maintain the perfect balance between performance, reliability and affordable price.

How not to lose money with a choice?

Just a huge assortment creates an unprepared buyer a number of problems when choosing. Indeed, not every consultant will advise a truly optimal solution.

Therefore, before visiting the website of the manufacturer of electrical devices and ordering something, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the list of basic characteristics.

What you need to know before buying?

LED lights do not heat up during operation. Therefore, they can be installed in suspended ceilings. But you need to remember that in case of overheating, the lamp may stop working. Accordingly, such decisions should be discarded when arranging saunas.

There is a detailed article on our website where we examined in detail the subtleties of choosing light bulbs for suspended ceilings.More details - go to the link.

LEDs can provide pretty good local lighting. At the same time, small dimensions make it possible to place them in absolute place.

As for the installation, the installation of Era LED equipment is no different from the installation of lighting fixtures with incandescent lamps. Any average home master can handle this.

LED lamp with dimmer
You can use a dimmer to control the light. But not all LED devices support this feature. Therefore, before buying the product, this point must be clarified with the manager

Important nuances about fixtures

Cap. It represents that part of the LED equipment with which the product is in contact with the electrical network.

They are divided into two main categories: pin and screw. In the marking of the latter variety is the letter "E". Pin caps, in turn, are indicated by the symbol "G".

After the above letters, a certain number follows. It indicates the distance between the pins. Moreover, the value is indicated in millimeters. The socles such as GU10, GU5,3, G9, G4, E14, and also E27 are in the greatest demand.

Read more about the types of LED lamp caps and their labeling in this stuff.

Choosing an installation location. Installation of products can be carried out in a wide variety of places. But for the bulb to last as long as possible, you need to know which variety is much better to install.

So, for lighting a room, an ideal solution would be a device whose power is about 1/8 compared to an incandescent lamp. An LED strip will be enough in the hallway or pantry.

When choosing LED equipment for the street, it is best to give preference to completely sealed models with 1-3 LEDs. In this case, the bulb should be bright enough, as it will illuminate the front door or porch.

LED strip on furniture
For the organization of local lighting, LED strips are well suited. They can be glued to the surface of a hanging cabinet or shelf. They will be able to make the room much more comfortable and lighter.

Power and color temperature. By their luminous intensity, devices on diodes are equivalent to ordinary bulbs with a filament in a ratio of 1 to 8. Therefore, instead of 100 V, you can purchase a 12 V. model

As for color temperature, you need to choose it depending on personal preferences. Remember that over 2700 is a warm white color, while a value close to 6800 will give a cold glow.

LED circuit. Typically, such lamps are assembled according to a scheme where capacitors limit the current supplied to the LED. In this case, the ripples of the rectified voltage are pre-smoothed, which causes a glow.

Several different LEDs are connected in series. Therefore, if one of them burns out, then all the others will go out. You can give preference to models with parallel connection, but they will cost more.

Dimensions and number of LEDs. When deciding on the number of elements, you should not be guided by the rule: more is better.

After all, it is far from always that a model containing 90 components gives a better effect than its analogue with 24 LEDs. In this case, the decisive factor is the ratio of the luminous flux of the device to its power consumption. It should be maximum.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Comparison of LED lamps from popular manufacturers:

Overview of LED lamps "Era":

LED lamps manufactured by the Russian company Era are an example of high-quality products. The manufacturer hones every detail. Therefore, if you take into account all the above tips for choosing and ordering products on the official website, you can count on the long and effective operation of the lighting device.

Already have experience using LEDs from Era? Please tell us if you are satisfied with their work? Leave your comments in the block under the article.

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  1. Michael

    At home, we have completely switched to LED lighting. Here it is worth noting some interesting points: for example, the power of LED lamps is marked very conditionally. If incandescent lamps 100, 75 and 60 are clearly different in luminous flux, then here. 15, 12 and 11 watts shine almost the same - you can’t tell by eye where it is. But 11 and 8 are very different!

  2. Era put in front of her brilliant engineers och. tricky task. If you have a device of this company with a button on / off, then it will work exactly one and a half years in this button. And more to the company, apparently, it is simply unprofitable for it to work for you. Checked on three lamps, elongated, hung above the sink. Fourth, thank God, it was not enough to buy brains. Moreover, everything is sealed in the button itself, you won’t get to it to find out what they had faked there. And then I did not look and bought a flashlight Era. Broke in the button on. on the same day. Draw your own conclusions.

  3. Sergei

    I met on the Internet tests of LED bulbs of various manufacturers. So - “Era” produces 5-10 watts less than what is written on the box.

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Sergey writes a lot of things on the Internet. Just recently I read an explanation of the appearance of many articles from the category of healthy lifestyle, devoted to the usefulness of turkey meat. It turned out that the business involved in the cultivation of this bird does not find a buyer. After the PR, the Muscovites switched to a turkey. And "Eru", I think, decided to move the competitors.

    • Maria

      Hello. We bought Era bulbs for a penny literally on the market (had to) and the quality was terrible. Meanwhile, “Era”, bought in a trusted store for a large sum, was completely satisfied with the quality. Most likely there are machinations of those wishing to save.