How to connect a double outlet: installing a double outlet in one socket

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A socket with a double connector will provide the ability to simultaneously power two devices connected to separate electrical points. In addition, for each of them there is no need to pull the cable, and it’s more convenient to use due to the grouped arrangement.

Installation can be done without problems on your own, taking into account the recommendations we have provided. We are ready to share the intricacies of performing electrical work. We will tell and show you in detail how to connect a double outlet, how to equip a socket for an electric point and ensure safe operation.

The information offered for acquaintance is supplemented with step-by-step photo guides, visual illustrations and videos explaining the nuances of installing and connecting power devices.

Types of Double Outlets

The main elements of the electrical outlet are the external protective housing and the working part, including the base and contacts.

They are interconnected by screw terminals - clamps necessary for connecting the cable of electrical equipment.

Power limitation of connected devices
The only drawback of dual sockets is that it is problematic to connect two high-power consumers of electricity through them simultaneously

There is an erroneous opinion that double sockets are identical to assembled or dual models and are several independent devices located close to each other, connected by loops.

Connecting a double power outlet
If you are connecting a double outlet to one supply circuit, then electrical work is carried out according to a scheme similar to connecting a single. The only difference is the series connection of two contact pairs within the wiring device

Technological progress does not stand still. Modern models are more advanced designs. In terms of nominal voltage and amperage, they are strikingly different from sockets that were ubiquitous in Soviet times.

For example, if in the old-style models the permissible current did not exceed 10A, then for modern wiring equipment this figure is 16A.

How to connect a dual outlet to different power circuits
Each part of the double socket can be connected to a separate power circuit, if you first remove the brass jumper connecting them to the terminal

In fact, a double outlet has one clamp and several distribution strips. Due to this, the electric current is supplied to both outlets equally, but its level will be divided depending on the power of the devices powered from the network.

And therefore, replacing a failed old device with a new one, you should know its design features, which suggest certain nuances during installation.

The difference between modern models
The distance between the output contacts, as well as the diameter of the plug pins for modern models is greater than for traditional analogues, and is 4.8 mm instead of 4 mm

By modification, double sockets are classified into such main types:

  1. Open and closed execution. In closed models, the holes are hidden behind the curtains, which are shifted to the side when the device is turned on. Devices of this type are indispensable for homes where small children. The curtains only work when pressed simultaneously. Due to this, even with the deliberate insertion of a foreign object, nothing dangerous happens.
  2. Without grounding and with grounding contacts. In models of the second type, grounding contacts are output to the socket housing, which protect electrical appliances and the user from breaking currents that accidentally “exit” to the plastic housing.
  3. For installation in rooms with high humidity and installation on the street. Models of the first option are marked IP-44. They are equipped with a housing that protects the device from moisture. Outdoor devices are marked IP-55. Their high-strength enclosures are protected against dust contamination and moisture.

Each type has a corresponding letter mark. For example: “A” indicates that it is an American double outlet, “B” indicates the presence of a grounding contact.

The main types of devices
Depending on the type of execution and the material of manufacture, the devices are also divided into standard and polar, overhead and custom-made

Among the latest developments, programmed sockets are especially popular. Timer-equipped devices turn on and off independently of the power after a specified time interval.

The protective housing of modern outlets is made of heat-resistant unbreakable plastic. To enhance the decorative qualities, it is decorated with various inserts.

Outlet Design Options
Due to the variety of design options, you can choose devices that will be invisible in the interior or, on the contrary, act as a worthy decoration

When planning to install a double outlet on their own, experts recommend choosing simple models without any modifications. Or give preference to double sockets with a spring ejector plug. Such models are convenient in that they are equipped with springs that trigger when the plug is removed from the device.

To protect yourself, minimizing the risk of accidents, it is worth choosing products from trusted manufacturers: Schneider electric, ABB, Legrand.

Features of mounting the device

The double socket has one socket with two separate terminal blocks and one mounting part for wires.

Double Socket Design
A double socket is a monoblock, consisting of two plug sockets, and therefore the scheme of its connection to one socket will be somewhat more complicated

If you wish, the arrangement of an electric point can be performed on your own, without resorting to the services of a master.

Using jumpers is allowed only on condition that it is planned to connect not too powerful devices to electrical points.When connecting powerful equipment, the masters recommend parallel connection of two outlets, creating a branch of wires to each point.

But in any case, to prevent emergencies, the total load on this type of sockets should be no more than 16A.

If it is necessary to install a socket with two different socket boxes, to install them, you will need to pre-drill an electric drill, while maintaining the same distance between the holes.

Materials for connecting

The wire for connecting the electric point must be made of the same metal as the main cable. For example, when using an aluminum cable, the jumper must also be made of aluminum.

Criteria for selection of lead wire
To ensure a uniform distribution of incoming electricity, the cable used for connection must have the same cross-section as the main wiring in the room

To install a double outlet, you also need:

  • flat and Phillips screwdrivers;
  • braid stripping tool;
  • pliers;
  • insulating tape.

For safety reasons in case of fire, it is recommended to lay any electrical wires in the corrugation. This solution is also convenient because it does not require punching the wall, and also simplifies the replacement of damaged wires during subsequent operation.

Dual Socket Installation Technology

Installing a double outlet in one socket requires certain preparatory steps. The first step is to determine the ownership of the wires, finding out where the phase and zero are.

The easiest way is to study the code marking of insulation:

  • phase wire painted in red or brown (less often white or black);
  • neutral has a white-blue or blue isolation;
  • grounding always painted green-yellow.

In detail with the features of marking the conductors of the electric cable next article, which we advise you to familiarize yourself with. But for greater reliability, it is better to play it safe by taking measurements.

Screwdriver with indicator
An indispensable assistant in this matter will be an ordinary or electronic screwdriver equipped at the end with an indicator - a bulb or LED identifier

To determine the accessory of the wires, remove the cover from the failed device and, in turn, touch sensitive indicator screwdriver to each bare wire: on neutral - there will be no light signal, and on the phase - it will light up.

If the ground wire is not provided in the house, installation work is a little simplified.

Before proceeding with the arrangement of electric points, it is necessary to de-energize the room. For this leverage circuit breakers on the flap lower down, translating into the “off” position. At the installation location of the double outlet, it is recommended to check the voltage again.

If there is still current in the phase, this indicates that not all supply lines are still de-energized. Therefore, it is so important to turn off all machines before starting work, and not be limited only to those that control the wires going to the outlet.

Connection scheme for double sockets
A double socket with a protective contact is installed if the earthing system of a private house is arranged. In multi-storey buildings there is no sense in devices with grounding, because zeroing is done there

Wall Marking

The outlet is placed near the wire going in the wall or from the electrical distribution box. The location of the future device is outlined in pencil.

Before you put a double outlet with two "glasses", you must determine the distance between the drilled holes. To do this, mark the center of the first podrozetnik. This is the intersection point of the diagonals. By the same principle, the center of the second device is determined.

Depth for installation of a glass
At a marked place in the wall, a recess of such dimensions is performed so that a glass - the internal case of the device - fits freely into it

To drill holes in the wall itself, use a crown, the diameter of which is a couple of millimeters larger than the size of the purchased socket. If there should be no problems with a brick or plasterboard wall, then to drill a hole for installing the outlet in a concrete wall, you will have to set the shock mode on the puncher.

With rules and technology mounting rosette Into the walls of concrete and drywall will familiarize the material collected and systematized in our proposed article.

The depth of the hole should be such that the "glass" does not protrude beyond the surface of the wall. Having drilled a niche, it is necessary to clean its middle. To do this, use a chisel and a hammer. Plaster without any difficulty can be knocked down with a chisel or screwdriver.

Wiring Outlets and Twisting Wires

This stage is very responsible and it is necessary to approach its implementation with all care and caution. The task of the wizard is to connect the supply wire to the contacts. To do this, from the junction box stretch the wire to a double outlet.

Disassemble the outlet
The socket itself, by unscrewing the fixing screws with a screwdriver, is disassembled into two components, separating the front panel from the mechanism

The previously installed crown must be replaced with a drill. The diameter of the drill should be slightly larger than the cross section of the wire supplied to the outlet or the diameter of the corrugated pipe, in the cavity of which the lead wire will lie. The ideal option is when the diameters of the drill and wire match.

The main wire is inserted through one of the mounting holes of the socket. And the auxiliary one is launched through the second hole.

The twisting of wires is performed directly in the "glass". Before performing work, one and a half centimeters of ends stripping from the braid with a stripper - a tool that does not bite the wire.

For lack of such, you can use a sharp knife, first cutting them round the winding, and then carefully removing it from the wire. For ease of assembly, the edges of the cores are lifted up.

To extend the life of the outlet, the bare ends of the wires need to be soldered, or brass contact should be used. The second option is more successful, because it not only simplifies the subsequent use of the outlet, but also ensures high safety of the device.

Cable Connection Security
When connecting the wires, their ends must not be tightly clamped in the terminals, since under the influence of large forces, they can be damaged

When connecting an outlet with grounding, they are always guided by the wiring rule: on the right is the phase, on the left is neutral. The grounding cable is connected to the upper and central terminal of the device, equipped with protruding "antennae", which often protrude outside the device. The ground contact is fixed in the same way as the phase and zero.

Do not attach phase and neutral to one plate, as this will cause a short circuit and damage to all wiring.

Installing wire in the contact holes
Having fixed the wires in the contact holes, unclench the "antennae", unscrewing them clockwise with the help of special bolts

After completing the installation of electrical connections, proceed to the installation of socket boxes.

The subtleties of mounting the socket

Podrozetniki with power cables attached to them are fixed using holders placed on the sides. They can be bundled with the device, or they will have to be purchased separately. There are also models that are not equipped with locking tabs, which are secured by screwing onto screws.

Correct installation of a socket
As the screws are twisted clockwise, the locking “paws” will diverge to the sides, digging firmly into the socket

But since the socket with the lever in the center experiences a double load, during operation the fasteners of the mechanism can become loose and weaken. When dropping out the rosettes, the wires are often exposed, which is fraught with emergencies.

To increase the reliability of fastening, craftsmen often use alabaster or cement mortar. To obtain a homogeneous dense mass, in a structure resembling sour cream, dry alabaster is mixed with water. But keep in mind that the material should be bred in small portions and you need to work with it quickly and accurately.

A mixture of alabaster is laid in the place where it is planned to install the undergrowth. So that the mixture adheres well to the surface, the inner edges of the hole should first be moistened with water.

Work with the installation of the internal part of the device should be carried out 20-30 minutes after laying the mixture so that it has time to “grasp” a little. Having hoisted the “glass” on the prepared place and having buried it in the mixture, level the position with the help of a level and a hammer.

Vertical outlet
When installing the socket, it is important to observe the vertical and horizontal position, applying a level in both planes for this

The resulting gaps between the wall and the fungus are filled with the remains of alabaster. Without waiting until the gypsum acquires the desired strength, the influx is removed with a knife.

Having placed the double outlet horizontally or vertically and giving the device a predetermined position, fix it with screws. If necessary, adjust the level of the work with the help of pliers.

Tightening the fixing screws
When tightening the fixing screws, the main thing is not to overtighten them, otherwise, with a strong pressure, the front panel may simply crack or break

At the final stage, the front panel is applied from above and clamped with screws. The enchanting element will close the unsightly part of the outlet and protect it from accidental damage.

After the connection is completed, it remains only to turn on the machines and residual current device in the shield and test the work of wiring equipment. It is better to check the operation of the outlet when turning on inexpensive household appliances, such as a desk lamp. After all, the slightest mistake in the installation process can provoke a short circuit and “burnout” of household appliances.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Video # 1. The process of connecting the built-in dual outlet:

Video # 2. Instructions for those who want to independently connect the outlet:

If the quality of the installation is in doubt, consult a professional electrician for help. He will not only inspect the work and, if necessary, troubleshoot, but also dispel all your doubts about the safe operation of the device.

If you want to share your own experience in the field of electrical installation, useful recommendations or ask questions, we invite you to leave comments in the block below the text of the article.

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  1. Bogdan

    It is enough to know the basic safety rules. Even with such luggage, you can change outlets throughout the house (or apartment) even without special knowledge. To connect a double outlet, you first need to determine the accessory of the wires, then disconnect the line, disconnect the voltage again, and you can put the outlet. The total load in the end should not exceed 10-16A for safety reasons.

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      Good afternoon, Bogdan. Installing double sockets is an activity that really does not require special abilities. But the beginning of the work must be preceded by an analysis of the ability of the existing wiring to withstand additional loads. After all, double sockets require the simultaneous operation of several household devices.

      A few articles in the section "devoted to calculating the load capacity of wires on the siteWiring". Read - very useful.

  2. Maxim

    Indeed, remaking sockets into double is not so difficult. I did the same wiring, only for four outlets. Of course, I had to choose a sufficiently large hole in the wall with a puncher, it turned out pretty dirty. Yes, and something with the wires, I clearly made up. It is a pity that I had not read this information before. Now I will redo it, because a large outlet in the room is necessary, and extension cords do not look very aesthetically pleasing.

  3. Valentine

    In fact, in the installation of outlets there is nothing complicated and supernatural. I have not resorted to the help of electricians for a long time (only if the case is completely complicated or critical). However, with regard to outlets, there are a lot of different types of them on the market. From my own experience I can say that it’s better to overpay a little, but to take a good brand name than cheap consumer goods. I was convinced of it personally.

  4. Stepan

    For a long time already I put only doubles when replacing sockets. Another connection point is never superfluous. I always take sockets that easily fit into a single box so as not to do too much work.

  5. Fedor

    But can you leave the Soviet “insides”, and just mount the new housing on top of the outlet?

    • Expert
      Amir Gumarov

      If the case from the new outlet fits the old Soviet “insides”, then you can make such a replacement. But I would strongly recommend a full replacement of the outlet.

      Firstly, this way you’ll surely carefully check all the contacts, the condition of the wires, which will help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future (poor contact, lack of grounding, flashing of the socket body). And secondly, the terminals in Soviet outlets were designed for plugs of a smaller diameter. Therefore, modern European standard plugs can get stuck in such terminals.

      Moreover, it is so tight that the plug is then pulled out together with the entire outlet - another important argument in the direction that the outlet must be completely replaced. Well, as a tip, I’ll attach the classic diagram of the correct and incorrect options for connecting a double outlet.

      Attached photos:
  6. Maria

    I read about “nothing complicated” and remembered a story. In general, I had a familiar finisher. Worked alone, reviews are good. Well done guy. And his brother ... a drug addict, he didn’t work anywhere, only his mother was tearing his nerves. And so their mother asked Dima to take Artem to her job, maybe she’ll look like a person. Well, Dima does, sniffs angrily. Artem sits in one place where it was ordered. And he asks Dimka to entrust him with at least some work.

    He thinks, well, how much I work, he had to at least learn something. And asks his electrician in the distribution to twist. On the street it’s already getting dark. He delves into the post for a long time, then goes to the box, puffs in concentration. After a while, proud of this, Dimke says - I'm all. And Dima is working on a ladder and tells him - well, why are you standing, go on the dashboard. After 5 minutes, a deafening crack, the smell of singing, Dima was completely shocked, coming to the box, and Artem there wrapped all the wires in one huge bundle and generously wrapped the whole thing with electrical tape.