Replacing an electric meter in an apartment and in a private house: the specifics of replacing a meter

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An accurate calculation of the electricity used by consumers is carried out using a device that records and records the flow. Over time, the electric flow meter fails or becomes obsolete. And here the homeowner is faced with a situation where the replacement of the electric meter becomes inevitable.

We will talk about the legal and technical nuances associated with the installation of a new meter. Together with you, we will figure out in which order the old device should be replaced. We advise what should be done if it is decided to make the replacement with your own hands.

Reasons for replacing the meter

In practice, the replacement of devices, on the basis of which the calculation of utility bills is carried out, is rare. However, this is faced by all homeowners - both urban apartments and private homes.

Replacement of the device can be carried out by the UK or by the homeowner. Representatives of the management company or the electricity supplier usually make the replacement as planned, notifying owners of apartments or houses in advance. And owners often buy new equipment (or contact the Criminal Code with a request to replace) due to a breakdown of the device.

Electrical meter in distribution board
An electric meter installed in a floor, apartment or house panel must be operational, as well as other electrical installation devices: circuit breakers, RCDs, stabilizers, sockets

If, for any reason not known to you, the device has stopped or, on the contrary, has become “spinning” much faster, you need to urgently call a specialist.

Sometimes a little repair is enough, but more often with such a malfunction, they give an opinion on replacing the old electricity meter. According to him, you need to either independently install a new device, or contact the Criminal Code.

Here are some of the replacement reasons you may encounter while using the meter:

What laws to follow?

Almost all answers to questions regarding the installation or replacement of metering devices can be found in the legislative framework. The regulations spell out general provisions and more specific requirements related to the private sector, municipal housing and privatized apartments.

For example, the need to replace faulty equipment can be found in the following documents:

  • Federal Law No. 28-F3 of 1996, but amended December 30, 2008;
  • Law of the Russian Federation No. 4871-1 of 1993, as amended, January 10, 2003;
  • GOST R 52321-2005 - requirements for counters of classes 0.5; 1; 2.

About who is responsible for the property, indicated in Art. 210 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, and on the obligations of the buyer of technical equipment - in Art. 543 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

Legal advice
If disputes arise between you and the representatives of the Criminal Code or neighbors about the use of metering devices and their liability, we recommend contacting lawyers for clarification

In the federal law N 102-ФЗ dated 06/26/2008, you can find materials on the unity of measurements, metrological examination and metrological services.

And in the decree of the government of the Russian Federation No. 491 says about who and when should be responsible for the installation or replacement of accounting systems, including meters.

But there are exceptions to the rules set forth in the documents. For example, if a private person expresses a desire to exchange an old serviceable electricity meter in a floor board with a new model, the costs of replacing it will be borne entirely by his shoulders. Nevertheless, further maintenance continues to be performed by the management company.

Who pays and makes a replacement?

Responsible for the acquisition and installation of a new apparatus is a person authorized by agreement with the Criminal Code and the existing provisions of the Housing and Civil Code. However, this takes into account the reason for the replacement, as well as the installation location. For homeowners and renters, the rules are different.

Option # 1 - ownership apartment

Most of the city apartments are owned by citizens - at one time housing was privatized, and the right of ownership was completely transferred to the owners. One or several family members may dispose of the apartment at their discretion, they are also responsible for all technical property located on its area.

Switchboard with electric meter in the apartment
If the electrical panel with the meter is an apartment, that is, located in the hallway or corridor inside the apartment, then the private person is responsible for installing the new device

The electricity meter installed on the floor site must be changed by the management company, since it relates to common house property. Replacement is required if the device has exhausted its life, is outdated or broken for reasons beyond the control of the consumer.

Responsibility for the replacement lies with the owner of the apartment in three cases:

  • if due to his fault the meter breaks down;
  • if the contract contains a separate clause of his obligation to replace;
  • if on his own initiative he wanted to change the equipment.

Simply put, according to standard agreements, apartment shields are the property of the owners, floor guards are the property of the management company. Accordingly, the owners are responsible for any actions with meters.

But there are exceptions that are prescribed in the contract. Therefore, if you are forced to pay for a new deviceBe sure to read the agreement.

In 2012, a law was passed according to which residents of apartment buildings must independently change meters, regardless of where they are installed. However, the main regulatory document is the contract between the owners and the Criminal Code.

Option # 2 - Municipal Housing

If the apartment is not privatized, and its owner lives under a social loan agreement, all property, including electrical equipment, is the property of the municipality. Consequently, city authorities are responsible for installing or replacing equipment.

However, in practice, there are often situations when a management company or an energy distribution company attracts residents to purchase a new device. This is wrong, as they are temporary employers, users.

Housing Inspectorate Complaint
Usually between the Criminal Code and the municipality a contract is concluded with the distribution of responsibility of the parties. Therefore, as a result, one of them pays for the new electrical equipment. If you still try to blame the purchase on the tenant, you must file a complaint with the housing inspectorate

A citizen living on municipal meters pays for a meter replacement only in one case - if the device broke due to his fault.

Option # 3 - a private house

Owners of cottages for permanent residence or houses of seasonal visits (cottages), if there is no additional item in the contract with the service organization, almost always bear the cost of replacing the meter themselves.

Switchboard on the pillar
A metering device in private houses is usually installed with an opening automatic machine on the street - on the facade of the house or on a support supporting an electric cable, so that an employee of the controlling organization can take readings without disturbing the owners

If you are the owner of the house, you must independently purchase an accounting device and install it. If you plan to do the installation yourself, then commissioning and sealing yourself cannot be done - this should be done by a representative of Energosbyt.

Which one to buy the counter and street box for flow meter, it is better to also ask the specialists of the marketing company, since the device should maximally correspond to the network parameters and installation conditions.

In what order is the replacement?

Regardless of who owns the housing and who is responsible for the meter, the user must adhere to operating rules, monitor the state of the electricity meter and quickly respond to breakdowns.

Checking the operation of the electric meter
If the device began to work incorrectly or the service life allotted by the manufacturer expired, measures should be taken to replace the device, otherwise penalties are possible

First, consider how to replace an electric meter installed in an apartment. If it relates to apartment property and is located in apartment boxtherefore, the purchase is paid by the owner, as are installation services. The devices located on the landing are the property of the Criminal Code, it must be changed.

1 step - applying. You can contact the nearest branch of Enegosbyt and with the help of a manager fill out a standard form. You must bring your passport and documents confirming ownership of the apartment with you.

If you do not own the apartment, but only present it, then you will need one more document - a power of attorney certified by a notary.

2 step - checkout. The company sends the electrician to take readings, draw up an act, remove the seal. Assigns the exact time of the visit (usually only the date, but sometimes the hours, for example, from 9.00 to 17.00).

The specialist takes a meter reading
While replacement work is being carried out, energy consumption is calculated at a special rate that does not include accounting for kW

3 step - purchase of an electric meter. It is better to take the list of models suitable for installation also at Energosbyt, having previously consulted on possible tariff plans.

Two-tariff electric meter Mercury
You can take advantage of the situation and buy a two-tariff meter, which will allow you to choose a more convenient plan for using electricity. This is true for residents who are used to working or doing housekeeping at night.

4 step - dismantling the old and installing a new counter. They can be produced both by homeowners and by an invited specialist. However, only the representative of Energosbyt is engaged in commissioning the device, drawing up the act and sealing.

This procedure for replacing the electric meter is also practiced in a private house, since the owner is responsible for the wiring devices installed in the building and on the street.

The reinstallation procedure in different regions may differ, therefore it is better to make a preliminary call to the office of the electricity supplier and specify the plan for further actions.

As you know, cases of fraud, just related to the replacement of electrical equipment, are common. Strangers in overalls come and offer "planned" to replace the counter, and at the same time automatic machines, despite the fact that the devices are in good condition and the service life has not yet expired.

Electricity receipt
You should be aware that without a prescription from the executing company (Energosbyt), UK or HOA, no replacement actions can be performed. Who exactly is responsible for the replacement is usually indicated in the form of payment for electricity

What is the difference between the replacement procedure in municipal housing and floorboards? Since metering devices are the property of the city or the UK is responsible for them, the acquisition and installation is carried out at their expense. The role of the citizen in this case is to respond in time to the breakdown of the device and place a call to the electrician.

If you notice that the seal has been broken, the disk does not spin, or the viewing window is damaged, call the management company right away, otherwise you may be attracted for deliberate damage to property.

Do-it-yourself recommendations

According to the rules, carry out repair work, replace the old or installation of a new counter can only an electrician with a 3rd qualification group for electrical safety. The rest is better to use the services of a master from a service company.

It is also necessary to obtain the consent of the supplier company - to submit a written application and wait for a positive response. Without permission, all work will be useless, because the organization simply will not accept an independently installed device into operation.

If permission is on hand, replacement work is carried out in the following order:

  • We turn off the machine at the input of electricity into the house - it stands in front of the meter, and not after it.
  • Remove the lid of the device, check the absence of voltage in the conductors.
  • We disconnect the terminals, for standard 1-phase devices you need to disconnect 4 wires.
  • We turn off fixing fixing bolts or weaken holders on a DIN rail.
  • We install a new device on an empty seat, make the connection according to the instructions.

Throughout the process, we ensure that no voltage is applied to the line and we use protective clothing - that is, we observe safety precautions.

Some more useful tips:

In order not to get entangled in cables and make further maintenance of wiring devices more convenient, we recommend laying all conductors in bundles, pulling together with bundles or clamps, inserting them into special organizers and marking.

If the meter is operational, you should issue its commissioning and sealing. To do this, write a statement in the name of the supplier and assign a convenient day for everyone.

The inspector checks whether the device is connected correctly, and then draws up the acceptance certificate, where it records the readings of the previous device, device data (type, serial number, etc.). Last of all, he makes a seal. From this moment, payment for electricity is carried out at the selected tariff.

In case of suspicion of incorrect testimony, Energosbyt has the right to establish antimagnetic seal to the electricity meter. The article recommended by us will tell about the lawfulness and the rules of its application.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video # 1. How is the counter replaced:

Video # 3. Installation example in a private house:

Video # 3. About replacing old meters:

Work related to the replacement of an electricity meter should be carried out by the homeowner or organization responsible for common house property.

The owner of the apartment or house, as well as the tenant of the non-privatized apartment, in any case, are responsible for the proper operation of both the meter itself and the rest of the electrical equipment.

Want to talk about how the electricity meter was replaced in your apartment / office / cottage? Have a desire to share useful technological nuances that are useful to site visitors? Please write comments in the block below, ask questions, post a photo on the topic of the article.

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Visitors Comments
  1. My grandmother inherited an apartment with an old disk electric meter. Not only did the indicators vary widely, an increased ratio was applied when paying. When they began to make a replacement, we also got a fine. I tried to look at the legislation to make a complaint, but in vain. Blame on the face. So, it’s better not to delay this matter. A new meter is not so expensive, and the costs quickly pay off.

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Hello. Within a month after entering into the inheritance, you must change the non-compliant metering device to a new one if the life of the new one has expired. Rolling a complaint is pointless; the law is really not on your side, alas. For payment of electricity, the limitation period is 3 years from each month of non-payment.

  2. Anton

    When do electricians decide to change the counters? In our village, two years ago, they were forced to do this by force. At the same time, they pick up the disassembled electricity meters.But the other is arrogance. If a person agrees to the installation of an electric meter sold by them, then they put the old stuff taken from someone. Of course, it stopped working after a couple of months. If you do not want to spend time and nerves later on disassembling, do not be lazy, buy a counter yourself.

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Hello. According to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Electric Power Industry” dated March 26, 2003 No. 35, it is necessary to change the meter in case of its malfunction or when the specified service life expires. And also, if it does not comply with the established norms and rules. They had no right to force you to change the counter, if all these criteria are normal for you. It was necessary to refuse or demand a written explanation / order with justification from them.

      They also could not take the old counter, since by law it is your personal property. Unless on examination, against a receipt, an act drawn up, if serious traces of interference in his work were noted. And then, it is easily controlled by the integrity of the seal and is very rare.

    • Well, why, they decide the question of when to change the counter electricians are not on their own. Each meter has a calibration interval, it is recorded in the passport. If this period has expired, then it should be checked, and since often such devices no longer fit the standards of the accuracy class, then there is a need to replace it with a modern one.

      In general, it’s amazing that electricians took your old meter. Who needs it now? He no longer meets the requirements and it will not work to put it to another person. Maybe your electricians just require this meter to report? This usually happens when they change due to local energy sales.

      • Expert
        Amir Gumarov

        Good afternoon, Dan.

        Collecting old counters does not surprise me. After all, they contain high-quality winding copper, electrical iron, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. I will dwell on the last one - for example:

        - the “SACH 1” counter contains 0.0558 grams of gold, 0.0073 silver, 0.0136 platinum;
        - the counter "SET4-1 / 2" contains 0.0367 gold, 0.053 silver, 0.0468 platinum.

        Bypassing the village, electricians will pick up half a ton of non-ferrous scrap, grams of scrap of precious metals. Of course, the company replacing the meters is engaged in the delivery of "gifts of nature". In general, collecting all kinds of meters is more profitable than developing new deposits.

  3. Marina

    When replacing an old meter, they require that a new one be checked in, and this service has become paid and costs twice as much as a meter. Last year checked for free.

  4. Alexei

    Installed a new counter instead of an expiring counter. An employee came to install the seal and states that the supply cable from the insulators should go along the street and the meter itself should be on the street there. Is his statement true - after all, I did not change the installation and installation location in this case?

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Hello. On what basis is the demand put forward by the employee of the energy supply?

      1. P. 1.5.27 PUE (electrical installation rules) - it is said about installing meters in a dry room with a plus temperature.

      2. P. 1.5.29 PUE - permissible maximum installation height of 1.7 m, which cannot ensure the safety of your property.

      3. Art. 210 Civil Code - the right to preserve property is violated.

      But, see the contract. If you have signed at least one consent to a street reinstall, you will have to obey.

  5. I live in a municipal apartment. The counter, which is located in the entrance, has stopped. Appealed to both the UK and Mosenergosbyt. Under the law, the Criminal Code must replace me with a counter for free, but they are sent to Mosenergosbyt, and that one is sent back to the Criminal Code.

    It turns out a vicious circle. This has been going on for almost six months now. Mosenergosbyt refuses to give a replacement order, which requires the Criminal Code.The last charge for electricity came with a raising factor. What to do and where to complain?

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Hello. Replacing the meter is the responsibility of the municipality in your case. Moreover, according to Article 539 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the subscriber in your case is the Criminal Code and it is they who must change the meter. If they demand money from you or do not resolve the issue, please contact the Housing Inspectorate with a complaint.