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Water supply

Here you will find materials on the organization of private water supply - we have collected the most useful information for home craftsmen who want to perfectly equip suburban estates. This section explores in detail the issues of search, construction, use of autonomous sources. Aspects of the selection of equipment for the operation of wells and wells are examined. The installation of water supply systems is professionally described, the current schemes of the water supply system are given.


This section is a catalog of useful information about the rules and technologies of the sewage system of a private house. This section provides interesting options for the construction of home-made sewer systems, is disassembled on shelves, and the installation of industrial septic tanks is described in detail. Choosing the optimal scheme of the sewer device, solving the problems of laying pipes and connecting equipment - the recommendations of our experts will help you with all this.


This section will introduce you to the rules for installing a heating system for private properties. Here we tell the intricacies of the design and calculation of heating systems. Here, technologies and schemes for constructing heating circuits are considered, as well as criteria for the selection, connection, and operation of heating equipment are given. Arrange a warm floor system or an efficient source of alternative energy - the answers to all these questions can be found here.


The section is devoted to the specifics of the device ventilation systems in a private house. It provides comprehensive information on the principles of design and accurate calculations, as well as thoroughly describes the installation of ventilation structures and air conditioning circuits. We also offer you a thorough analysis of the market for equipment used in autonomous ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Here we have collected the most authoritative information about the installation of the gasification system of a private house. This section introduces the basics of safety when installing, connecting, operating gas equipment. Here the principles of designing, performing calculations are intelligently described and analyzed, as well as practical advice on the installation of gasification systems for the site is presented. And also we share recommendations on obtaining permits.


In this section you will find reliable information about the basics of wiring and technological requirements of the wiring device. In this section, aspects of the selection, installation, connection, control of electrical appliances and equipment are discussed in detail, as well as options for energy supply acceptable for suburban areas are considered. We tried to make out all the protection schemes for electrical equipment and the construction of grounding systems.

Eco energy

Here you will get a lot of valuable information about the rational use of renewable energy sources. Alternative energy will help reduce the traditional costs needed to power household appliances and equipment. Reasonable use of practically free natural resources will allow to form highly comfortable conditions with scanty expenses.