LED lamps with e14 socket: a comparative overview of the best models on the market

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Last update: May 2019

High-tech filling, efficient light output and the undeniable economic benefits of LED bulbs leave competitors with similar functions far behind. Now most consumers choose these light sources.

LED lamps e14 are most in demand in everyday life - they are used to organize decorative, basic and accent lighting in rooms. However, for the LED-lamp to be as comfortable as possible in use, it is necessary to correctly approach the question of its choice.

Before buying, you should evaluate the characteristics of the lamps and compare them with the upcoming operating conditions. The manufacturer will also play an important role. We will help you decide on the suitable option - the article provides all the necessary information for choosing the best e14 LED lamp.

Explanation of marking values

For a simpler understanding of the design features and technical characteristics, all existing modifications of LED lamps are divided according to the generally accepted classification. Devices are labeled according to their intended purpose, type of cap and device.

Marking is applied to the packaging in accordance with established standards. Having studied it, you can quickly get a clear idea of ​​the capabilities of the device of interest.

Marking displays:

  • power and brightness;
  • maximum terms of continuous operation;
  • degree of energy efficiency;
  • flask variation;
  • range of permissible operating temperatures;
  • color rendering quality level.

One of the main criteria that you are guided by when choosing is cap type .

The base is an essential part of the device, since it is responsible for the adhesion density of metal contacting elements and the quality of interaction with the electrical power circuit.

LED lamp base
Any damage to the base makes the equipment sensitive to the smallest fluctuations in current and voltage. This threatens with serious interruptions in the lamp operation, which will soon lead to a complete failure

Soffit sockets are marked with the letter “S”, recessed contacts are marked with “R”, and pin contacts are marked with “B”. Devices with a standard threaded connection characteristic of conventional incandescent bulbs are assigned the letter "E".

As a marking, such a symbol was chosen for a reason. It is borrowed from the surname of the design developer - the famous inventor in the field of lighting engineering Edison.

Base E14 and E27
LED bulbs with the designation E14 are called "minions." From the common modification E27, they differ only in the base size parameters

The number next to the letter determines the diameter of the contacts, measured in millimeters. The connection of the bulbs in question is 14 mm.

Comparison of minions with incandescent lamps

Numerous studies and testing of LED sources have repeatedly proved the fact that they by a significant margin beat their traditional counterparts in all respects.

LED lamp design
LED lamp consists of a diffusing bulb, light-emitting elements, an aluminum radiator, a polymer insulator. Light sources are mounted on a special printed circuit board, from which heat is removed to the radiator

Comparing the devices of LED representatives and incandescent lamps with the identical E14 base, it is difficult not to notice a mountain of advantages of the former.

Among the advantages of LEDs include:

  • Energy consumption - LEDs consume almost 8 times less electricity;
  • brightness - ordinary bulbs give out dimmer light;
  • lifetime - minions live three times longer;
  • stability - Surges in the network do not cause flickering of LED devices that are harmful to vision.

In general, innovative lamps have only one drawback - a rather high cost. In most consumer reviews, it is indicated that it quickly pays off and is offset by many advantages.

Key Features

Before buying an LED bulb for a chandelier, sconce or floor lamp, you should study its technical parameters in detail. Understanding the device and functionality will help to make the most correct choice in the future.

Constructive forms of flasks

Models of E14 LED bulbs vary in bulb shape - a glass vessel that obscures the light source. This part of the product is made of both transparent and frosted glass.

The type of design affects the direction, range, and at what angle the lamp will emit light.

Pear-shaped appliances. The most popular type of construction available for sale. They have a standard shape similar to incandescent lamps. The scope is almost unlimited.

Taper Lamps
Bulbs with a conical lens are distinguished by the possibility of uniform diffusion of light. This form is ideal for installation in lighting fixtures equipped with a shade or lampshade

Ball-shaped light bulbs similar to the previous modification, but provide a larger radius of illumination, which is important for spacious rooms.

However, due to the not very compact dimensions, “balls” cause installation difficulties and are far from suitable for every lighting device. They should be screwed into table lamps, and in those where they will be directed downward by the bulb.

Elongated bulb "candle" and “a candle in the wind,” creating an imitation of a waving light. Often, such lamps are installed in decorative lamps, wall sconces, small chandeliers. Light emanates from them.

The power of illumination from the front hemisphere depends on the top of the bulb: the more it is pointed, the less light gets out.

Corn bulbs relate to a completely separate species. Devices have this name due to the unusual arrangement of light sources resembling corn grains.

They shine equally powerfully in the front and on the sides, making them optimal for general lighting of the space. The angle of their glow is in the range 220-270 °

Led corn lamp
Experts believe that lamps with the shape of corn have insufficient fire safety. This is due to the fact that the external contacts of the LEDs in them are energized. It is desirable to install such a model in a protective cover

The housing of LED devices can be presented not only in white, but also in a golden, black, silver shade.

It should be noted that color performs exclusively aesthetic functions and does not affect the characteristics of the devices. Having picked up this or that variation, it is possible to supplement and diversify an interior favorably.

Color Temperature Ranges

In classic lamps, the incandescent filament, which maintains a certain temperature level, is responsible for the color range. The hue spectrum in them is poor.

But the choice of LED sources is much more interesting. They can shine with tepid yellow, neutral, cool white. This is possible thanks to the phosphor - a special substance that is applied to the LEDs.

The specific shade of the glow determines the temperature of the hot metal. To a lesser extent, warm tones are formed, to a greater extent, cold tones are formed.

Per unit of measure in the scale color temperature of LED lights Kelvin take:

  • 2700-3000 K - warm;
  • 3500-4000 K - natural;
  • 5500-6000 K - cold;
  • over 6500 K - cold with a bluish tint.

In the dark, warm tones that are familiar and comfortable for the eyes are optimal for living quarters. They do not inhibit the production of melatonin, which is important for the body.

LED color temperature
Light in neutral white tones is suitable for artificial lighting in the daytime, will help increase reaction speed and improve attention

Cool white color is relevant for large public places, trading floors, zonal lighting of work areas in which there are many small details and moving objects.

Power and Luminous Flux

In order to make it easier for the buyer to navigate the power of LEDs, manufacturers indicate on the packaging the equivalent parameter of an incandescent bulb.

Due to the small size of the base for fixtures E14, power indicators are quite limited. They are represented by three main values ​​- 2, 4 and 6 watts. The maximum power is 7 watts.

But this does not mean at all that minions have poor light output. On the contrary, this feature indicates the economical use of resources. Moreover, the brightness, for example, at 5-6 watts will correspond to that issued by incandescent bulbs at 40 watts.

The amount of light reproduced by the source is determined by the efficiency of the light flux measured in lumens in terms of 1 W of power. The total luminescence range of LEDs is 50-130 lm / W, of E14 products is 60-90 lm / W.

Even in devices that have equal power, the efficiency can vary significantly. It is more expedient to compare different types of lamps precisely according to the parameters of the light beam.

Parameter Conformity Table
On the packaging, manufacturers indicate the effectiveness of the glow of the lamp is not always. In this case, in order to correctly compare the characteristics and understand how the device will shine, it is worth using the table

If the calculated values ​​do not agree with the standardized indicators and do not reach the desired norm, it is recommended to increase the number of LEDs in the chandelier. This will achieve the required coefficient of luminous efficiency.

Also, for calculations, you can use the formula: multiply the power indicator of the bulb by its characteristic range of illumination. For example, 6 * (60 to 90) = 360 to 540 lumens.

The luminous flux is additionally affected by the material from which the product flask is made.

The matte body reduces the efficiency of the glow of the rays by 15-30%. In this regard, transparent flasks are more appropriate.But you should not forget that with direct eye contact they are dangerous to the eyes.

For more information on the characteristics and selection of LED bulbs, see this article.

TOP 5 manufacturers and models of lamps

The lighting market is full of various solutions and modifications of lighting sources. According to statistics, over the past year, five brands have entered the TOP of the best manufacturers. Products were evaluated according to the technological stuffing, functionality, compliance with the declared and real characteristics.

Budget and reliable Canyon appliances

European company Canyon produces high-quality German-made lighting fixtures with standard socles suitable for various modifications of lighting technology.

Pros and Cons of Canyon Lamps
As the main advantage of Canyon LED lamps, consumers give a relatively low price. The disadvantages include insufficiently careful assembly and periodic ripple at the time of voltage surges

The presented brand models are manufactured according to the latest international requirements.

They are combined by several advantages:

  • a large selection of products in a different range of color temperatures;
  • a low heating level is only 80 °, while the performance of similar devices from other companies is 90-110 °;
  • application of Chip On Board technology, which comprehensively protects internal elements from harmful external influences;
  • five year warranty.

When testing the luminous intensity, users revealed about 10% of the flow rate with the declared indicators, which is not so critical when taking into account a small measurement error.

One of the popular Canyon models with a 14-mm base is a matte LED candle lamp B38, designed to consume 6 watts of power, equivalent to 40 watts in an ordinary lamp. Its light flow is 470 lumens.

One of the models of lamps Canyon e14
The Canyon lamp scatters white warm light around the room and provides good color reproduction. Unique Cob Ice module prevents overheating and maintains safe operation

Elegant design allows you to use the device in a variety of models of open chandeliers. Experts recommend installing a bulb in the shape of a candle with the bulb up.

Innovative X-Flash Light Sources

The brand X-flash owned by a Russian company engaged in the development of LED equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use. During his short existence, he managed to become a successful player in the lighting market.

Powerful devices with advanced technical characteristics are manufactured in the laboratory of the brand.

Thanks to continuous improvement, the LED lamps of the company are endowed with a number of advantages:

  • emission of comfortable light without flickering;
  • high light output;
  • stability of luminous flux parameters;
  • extensive assortment;
  • long service life.

The real bestseller of the company, which blew up the market, - smart lampsrepresenting heavy-duty models for illumination of industrial facilities. They have built-in special photoresistors and motion sensors, which make it possible to automate the inclusion.

Not so long ago, a particularly successful updated model was released X-flash with cap E14. Indicators of luminous strength in it significantly exceed those established for products with a similar threaded connection border. They make up 820 lumens.

Model X-Flash e14 at 820 Lm
In its new development, the manufacturer of X-Flash was able to implement almost impossible technical specifications, bypassing the restrictions associated with the design features of the small base

The device has an elongated rectangular shape and shines 2-3 times better than competitors. The color temperature is between white daylight and warm.

The manufacturer gives a 5-year warranty and declares that the light bulb is able to function properly for at least 43 thousand hours. Testing showed that the promised parameters converge with the actual performance.

Cheap and high-quality Feron devices

Company Feron has a reputation as a long-liver of the Russian market of lighting equipment. It stands out for its affordable pricing and honest technical specifications.

The assortment of the company accrues more than 4 thousand items worthy of trust in the following nuances:

  • intense and bright light;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • increased energy efficiency class;
  • reliable electronic components;
  • An IC driver that protects against power surges.

Among assortment of Feron lamps the spherical model with 14 socles from the series is especially in demand SaffitSBG4507. It has strong parameters - with a power of 7 W and a light flux of 560 Lm. The bulb emits a comfortable white light, close to the natural shade.

Lamp Feron SAFFIT E14
The brightness of the Feron SAFFIT bulb exceeds the values ​​of similar models by 15%. A matte diffuser softens harsh light rays by evenly distributing light throughout the room.

Ripples of the model during voltage drops are excluded. Subject to operating conditions, the lamp will work for about 30 thousand hours.

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty period. Most often, this modification is placed in recessed spotlights.

Safe and Technological Era Solutions

Domestic brand "Era" has been manufacturing electrical products for the second decade. The main motto of the production is the use of modern technological principles, which imply improved safety and increased energy savings.

Among the advantages LED devices "Era":

  • large angle of radiation;
  • good color rendering;
  • long term of operation;
  • robust construction.

As for the shortcomings, many consumers complain that the manufacturer slightly overestimates the equivalent power in relation to devices with filament.

LED lamp e14 Era
The brand’s sales leader is the model with the E14 LED smd R50 base from the ECO series. Its continuous service life is about 25 thousand hours. The product shines with a soft warm light. Light output - 420 lumens

In general, the parameters correspond to the characteristics of products with a filament, equipped with a power of 40 watts. The company "Era" fulfills warranty obligations in case of failure of the goods within one year from the date of sale.

Universal Jazzway Products

Famous company JAZZWAY manufactures reliable LED products in more than 1,500 positions. The assortment contains all types of lighting solutions, divided into categories: economy, standard, combi.

During production, the brand conducts independent examinations and effective multi-stage quality control.

As a result - getting certified JAZZWAY products with many advantages:

  • long operational period;
  • good color rendering;
  • safe and durable equipment;
  • emission of even light without flicker.

In the product line with the E14 base, the model deserves attention PLED-ECO-C37Outstanding natural white lighting. The normal operability of the device is maintained within the temperature range from -20 ° to + 40 °.

JazzWay e14 LED lamp
At a power of 5 W, the light output of the bulb is 300 lumens. The body design of the product consists of durable plastic materials

The dispersion angle in it is average - 190 °. Analyzing consumer reviews, it becomes clear that this model rarely breaks. If any problems nevertheless arise, a two-year manufacturer’s warranty is provided for this case.

Useful Choices

Summing up the review, we can highlight several points that will greatly facilitate the selection of a suitable model of an LED bulb with a standard base.

Firstly, the type of lampholder installed in lighting equipment must match the size of the base of the lamp being purchased. For socles E 14 and 27, there are special adapters.

Secondly, additional savings on the purchase is not always advisable. Cheap bulbs that offer unreliable brands often fail.Verified manufacturers are responsible for the quality of the goods and guarantee the replacement or repair of the product in case of breakdowns.

Frosted bulb in LED lamp
Lighting equipment equipped with a matte bulb is ideal for organizing softer and dimmer lighting in a room that does not irritate the eye. If a bright light source is required for the room, it is more advisable to buy LED lamps with a transparent bulb

Thirdlyfilament light sources or fluorescent bulbs needed replace correctly with LEDs, picking up a similar power of a light stream. In this case, you can focus on the above plate.

Before buying, you need to check if the light bulb pulsates during operation. Having discovered such a phenomenon, it is advisable to refuse the device, since the control circuit is imperfect in it.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Details of Era brand lamp parameters:

Overview of a dimmable light source with JazzWay E14 base:

Comparison of different models and analysis of the product device:

Compact devices can serve as a backlight in household appliances, become part of local, spot or general lighting. By choosing the right E14 LED light source, you can be sure that it will work properly and save a lot of electricity for many years of operation.

Have something to supplement, or have questions about choosing LED bulbs with E14 base? You can leave comments on the publication, participate in discussions and share your own experience in using such lamps. The contact form is located in the lower block.

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